Monday, July 27, 2015

"Friday is going to be an awesome day" - week 14

(written July 6, 2015)

i am so sorry this is going to be real short we did not plan p day supper well today and only had 20 min to write today!!
   friday we met our new president!! Friday is going to be an awesome day. This week went well my family is doing good they are on vacation in Utah visiting family right now. Our area is doing well we have this really awesome investigator right now his name is brenden and a few weeks ago we talked to him supper briefly about the temple i cant remember how it came up but it wasn't even part of our lesson it was like after prayer talk if that makes since? anyway we had a lesson with him yesterday and he was talking about how he really wants to go to the temple and just to see the temple because of how we talked about it he said he just felt like it was something he wanted to do. It is after experiences like that where my testimony just sky rockets and i truly feel that joy of bringing closer to christ its amazing!! My companion is doing good she is such a hard worker and loves this work experiences like the one we had with brenden just bring us closer too. I can not even express how this work has strengthened my testimony. Seeing how this message can truly change a persons life and  see how our message can bring a desire for people to change is just a testimony that this is true and the things i feel are real and that the Holy spirit is testifying that these things are true. This week we helped a woman take out her trash while she was looking after her baby it was a cool experience because after we did that she was so much more open to talking to us and we had the chance to share a little message with her. I hope you have a good week! love you guys!! 
soeur driggs 

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