Monday, April 11, 2016

"we are freaking out best email session yet" - week 54

(written April 11, 2016)

EVERYONE LOOKS SO BIG. (Our family met up with Soeur Winter's family in California & sent pictures to the girls)

OH MY GOODNESS thats so wild!!! hahahaha we are freaking out best email session yet. hahaha hey i have a quick question so her sister alyssa shes got a boy is he cool? soeur winter wants to know lol shes never met him and they are thinking about marriage. Wild stuff.
this week was so cool!! we did exchanges with soeur jacobsen and soeur hoover!! oh my goodness they are such good missionaries. We FOUND TWO COOL FAMILIES!! oh my goodness and we met one not through our efforts but the members!! best way to do missionary work. So cool story the occoliers need to move and they had this couch they needed to move but they dont have a big car so they found this man somehow with a huge truck that could move everything from one house to the other. They talked to him he gave them his phone number and said if they needed more help to give him a call. So the occoliers called him the day of there actual move to come over and then they called all the missionaries lol and so we all helped this family move. and at the end we asked them if they were interested in learning about the message and they said YES and we taught them this week!! they are SO COOL. and we taught them with the occoliers and it is just a beautiful thing. im supper stoked about them.
I LOVE This running photo of you and soeur winters mom!! its awesome :)


this weeks adventures went to the airport to pick up soeur jacobsen and soeur hoover. LOVE EXCHANGES they are always so exciting! annd as i was waiting for soeur winter i started playing soccer with these cool kids lol soeur winter got a picture!!



here is the photo of the exchange with Soeur Covey & Soeur Gomez 

and.. this week we are going to try to work on reading STORIES from the BOM with every investigator. instead of just short scriptures here and there 

outside a members house!

hiking to a beach

Soeur Winter's email:
This is a funny story!!! So just to start everyone is catholic here and so one day we were going to an appointment so we parked our car in a parking lot then when we came back we were blocked in my a million cars what do we do? we measure the car with our arms and run though the cars decided that we could make it but it would be close hahahah :) i get in the car and sister driggs is directing me hahahahh quickly we found that this was gonna be eaither a funny story or a bad idea hahahahhahahhah 
we continued we made it out of our spot to where we were parked like in the photo ahhahah then we started the advance forward hahahah we quickly found that we could make it but the cars were within inches apart ahhahah we finally decided to wait it out until catholic church was out hahah we waited and prayed and finally at 8 pm they were done and we got out with no scars ahhahah it was the craziest trust exercise between me and sister driggs ahhah and absolutely funny beyond belief ahhahaha!!! 
 so this week one of my dreams came true i had one day were i only taught members lessons and only served people it was the best day of my mission we taught, found and served people all with members involved it was the best and it really strengthen my testimony of the importance of the members!!! we dont come from here people dont always understand us and they dont think we understand how hard it is here but then the members teach and testify with life experiences and it changes everything!!! i mean EVERYTHING!!! people are even more open to listening to us if we have members with us because they see its not just a church of white missionaries... this was a great week did tons of work and just found 5 FAMILIES!!!!!! MIRACLES!!!!!!! we have been  fasting ad praying for families with cars and boom this week we found 5 the lord is so kind!!!!
i absolutely love being with sister driggs she works so hard and never thinks of herself and is truly christlike she pushes me everyday tp be better!! im so grateful for her and her example to me!!!
we also had an exchange this week with the sisters from Guyana its was fantastic we have the best sisters in the world here so smart, close the the spirit, so willing, and obedient!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! 
ALSO FRERE CONSTANT ENROCK JUST RECEIVED THE MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD!!!! ALSO A MEMBER IN GUYANA WE INVITED OR CHALLENGED TO BRING SOMEONE TO CHURCH DID MONTHS AGO AND SHE JUST GO BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow seriously, no effort is wasted and i love missionary work with all my heart!!! i love you all and have a great week!!!
avec amour, soeur winter

"house gets real smokey... " - week 53

(written April 4, 2016)

WHAT!!! oh my goodness when are they getting married (Audrey & Austin)?? thats wild!! 

Okay mom this week was so good!! monday was so good. never felt more accomplished in my entire life lol talking to just 2000 people lol 

We did exchanges again this week with Soeur Covey and Soeur Gomez mom Soeur Gomez is from Guatemala when you went there where did you live??? It was such a good experience working with them. I am always so impressed with the faithfulness and faith of these other sisters. Its incredible and they all just have this huge desire to do missionary work! and are just so firm in their faith. I feel like i have never learned so much in my life. Especially how much Christ loves each one of us. And i loved in Conference how important it is to be obedient and remember christ in all things. HE never forgets us and we need to remember him to think of him more often. And to be truly obedient in keeping his commandments.  I donno that hit me really good, anyhow when we are more obedient we accumulate more light within us because we are coming closer to christ. oh my goodness i loved conference. 

Also!! in one of the talks i realized that i need to be a nurse like just confirming feelings. i donno when you register for school but if you could could you look into schools in cali orange county area and arizona lol and utah of corse!! Soeur winter and i want to live together for forever hahaha im thinking ill stay in utah but just in case. ;) anyway I LOVE YOU!!! 

did you get the pictures??? 

We burned skirts in the shower... maybe not the best idea but it was fun lol i dont recommend it to anyone though. house gets real smokey... 

this is soeur gomez!!! we did exchanges this week it was awesome:) she's an amazing missionary! 

soeur snow is in the photo with me that was our exchange two weeks ago!!! she's from tahiti i donno how to spell it... lol 

and this crazy photo of soeur winter and I was taken monday.. after we just spent all day at the beach contacting probably talked to 20000 people!! but we beat dads record so it was worth it ;)

we are jumping over a sun dial supper cool. 

this is soeur Pluton she totally reminds me of grandma crump!! she's my grandma here lol she works with us all the time!! she loves it and we love her:) 

DAD this was the guy we contacted on your birthday lol i told him it was your birthday and that you fish and i asked if i could get a photo with him. he agreed happily lol 

...sorry it took so long to send photos!!

photos courtesy of soeur winter:

sister martials birthday we surprised her :)

best breakfast ever!! egg by my bestfriend soeur driggs!

"102 people in 5h and 45 min" - week 52

(written March 29, 2016)

GUESS WHAT!!! we may have not had 100 bombs but we do have pamphlets and soeur winter and i went out yesterday and contacted 102 people in 5h and 45 min got all their numbers and told them if we can see them again we can give them a book of mormon and ITS WAS SO COOL!!! it was just so perfect because yesterday it was a holiday and EVERYONE was at the beach so we went to the beach and just destroyed talked to literally everyone sat down next to random people sitting down with their families and it was the best experience i have every day EVER i will never forget yesterday we ended the day with 106 contacts. thank you so much for sharing that with me if you didn't i would have never had it in my mind to go out and try to reach that oh my goodness i love you dad!! any others we can try beating?? lol right now were working on getting the most member lessons record. and more importantly trying to help the people here truly repent. its been a truly amazing experience. i have learned so much about repentance here.

This week WAS SO GOOD!!! they're kicking us off im so sorry im just gonna write you a hand written letter of what happened this week anyway much love!! driggs :) 


Soeur Winter's email:

 sister driggs and I decided to make a goal this past monday to contact over 100 people in one day just us two hahaha because yesterday was a holiday here everyone goes to the beach and eats crab and just hangs out hahhah! SOOO we decided thanks to an idea sister driggs dad gave to her to contact 100 people in one day hahah everyone laughed at us and didnt think it was possible but we prayed and prayed and prayed some more ahhahah and finally monday came and we were all pumped we woke up at 4 am to do all our studies and then went to district meeting then ate in the car...its started to pour rain like POUR rain and we prayed to have it clear up so that we could contact all our new friends, then the rain cleared up!!!! we prayed to know what beach to go to so we went there and we started the day at 1 o clock contacting non stop just until we got 100 booom after many many many conversations and about 5 hours and 45 minutes of contacting we ended with 1 lesson taught and 106 CONTACTS!!! we did it!!!!! then we had extra time left over so we had a lesson with a less active and for the first time she said she will come to church and she prayed in the lesson it was the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so grateful for my comp sister driggs who will just do these crazy fun things with me :) 
 also finally another less active we teach her name is joanie the members have been trying to help her come back for a few month without much success and she came to church SUNDAY!!!! we also saw her today and shes coming to church this sunday to!!!!!!!!!!!! best week ever!!!!!!
 also today was our p day and we went to this awesome place and you have to walk through the water and then you walk out to this beautiful island and so that was the coolest thing!!!
 I love martinique with all my heart and missionary work with all my heart its the best thing i have ever done in my life and it is the best way possible to prepare for the rest of your life! im so grateful for our savoir jesus christ and that because of what he did for us that we can have a better life! As you study the atonement you start to better understand why his sacrifice was important for you!!! i would encourage you all to study the atonement and figure out how you can more fully use it in your life!!!! send me the answers that you receive!!! i love you all have a greta week!!!
soeur winter

"members here are AMAZING!!" - week 51

(written March 21, 2016)

HAHAHAHA i love goob!!! GAAAH im so excited for him :):) seriously the mission is THE BEST THING. GOOB LOOKS SO DIFFERENT!! its wild. yeah sorry about last week... 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TEDDY BEAR EYES and the RASBERRY SPREAD they are going to LOVE it. and yeah im good on brushes :) thanks

so. this week was such a good week!!! we saw countless amounts of miracles!! We did an exchange this week. Miracles always happen on exchanges lol we worked with Soeur Hyde and Soeur Cruz!! I learn so much from them its crazy. Soeur Cruz has this amazing testimony about the atonement of jesus christ and just taught me what she did to apply it and to learn more about it we had a really cool experience together!! and then with Soeur Hyde oh my goodness she's so smart and just loves the gospel and loves making it fun. We just laughed and went around having so much fun. 

Mom the members here are AMAZING!! they love missionary work and working with us its so fun :) they have this incredible spirit about them and just want to help the people here to know these things. i love it!!! Someone i have been working with a Lot is Soeur Pluton she's a grandma and she will do work with us for 3 hours at a time weather were teaching lessons or tracting she's a stellar member missionary!!! i sent you a picture of her today!! Ive learned so much from her just her patience and love for the work and christ. She has been a member for a long time and served a mission with her hubby at the temple i think I've already told you about her but she's just amazing!! haha we did a lot of work with her this week =)

anyway i love you!!!! hope you have a good week :):) more pictures on your way!!

Dad!!  hahahaha you got fried!! your all red. and you look HUGE, mama!!

this week was good!! we did exchanges with the soeurs that live in martinique and this week the sisters from grade will fly in and we do exchanges with them. i love going on splits here you just crush it with missionary work when we do that. The stay for like 2 or 3 days of just non stop work. its awesome and I've never been so tired ever lol but its all good never felt like I've accomplished so much either!! anyway pictures coming your way!! love you :)  

to be honest we dont have the resources to even do that!! im telling our zone leaders to buy us more book of mormons!!! i dunno why but we only get about 68 per transfer... WERE GONNA CHANGE THAT THOUGH. 

so i actually have a question we were talking to a member here and he has lived here for his life and the church has been here for about 30 years there is about 75 to 80 active members that come to church every week.  They want to grow and get bigger but he said the missionaries always come in and give the same speak that with our faith and with members working sharing with there friends that it'll grow and he said they've been saying that for about 30 years and nothing has really changed. he said they need a next big idea to talk to masses of people and do bigger things that are different to share it. 
in my head i thought well my dad always has really big ideas so i wanted to ask you if you did anything or see anything that maybe we could try here. The elders talked to him about going on the radio and soeur winter and i are going to go to a huge place and chalk draw the plan of salvation on the sidewalk and just try to talk to masses amounts of people. but if you have any other cool ideas LET ME KNOW. the 100 bomp idea im gonna beat you. hahaha game on! once we get more bombs... 

LOVE YOU DAD!! send some pictures of fishing stuff the big cage looking thing they put stale bread in it and fish i guess just flood into it! supper rad. anyway have a good day!!!


"you have a referral! we will be there in less then 10 minutes hahah :)
 #runningdays" .....Soeur Winter

Email from soeur winter:

so this week i made a HUGE mistake hahahhahahaahhhahahahhahahahaaaa me and sister driggs wanted to change our hair a little bit we were getting a little tired hahaha and she is a hairdresser so i was like heck yeah!!!!! we bought this beautiful brown dye it had a little purple hint to it i was like wow this is pretty!! sister driggs was like yeah i love it it will look great ahahah but the thing we did take into account is that my hair is instead of dying it brown at all it was just straight PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh la la la man i looked at my hair and we both just started LAUGHING! worst idea ever!!! she also tried to go a little part blonde in her hair so we bought a blonde dye as well haha good idea right?!? NOOO hahaha it turned her hair this orange color hahahah oh boy it was so interesting so this week we are going to fix these beautifully funny mistakes hahahahaha 
its always an adventure with us two hahahahahahah 


"oh boy dont remember how to spell that.." - week 50

(written March 14, 2016)

;;;yess bread is delicious i actually dont have time to write today... we got on emails way to late but tell dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and the bread looks delicious!! also do you know how to make zuckinie bread?? oh boy dont remember how to spell that.. anyway this weeks was so good ill tell you more about it next week but i love you :):) and her (collette) son walked inside the church building last week!!! miracle were going to make bread with him tomorrow morning and teach him a little more lol im excited!! annnd we are going to go gardening this wednesday!!! so excited :):) anyway i love you!! have a good week :):)

love driggs

also before i forget one of the members here she is trying to make teddy bears but she needs eyes for them i told her you work in a craft store do you happen to have any eyes that she could use?? that you could send out?? eyes for a teddy bare?? shes so cute you will meet her one day and she freaked when i told her you worked in a fabric store lol also i sent you a letter about faith!! annd for this transfer wanna study love and charity?? we got 5 weeks left ;) also could you send rasberry spread?? one of the return missionaries here misses her mission a ton and just wants rasperry spread?? if not possible no big deal lol anyway i love you!!!

hahaha yeah i do :) its gonna be a good study this transfer!! :) sorry i dont really have time to write more :( but i love you!!! and dont worry i am still collecting!! also can i buy cook books here?? there just a little more expensive...but real authentic stuff ANND i found a nativity thing!!! with a coconut and everything :):) so i bought it lol 


today we contacted someone fishing annd he was so rad he invited us to go fishing with him some time but we said we couldnt lol annnd then we took pictures with him and some cool fish!! dont have time to send you photos today but i will next week!! >I LOVE YOU!! have a  good week :) 

photo courtesy of soeur winter:

the coins

"they use machete's here lol" - week 49

(written March 7, 2016)

MOM this week was so good and we got our transfer calls saturday im staying here with soeur winter they said its probably my last transfer here :( that made me real sad i love it here!! so were just gonna kill this transfer lol before i forget can you send me some of that facewash again?? the panolyx stuff lol i dont think i spelled that right and some makeup from bare minerals light 2 concealer its in a small round thing its like a cream? kinda lol and then eyeshadow i left some at home just the brow pallet annd then mascara you wouldnt believe how expensive makeup is here. i never wore it before but i have to know cuz we go to meetings and i gotta look nic lol also!!! we made a game plan with a member to do an easter activity with her family and like all their friends!! they dont do easter egg hunts here so if you could send some easter eggs that would be SO COOL like maybe 100 of them they dont know what it is here and we want to do something fun with all the kids. sorry i know thats kinda a lot if no not a problem we can figure something else out :)
anyway this week was so good!! we have seen so many miracles every week so we saw colette yesterday and had a lunch with her and her son started reading in the BOOK OF MORMON!! he sat down with us said how his mom is so much more happy since she began meeting with us and going to church and that he would like that!!! so cool weve started teaching him. And then there is this less active here he served with his wife in the temple in germany for a few years and now he is less active but his wife is very active lol and the missionaries havent been able to teach him but we saw him the other day cuz we finally made those cookies with the cookie mix you sent us for christmas and he was like cookies? lol so we ate with him and are going to start helping him in the garden SO EXCITED gardening here is not like gardening back at home they use machete's here lol and lots of other cool lookin things lol its so fun!! and he started re reading in the scriptures oh my goodness it was amazing. anyway this week was good!! LOVE YOU:)
have a good week!! 
soeur driggs
oh and here is a fun poem

There is a poem that says:
“Sow a thought, reap an act;
Sow an act, reap a habit;
Sow a habit, reap a character;
Sow a character, reap an eternal destiny.”

dynamic duo!

"How she found the church : she read twilight" - WEEK 48

(written Feb. 29, 2016)

THANK YOU:):) it just had been in my thoughts a lot and to tell you so last week i told you and i havent thought about it since!! which is cool cuz I've been trying to figure out how to get it off my mind. and that did it lol but it still feels right today so thats real cool lol (this is about mom checking into nursing programs)

so cool. yeah UVU would be great!! yeah sorry it was on my mind so much i can't even explain it i even prayed to stop thinking about it cuz my mind like wasn't on missionary work.. i didn't like it. felt like i was sinning lol and i had a thought to tell you but i pushed that off for a while cuz i wasn't sure but then i didn't stop thinking about it so i told you and it was incredible i could think about missionary work again. havent giving nursing a second thought. so that to me was something i really needed to tell you lol :) and i feel happy about it. MOM how are you?? 

oh my goodness that looks like so much fun!!! tell freddie and alex i say hi!! and to met with the missionaries and that i want to give them a book of mormon. What about leah?? she's getting with the missionaries??? :) so cool. you are such a good example of just how to always share the gospel with everyone you have just no fear! 

I HAVE THE COOLEST STORY you gotta tell stephenie!! So this week we started seeing this less active her name is Joanie she is 16. How she found the church : she read twilight and LOVED it. like all 14 year olds do . she was baptized at 14 lol anyway she read ALL the books then wanted to know about the author so naturally she researched lol and she found that she's mormon so then she went to the lds website and like researched the church. She found a place to contact missionaries from the lds website and signed up for missionaries to teach her and her mom. she got baptized a few months later and was supper active for a moment. it got hard on her cuz her moms not a member but were working with her now. she LOVES the church though so thats supper cool. I just love how someone so far away by just being them who they are can effect people even people you havent met yet!! stephanie had to write twilight because joanie had to be a member. the lord works by small and simple ways. he loves all his children. anyway i was just so overly excited when i herd about how she met the missionaries.

other cool things so we went to Barbados this week for an MLC meeting so cool. We had a hotel right on the beach we could hear and see the beach from the balcony.. crazy... anyway now to the good stuff we talked a lot about the atonement and the enabling power of the atonement it not only allows us to repent but to help us through the hard times. if you look at nephi when his brothers tied him up and he prayed not to be taken out of the situation or pray saying why me help me but he prayed that the lord would give him strength to break through the bands. and he did. thats the enabling power. or I've thought a lot about the pioneers and just how they went through just crazy things that truly sound impossible to me. to think of what they ate how long they walked and just thinking i walk all day just me and my sac and im really tired by the end of the night!! how in the world did they do it? and its that enabling power the strength that heavenly father gives us to go through hard times. its beautiful. anyway it was an amazing week!! so many miracles :)


i love moo moos?

sister husson

MLC at the mission home!!!

elder martinez and his wife!!!

"I now know how to sing happy birthday in 5 languages" - week 47

(written Feb. 22, 2016)

They are doing so good!!! We taught them again and invited them to baptized he said he needed to pray about it and he will tell us later. It was so cool! hahaha oh my goodness thats awesome im so stoked for goob!!! and real excited he knows how to make bread!! hahaha and yeah we helped them....(Collette). IT IS A WORK OUT making bread in massive packs seriously soeur winter and i were sweating lol but it was so fun we learned how to make massive pain which means massive bread lol its pretty nice. 

so we did another exchange this week!! it was SO FUN this week i was with soeur hoover and soeur snow!! they are so fun soeur snow is from tahiti so she taught us some Tahitian thats what im sayin i now know how to sing happy birthday in like 5 languages things im excited about! It was really fun soeur winter and i just split up for the day and just got so much work done :) i love missionary work!! 

something really exciting is that kettia our ami that we have been teaching for a while CAME TO CHURCH with her 3 kids lol and she LOVED it at the end she just wanted to take pictures with everyone. it was really cute she said she wants to come next week and heard about all the activities at the church and wants to go to those now :) i love her!! She is like 23 and from haiti, im gonna tell you something haitians are so cool!!! they are my favorite people!! they are just so nice and humble. 

anyway i love you!! ill send photos in another email :) 
love soeur driggs

oh!!! also i wanted to tell you so for some reason i have been thinking about being a nurse for kids with cancer for the past 3 months specifically right after the christmas devotional. I dunno why but i can't shake it from my head I've been praying for the past few months on and off to know weather or not that was something i needed to do. and i feel really strongly that i need to do that. its kind of the same feeling i had right before i decided to put in my papers i thought about going on a mission for a good moment and then i decided to go and that was the best thing I've ever done. and now i feel the same way about being a nurse for kids with cancer. dunno why but its just real specific and i feel like i need to do that....
so i have a favor to ask of you... could you look into school or something so when i get home i can start right in october? anyway i love you!!! 

yeah that felt real good to send im pretty sure thats what i gotta do in my life lol


or maybe ill go home get a job and then start in janurary so I can pay for school. better idea :) lol love you!!


sister wilta


"so there is this thing called the jugglier" - week 46

(written Feb. 15, 2016)

mom i just want to let you know how much your emails mean to soeur winter and all that you do for her we were talking the other day and she just goes I LOVE YOUR MOM i dont even know her but i love her i love that she emails me and she began to cry and your emails all the little things you do mean so much!! i dont even think you realize it but they do. so thanks so much :) i love you!! hope to be like you one day your such a good example to be of being truly good without guile! I LOVE YOU:):) xoxo

hahahaha thats awesome im sure that was so fun :):) wow third place!!!! thats insane. shes so smart i love you boo!!(brinley got 3rd place in a BYU high school student writing contest) oh man im gonna have to have tate teach me one day (snow boarding) lol is it still snowing up there??? its still real toasty down here lol

so this week was so good!! we had the soeurs from Guyana come up this week so soeur jacobsen and soeur gomez!! they are so cute!! so soeur gomez is from guatemala so if boo want to pratice little spanish i know she would love a letter from her lol but we saw so many miracles!!! 

so there is this thing called the jugglier. I LOVE IT. its the best way to teach the restoration im gonna explain me first experience using it. so we found this single mom with 5 kids and soeur jacobsen and i were like... lets try the jugglier. so you lay out pictures in a certain fashion and it just makes the restoration make sense! so we did it. 
ok at the end of this lesson her kids who are about 20 18 17 somewhere around there were like ..."mom am i baptized? will i be able to live with god again??" another kid... "hold up! so your tellin me that no other church has the proper authority of god on earth..." another "i am concerned and confused how do i know if this is true??" IT WAS SO COOL never have i taught the restoration in my entire mission where the people i was teaching just understood exactly what i was trying to tell them. Im gonna teach goob this before he peaces out cuz ITS AMAZING seriously. they want to learn more about the church asked if your church had a website and all that we invited them to come to church so this sunday exciting things will happen lol 

anyway LOVE YOU!!! have a good week :)

Soeur Winter's email:

 this sunday there was a group of 6 americans at church hahah they were on a cruise these super cute old people and they said well we had one day here and we needed to come to church so they did!!! Me and soeur driggs translated all of church for them IT WAS THE COOLEST EXPERIANCE EVER!!!! I LOVE TRANSLATING!!!!!! hahahhahahaha yaya it was super fun and it really made me reflect on the progress that i have made in french!!! its wicked awesome!!!!
   we also have a couple other families that we are teaching please keep them in your prayers!!! its luke and ariel, erick and sandrine, donald and his wife, virgina and her sons!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE FAMILIES!!!! this gospel is perfect for indivuals and for families!! also i couldnt be more happy to be spending this transfer with soeur driggs shes amazing and its like I HAVE ALYSA HERE WITH ME!!! she is my constant support with the lord and she is just a stellar missionary i love her so much and we both just want to work really hard and follow the spirit for everything we have prayed so much this transfer its been such a blessing I LOVE HER!!!!

BIRTHDAYSSSSS!!!! happy birthday to me and elder ikiaha  Soeur Winter