Monday, November 9, 2015

In Martinique "we traveled all of 2 kilometers in 4 hours lol" - week 32

MOM!!! oh my gosh martinique is beautiful the ocean is in our area there is this part where i guess we just drive right next to it for like 30 min to get to this less actives house ill have to send you pictures next week of it. I absolutely love martinique though!! the investigators here are so prepared and we're so excited to begin working here. 
okay funny story Im serving with soeur jacobsen she's so cool!! so there was a storm the other night and it just rained for hours but we didn't really think anything of it it rains all the time here so we finished weekly planning and got into the car we ended up getting stuck in 4 hours of traffic!! we traveled all of 2 kilometers in 4 hours lol thats some serious bonding time right there lol but we still tried to be effective with our time cuz yeah so we had a white board in the back of the car and wrote hey how are you on it and would talk to the cars next to us with it no-one would roll down their windows cuz it was still pouring this entire time but we did met this cool rasta man and some other cool people anyway it was hilarious and really fun! 
soeur jacobsen is from montana she's so rad seriously we get along so well she actually has a pixie cut and prayed before her mission that while she was out on her mission she would meet someone who can cut her hair when she found out i could cut hair she was so very excited!! then when she met me she was like god definitely does answer all our prayers lol it was hilarious now i know i was sent here to cut soeur jacobsens hair and maybe do a few other things. 

some of our investigators
first is luke he is so cool they had been teaching him for like two weeks and he didn't really understand why he needed to be baptized we taught him and invited him to be baptized at the end and he prayed about it and at the end of his prayer he just started crying. He said he could feel that that is what he needs to do. were trying to teach his wife and daughter now so just keep them in your prayers there a cute little family. 
were teaching this man his name is john claude he's oh my he's awesome he's an artist his paintings are just all over his house on his walls on the stairs everywhere and his house is different every time we stopped by. He says that he was going through a rough time in his life and the missionaries found them and he knows this is what he wants to do with his life im so excited for him!!
then we are teaching gibson he's been taught for a few months all the missionaries and members love him he's from saint lucia so we teach in english which is supper weird and actually im supper awkward at teaching in english i like don't know how to do it lol  
then rene joseph he is so cool we met him my first day here. he is an older man his wife died a while ago and was just like god definitely sent you to help me. it was so cool to met him. we've taught him like 2 times and he just loves the gospel and loves church. he is supper cool.
the members here are amazing!! there is a member who doesn't have a car so she and like 3 of her kids hitch-hike a ride to church every sunday she said sometimes they wait for a good hour before someone will pick them up. but she says she prays to find a ride and every sunday she does sometimes she just has to wait longer than other times. i am so impressed to the conversion and the dedication of the members out here its incredible!! 
anyway loved the pictures!! looks like boo had an awesome bday!! im sending something too so keep an eye out for it lol love you!! 
soeur driggs 

our area is basically the bottom half of the island we have a car lol its really good though i absolutely love it! well hope you have a good week this week love ya!! you and boo are so cute in your matching footie pjs lol 

"i'm getting transferred to martinique" - week 31

(written November 3, 2015)

Im sending boo a letter too she probably wont get it in time for her birthday but i put a present on the inside lol she's gonna be excited! 

YES annie and steve got married did you get the pictures i sent to ya?? sorry it was a holiday yesterday so we couldn't do emails yesterday cuz everything was closed!! anyway ANNIE GOT MARRIED it was such a beautiful wedding and i got to do her hair!!! well help out lol i was SO STOKED no one of her family could come but the coolest thing was to really see how she had the ward family and to see how they jumped in to help out too i don't even think they realized how much they really did for her but it was such a  good wedding!! and she's getting baptized this saturday!!! I am a little sad i am going to miss it i'm getting transferred to martinique i leave the island tomorrow but its gonna be good i am so excited to met the people in martinique! I am not gonna lie i am a little really sad to leave abymes and all the people here working with he members and all that good stuff!! but there are people to meet and teach in martinique too i donno how to spell it. lol 

coolest thing this week!!!! we met this woman named mariessa last week and shes so cool we met her sunday gave her a book of mormon read a little with her and invited her to read it! we saw her tuesday she had read 70 pages in the book of mormon!! said she loves the book and loves the way she feels when she reads it!! so we invited her to be baptized and told her to pray about it. we saw her again saturday with a  member and followed up on her reading she was in alma!! we asked if she prayed about the baptism she said she did and when she asked she said she felt closer to christ and said she will do anything to be baptized. its just so cool to see how the book of mormon and prayer and coming to church plays a huge part in our conversion!! it took her a week to do this and to find an answer! she was even baptized a year ago into a different church but we asked her to pray about the priesthood and joseph smith and if this is the true church and she said she did this is the way she wants to go!! shes got a family and were going to start teaching her boyfriend too!! shes got 5 kids oh my goodness i absolutly love this work and the scriptures! i hope everyone is reading there scriptures everyday lol there so powerful and help us in our daily life!! gaah this week was such a good week :) 

for halloween it wasn't on a monday so we just said happy halloween and bought some candy bars ate oreos and those candy corns you sent lol thanks for those!! also thanks salena for the letter i loved it!! and also dont send anything else to gwada i wont get it lol hahah i love the pictrues!! there awesome i love all the costumes :) haha i think its so funny sometimes ill look at the photos and think to myself who is that person with everyone and then its me. anyway love you!! did you get my photos i sent ya?? LOVE YOU!
havea  good week!
soeur driggs

German Pancakes!!!

Getting ready for the Wedding!

Annie and Steve got married!!!

The Richmonds (Senior Couple on Guadeloupe)
Carving watermelon for Halloween since there are no pumpkins

Goodbye Guadeloupe.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"were totally carving watermelons for halloween" - week 30

(written oct. 26, 2015)

MOM!!! -----this is sister hannigans moms number her name is jennifer she lives in ____ if you could tell her all the shipping information you have about sending stuff that would be cool lol 
 it was SO GOOD every weeks a good week even the rough ones lol so they're getting married this saturday WERE SO EXCITED were going to help out with everything this friday so we are excited for that!! yeah!! thaanks so much lol just so you know they do have tooth brushes and toothpaste here but thanks so much!!!! :) american stuff is way better! oh yeah we got a box of spanish books of mormon they're doing good though were getting members who speak spanish to come with us and we try to be as involved as possible i can actually understand a little spanish now learning how to speak a little too!! we read in the spanish book of mormon at night to learn a little more just like words like prayer and stuff like that its been read good! mathiue is doing good he is afraid to come to church because he has never been to church in his entire life i guess? but whats cool is is dad sees us talking to him and he wanted to talk with us cuz he said that we have great faith and wants to know how we have so much faith in what we know. it was rad we talked for a little with him hopefully we'll get to talk with the entire family this coming week!! 

hahaha its just hot i think it changes a little all i know is i sweat everyday somedays i just don't sweat as much lol I LOVE THAT today were totally carving watermelons for halloween cuz they dont have pumpkins here lol were excited. hahaha would you be proud to know we started listening to christmas music 3 weeks ago? lol its good christmas music is the best cuz it all talks about christ!!

ok real quick cool story we were riding down this hill and we saw this family pouring concrete so naturally we stopped and offered to help!! what i havent really realized before is how odd it probably sounds for two girls in skirts offering to help mix concrete cuz they laughed and were like are you serious so we got off our bikes and took the shovels and started helping it was so fun and just cool to help them we talked about christ and how important he is for us and how he is our friend and saviour and then gave them a book of mormon and are going to see them this week but guess what this family is from cuba!! and they all speak spanish lol we are so excited to go see them again i just i havent ever really thought about how cool this is and how i dont know if i will ever have another opportunity to talk about christ and help pour concrete again you know?? i donno i absolutly love this work!!

funny story we were biking on this road and this guy stopped us and said to come talk to him he starts speaking english without saying anything else he goes i am a man of mystery a man of poetry a man of some other things and was like i am looking for someone who understands me and soeur hannigan and i cut him off and said christ understands you and knows exactly how you feel which is so true he didn't really want to talk about the gospel but it gave soeur hannigan and i a good laugh! 

anyway i love you and thanks so much again for the package!! 
love you :) 
soeur driggs

"we were supposed to be there" - week 29

(written oct. 19, 2015)

this week was so good!! We found these two spanish sisters last week that are so cute one speaks spanish and french and the other speaks only spanish!! i absolutely love every single lesson we have with them because we have to use so many scriptures so that way they both really understand what we are saying! one of the sisters bettse her son and his little girl are coming in town this week from martinique and she wants us to teach them too!! we are so excited about them. the sister who speaks straight up only spanish is reading so much in the book of mormon!! she loves it maybe its cuz she's curious to know what we talk about but she's progressing so well!! and then bettse read not as much but she reads we just shared with theml' the plan of salvation and they were both like yeah we want that in our lives so were going to see them and they're entire family this week w<ere so excited!! 

also weve been teaching this guy named mathieu he's been doing really well so the other night we were in the raizet and hannigan's tire popped which was fine we were only like a 40 min walk home we weren't to far! and so we just decided to cancel the rest of the appointments for the night cuz it was 7:30 and check up on people in the raizet and we were walking around talking to everyone met 6 really cool people and then we ran into mathieu!! we had a lesson with him just by the bus stop and talked to him about the gospel and we invited him to be baptized seriously everything always happens for a reason if her bike tire didn't pop we wouldn't have seen mathieu and wouldn't have met those other people it was where we were supposed to be the moment we were supposed to be there it was amazing. i love this work!!! i hope everyone has a good week :) 

soyez sagge
soeur driggs

mom i am so jealous of that temple photo you have no idea!! lol tell grandma she's gotta come with us too!!! thats like three generations and were all going to be together for forever :) im getting teary eyed its not a big deal this gospel is just amazing lol yeah i got it well the elders have it i don't actually have it yet but im excited:) thank you !!! i love you and hope you have a good week!! hahaha looks fun :) i hear you have fun walking dead parties too?? 
love you!! 

"he felt like he was being forgiven" - week 28

(written oct. 12, 2015)

hahaha thats what im sayin!! if you want to that would be nice didnt want to say anythin... may be gaining a little weight lol deffiently not 108 anymore ;) lol 

actually more of that face lotion would be nice the PM stuff i'm almost out of! annd if you want to if you could put on just a bunch of talks on a thumb drive and send it that would be AWESOME!! and the the no bake cookie recipie would be awesome!! our DMB for the ward is a vegan and we need to do something for him cuz hes an amazing member!! 

theyre doing good!! Were really working hard with this members neice her name is Madly shes got a cute family and is MARRIED thats a miracle in itself right there lol we've had only three lessons with her and she's amazing the spirit is so strong every lesson and she knows it even started crying in one of the lessons and just said i just like the way i feel right now. its so cool to see how the power of the spirit can just fill that hole that some people don't even realize they have and how much joy it really brings i donno i absolutely love it!! yeah so theyre getting married on the 31 of this month!!! GAAAH were so excited for them :) man im gonna be honest there were a few ladies we were teaching that have leg issues i cant remember which one i told you about sorry!! remember when i told you about Xavier he's a less active from my first transfer well he went to conference last week and he went to all 4 sessions he told us saturday he could only stay for one guess something changed during that session lol but then this week he called us sunday asking if he could come to church we were like yeah you can!! so excited lol and we had a lesson with him the other day and it was amazing we talked about prayer and how its through prayer at we communicate with our heavenly father he said something that touched me that he felt like he was being forgiven and it felt good while he was praying and we were both like yeah thats the power of prayer and talked about how reading is how we can find answers to it and coming to church and oh my it was so good i wont forget about the lesson we had with him i cant even express how much i loved being there in that moment. 

Soeur hanningan is amazing lol she is so cool and i cant believe im training her i feel like she should be trining me honestly lol 

i love you!!!! have a good week :)

soeur driggs

"it's going by way to fast" - week 27

(written october 5, 2015)

oh my goodness its going by way to fast.. i dont like it at all. but its been good!! i absolutely love it. conference was so good there was something different watching it being here i donno what it was. but it was really good i loved uchtdorfs talk! he always gives good talks lol and after conference we had two lessons and they were so good it was something about watching conference at the church house then having a lesson right after the spirit was already there and while we were talking with our investigators it just grew oh my goodness it was amazing. 

alright i read this talk the other day its called the challenging and testifying missionary written in like 1961 but its SO GOOD after we read it we decided we weren't inviting enough people to be baptized we were challenging enough people so we set out that day decided to invite every single person we talked to to read ponder and pray about the book of mormon and to be baptized if they knew it was true. this was like in lessons we had planned and just people we talked to on the side of the street. we decided we would testify and tell how we know its true and how it has blessed us and how it can bless them then we invited them and some people said no but some said yes and those that said yes are reading and praying!! its so cool to see how much that changed the work and how< that changed the people we are teaching!! and how quick the spirit comes when we testify of doctrine and read scriptures. it was amazing and that couple we found who is married is good!! we taught the wife this past week she accepted a baptismal date and wants us to teach her husband and her family and kids and said she would begin reading in the book of mormon this was the same day we went out with the mind set to challenge and testify to everyone!! it was a miracle and i loved it!! i am glad you got my letter :) i got you letter this week too!! and aunt Andrea's thanks for the both of them!!! :) oh my gosh soeur hannigan is killing it!! she's amazing seriously she is one of those people who has been a missionary her entire life because helping teaching and testifying come naturally for her and she doesn't even realize it i absolutely love working with her and i have learned so much from her its crazy!! she's yeah she's amazing lol i cant wait for you to met her!! i hope you have a good week this week!!


soeur driggs

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Training Soeur Hannigan - week 26

(written sept. 28, 2015)

tell them i say hi!!

yeah banks said she was terrified when she had to train at first!! i was nervous too but its alright she's awesome!!!! her name is sister Hannigan :) she's the sweetest person i have ever met she's younger then me too!! she is a convert to the church her family lives in salt lake she has the strongest testimony of this church!! and she already speaks french its so cool!! she helps me more with french than i think i help her lol and she's so hard working and is so active in every lesson and knows the scriptures like no other oh my gosh i have already learned so much from her lol i absolutely love being her companion!! and its not as stressful as i thought it would be its just like missionary work! lol 

lucia is doing good we haven't seen her in a while she won't answer her phone and hasn't been home in a while so were gonna keep stopping by and hope we can catch her at her house one day lol the family is doing so good! we saw her again and taught her and her family!! she says that she can feel the spirit every time we are there and its so cool!! she loves the book of mormon and says she reads it to her kids and she said after our first visit her little boy loves to pray now she says he has been praying a lot more after we visited them that one day they couldn't come to church this past week but they said they could this week im so excited for them!!! 

looks like everyone is having so much fun!! love you!! 

I don't completely suggest this ( well I actually do) but it did work sometimes. In London they had apartment complexes that had the same deal, a little buzzer where you could buzz into each apartment, but the door was locked until they buzzed you in. So I would stand outside and buzz the first apartment,  they would answer and I would say "Delivery". They would buzz us in or come out to meet us and we would deliver a "Book of Mormon".  I always thought it was super funny, bit bold, but definitely entertaining. For some of those long days when everyone cancels on you and street contacting is dry this seemed to bring some entertainment to our day.

Go Big, Be Bold & Enjoy what happens next!


hahahaahaha i love that thanks!! ill try it for sure:) love you!!  Casey

"we looked at each other and decided to go" - week 25

(written sept. 21, 2015)

yeah sorry about that i tried to send the photos but then the computer shut off its not a big deal but ill send some today!!

okay we had an amazing week we had the car for about 3 days!! we got so much member work done in those three days lol no one here has a car so it was such a blessing to have it we got our investigators with our members that we've been trying to do for weeks!! it was a miracle and we finally got lucia and annie together!!  IT WAS AMAZING!! they just talked in spanish the entire time I'm buying a french spanish dictionary cuz we found two men this week but they only speak spanish too so its just time to learn. but i guess lucia is in the exact same situation annie was in when annie moved here and its just not a good situation annie expressed to her how it was when she met her husband and was introduced to the gospel that was when life really changed around and bore such a strong testimony to lucia how this church is true and how through the book of mormopn is how we can all find peace and comfort in our lives. lucia said she's not sure how the book of mormon can help her in her life but i know as she begins to start reading it she will begin to feel the goodness that comes from it. she said she will start and it was just a miracle lesson honestly. 

ok so the hunt for finding men who can hold is priesthood is AWSOME seriously we prayed specifically to find men who are ready and who we can teach and can help the branch here as well for the ability to find men who have families and we were riding past this road one day to a lesson and there was about 4 guys sitting outside we actually road passed them but then we stopped down the road felt like we needed to turn around so we did and one of the guys was interested gave us his number and said to come back sometime this week right when we were leaving his little son came running outside we asked if he was his then he said he lived here with his wife and his kid!! MIRACLES for real its amazing this work is amazing!!

also we were cruising around a few days ago and our two lessons for the afternoon fell through but were always in certain places for certain reasons so we decided to ride around until somewhere felt good and just talk to everyone around us we saw this residence on our left that we've never contacted before and decided to check it out we road in and they're like apartmenty buildings but the door on the outside has a little key pad cuz the door is locked but there was one door in this area that was open so we looked at each other and decided to go contacting in this apartment we always start on the top floor and work our way down. we contacted like 6 doors and every single one was just straight up no get out of there. and then we knocked on this ladies door she was funny asking why we knocked on her door and banks was explaining she looked at me and i was trippin over my words honestly she said to stop and just come inside. we came in and started the message of the book of mormon and the restoration of the gospel. she stopped us in the middle and said that it felt different. we said a prayer and she said right after that she felt really good while we were there and she liked the feeling she asked us why she felt so good we explained how it was the holy ghost she has 3 kids and just got divorced i guess her husband was not a nice or a good man and she said she is going to read the book of mormon and started reading it right after we said the prayer we shared moroni 10 3-5 with her she wrote down the page number and versus so she could share it with her other kids when they woke up! she's already doing fhe and doesn't even know it yet. It never ceases to amaze me how guided we are when we are just working hard being obedient and doing our best. mom i love this work and i love these people. even the hard weeks still seems to be good ones. 
hopez you have a good week!! love you!!
soeur driggs
oh! ps im training sister hannigan this transfer we pick her up wednesday! im excited so meet her:)

it(s not letting me send photos sorry!! ill try again next week on a different computer

(found these pictures on the Barbados Mission facebook page from zone conferences)

"GUESS WHAT we found men" - week - 24

(written sept. 14, 2015)

hello to my awesome mother! lol 

they are doing so good!!! THEY STARTED READING IN THE BOOK OF MORMON and that is seriously where everyones testimony starts i don't care who you are lol well i do but when people read the book of mormon and they pray about it and they want to know if its true they will feel the spirit and they will feel the truthfulness of the message its just fact there is no if and its so cool!! its just proof this is the church of christ! ok so cool yet sad story we were in the raizet again one night and everything fell through but that's alright that's honestly when we see miracles!! we decided it would be a good idea to stop by lucia and see how she was doing the last 2 times she wasnt home but third times the charm n'est pas? anyway we stopped by and she was just in tears!! we got off our bikes so fast she invited us in and explained to us she just felt alone and had absolutely no one she could talk to she had been talking to a friend that actually is a member that lives in utah and she told lucia that the missionaries will help her feel better which is semi true its the gospel that really helps we're just messengers lol so her friend is so cool!! we shared a scripture with her and prayed with her were bring her to a part member family this week the mom is not baptised yet but will be the saturday after her wedding but she speaks spanish!! so we think that they are going to be just such great friends!! and they can help each other its going to be so good!! i think the branch members are going to the temple in october? I'm not sure i can tell you next week!! ok cool miracle for this week our branch president said for us to look for men in the branch so this week we have literally just been contacting so many men just cuz our branch has a lot of women lol which is cool but priesthood is so important!! GUESS WHAT we found men we could talk to but what is even coolest is the men we found some of them have like wives/girlfriends and kids and are totally going to become eternal families!! we have found so many families in the past few weeks and its awesome!! families are seriously the best ever i donno what it is but being in a lesson with a family teaching them god has a plan for everyone of us i donno its just theres nothin like it!! mom have i told you i love being a missionary?? ok and so I'm just gonna tell you I was gonna wait until next week but I'm to excited we had interviews with president and he told me I'm going to be training next transfer!! I'm so excited i donno if it'll actually happen because its not like set in stone and it could still change but I'm so stoked either way!! 

hahaha oh man!! boo is to smart! she can just skip a grade. lol tate too!! you just raised smart kids mom what do you think you're doing? lol I'm totally kidding. was lunch good?? i should probably tell you banks and her mom are HUGE doc who fans lol i just think thats important info to share.. lol hope you have a good week!! oh also for p day this week we went the les saints IT WAS SO COOL we took this boat to the islands across from ours and it was so cool!! thats when you really feel like a missionary in the carribean let me tell ya lol i love you!! ill send pics in a second!! hope you have a good week!!!

(this picture was taken from a member of the church from Gilbert, AZ.  They were visiting Dominica when a hurricaine hit and their only way out was to take a boat to Guadeloupe and fly home from there. They went to church and met Casey and emailed this picture back home to us.)

Friday, September 11, 2015

"i hope i can grow to be like the members here someday" - week 23

(written Sept. 7, 2015)

i haven't yet but i am keeping an eye out for them!! and snoop dowg dropped us after we taught the word of wisdom he won't answer our phone calls anymore and he got real mad when we just stopped by his house so we don't see him anymore.. patrica said she has no desire to change even if she reads and knows its true she wants to die a catholic so we still stop by but we stopped teaching her. ok but mom this week we found the cutest couple this week and THEY'RE MARRIED and they have a baby on the way!! so get this they said that they have been to a lot of churches they stay at a church until it just doesn't feel right anymore which is so cool!! they're looking for the church of jesus christ they just don't know where to find it until they met us!! we gave them a book of mormon and just bore testimony of it and they want us to come back to learn more!! they haven't come to church cuz the hubby is the church choir director and he has to be at church in the morning but he said he will work it out and come one week oh man i'm so excited!! we saw kethlee and marc this week they're so cute!! kethlee came to church and marc was sick so he couldn't make it so hopefully hell get better soon but they read the book of mormon together and found this passage about the holy ghost and it was so cool they read it with us and we talked about it and its was such a good lesson!! they are the cutest couple and i just love them! and they have a little girl who is just the sweetest oh my goodness this week was so good! 
i want to tell you a little about the members here. they are preparing to go to the temple they only get to go once a year cuz its expensive to go! there is this member who got sick and something happened with her legs the doctor said she would never walk again she asked for a blessing and she can walk but its supper painful for her to. her sister died this year and she is so determined to go to the temple to do the work for her sister she comes to church every sunday and has a little recliner chair she has to bring for her legs but she comes and she has such an amazingly strong testimony of the temple and of the restoration it is just such an example to me and there are other members who would walk to church from a few miles away cuz no one could pick them up! its just amazing to me because if i was home and if both cars were just broken and it was a sunday i probably just would not go to church no way would i walk all the way to church you know what i mean?? i donno the members here have just amazing testimonies and i love them so much i hope i can grow to be like the members here someday. mom!! how was your week?? how is school for evreyone?? how is this quilt coming?? love you tons!! 



(written August 31, 2015)

i love those pictures i think they are hilarious!! MOM we hiked a volcano this morning it just poured rain on us the entire time and was awesome we felt the air coming from the sulfer and it was HOT it was so rad. 

yeah go tate!! i actually have a picture on my bike with my backpack just like tate!! but i cant send it this week having comp issues sending pics lately!! sorry lol nothing that i am craving ill let you know though!! uh no i have not gotten them yet ill look out for them though!! 

she's awesome just supper busy!! we haven't been able to get a  member over there yet and we can't explain where the church is to her we drew her a map but i'm not sure it was very clear so were gonna see her this week hopefully shell come to church next week we found more of her story though she was baptized at 9 yrs old and then fell away from the church so we gotta talk to her a little more but a little more difficult we sit there with a french to spanish dictionary which is just weird never would i ever think i would ever do that! Patrice is awesome!! she loves god and loves having us over and said it felt different but she doesnt want to change she wants to stay catholic even if she does feel different and that honestly is so hard to see even when she says she feels different and feels the spirit i donno i dont think well continue seeing her we've had a few lessons with her but she just doesn't want to change. Loic and katcia!! we love them we are not seeing them right now they stopped showing up to their rendez vous we would wait for forever for them and they didnt show up like 3 times so we told them to call us when they wanted to see us again. BUT we found another cool family and guess what! her sister the moms sister lives across the street from her and she told us we needed to go teach her too so we did and now were teaching these two families who live next door to each other and its so cool!! were still teaching the other couple mark and kethlie!! they are awesome!! kethlie said she wants to be baptized and we invited them to begin to talk about marriage and if it was something they wanted so we'll follow up with that this week! she's still getting married were so excited for her!! i asked and we actually cant be brides maids lol but the thought was there i still feel honored lol and we just had a wedding this past week and her now hubby got baptised on saturday!! i almost started crying during there wedding i was so excited for them it isn't our investigator but the elders so i don't even know them well but they are so happy and it just made me so happy and gaaah this week was awesome!! cool miracle!!  we actually contacted this man last week and taught him yesterday he said he usually says no to everyone else that stops by to talk about religion but he said it felt different it felt good while we were talking to him and turns out he has a family who is on vacation right now!! and his family is coming back this week so were going to see him i am so excited to see him and his family this week. mom. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY and wish i would have gone to all 4 years of seminary tell goob to go it'll help him out to MUCH!! tell him to read the book of mormon i really regret not reading it more before hand. ill email him lol 

WHAT dads is guyana!! winter in is french guyana he should just go stop by and see  her lol i love dave how did the lessons with the missionaries and dave and his wife go!?! sounds like an amazing week!! glad everyone is stopping by to see you guys lol hoep you have a good week!! next week pictures for sure lol 


mormon mormon - week 21

(written August 24, 2015)

awww man soeur banks and i were worried that you and her mom would have heard about the hurricane well good news nothing happened!! but we were totally safe if anything were to happen we were prepared it didn't even rain lol and like no wind at all so no worries we're safe!! HAHAHAHA those are some solid photos. gaaah i am so stoked for goob and tate and boo sounds like everyone is loving it!! does t money and tate go to the same school?? YES i got your package last week i forgot to tell you i got it sorry!! sometimes i get into emailing and i forget like everything i really want to tell you that happen maybe ill just write another hand written letter lol 

MIRACLES so this week banks and i read this talk called sacred missionaries we decided we want to be sacred missionaries and made some goals accordingly we fasted and prayed for help and to just be guided by the spirit while we're out and working and the coolest thing happened!! So one of our appointments fell through in this area that is just dead like no one is ever outside and its just dead but we thought it sounded like a good idea to just ride around and look for people and we saw that this parked car had its lights on so we knocked on this lady's door who we thought the car belonged too AND it wasn't her car lol but she started freaking out and just pointed and said mormon mormon we were like uhhh no one has ever freaked out like that before its was kinda funny and she only spoke spanish and said some other things that we had no idea what in the world was going on so she calmed down after a little and was like me baptized in domican repiblic THEN banks and i were like WHAT and we all were so happy and so excited together she didn't know where the church here was and has lived here for a year!! it was so cool!! for some reason i thought that when were guided by the holy ghost its like a definite thing you know your being guided but honestly it just comes from ideas that often don't come with this special feeling there just ideas and its when we follow those ideas and don't question them when we see those miracles! i have such a hard time with that for some reason i get an idea and i am weary weather or not if its a good idea or not but its when i am firm and just follow without hesitation is when we see those miracles! it was awesome and then we saw patrice again and had another lesson she promised she is going to come to church with us next week so were excited

also so we met this man last week he came up to us and was like come teach me so we said ok lol saw him last week some time talked with him set a baptismal date with him then we had a member we were bringing with us to his next lesson and they told us this guy is already baptized!! we were like what! he didn't tell us this and he totally was baptised in france it was funny we found so many less active people this week its been awesome were teaching them and its honestly been a week filled with many miracles. were excited to teach more this coming week!!

also!! i had boudan this past week get this so its boiled cow blood with spiced in it stuffed in intestine of something not sure what. and you like scrape it out of the intestine and its delicious you just cant think that you're eating blood otherwise it messes with your head lol its like thick and stringy and honestly delicious also mom!!! they have this soda here that taste like black lickorish i donno how to spell that but its so good!!! i think of you when i drink it for some reason lol also don't send that small bag i don't need it!! and thanks again for the ensign!! I LOVE IT we have some here and there in french sometimes its really nice reading them in english and most of the french ones are all cut up cuz people make planner covers out of the pictures in them but don't worry i am not cutting up this one also thanks for that calender and the little cards!! i carry at least two on me in case we run into anyone who speaks english which is more often then you would think! i love you!! hope you have a good week also this computer wont let me send pictures sorry!! love you 

soeur driggs

Monday, August 17, 2015


tehehe i gave 2 sisters a hair cut last week one of them is dead now and the other is dying at the end of this transfer!! there are now only 4 sisters on guadeloupe!! its so cool though.

i had the best lesson of my entire missionary experience yesterday banks and i both walked away from that lesson with tears in our eyes and just loving life. 

YOU DID IT??? hahaha you got a cutout of me...oh my gosh thats hilarous!!

Mom...alright i have a story lol so this week soeur baylee died and sister gurnsey stayed with us for a few days but then we were also working with the couple missionaries on the same day we thought bringing 4 people to some of our investigators that day would be just silly so we did splits i went with the senior couple and banks went with gurnsey the senior couple comes from tahiti they don't speak english. giving directions in another language is difficult lol but we made it! we decided to do splits the day before we didn't get to plan super well and i will not lie i had an awful attitude towards the day i absolutely was not looking forward to driving around with them hoping the the lessons we set did not fall through lol so we started the day and our first lesson was there and it was an awesome lesson!! i could tell them how to get there and the lesson was so good!! we taught together and it was good then in the car i started talking to them more and it helped my french so much!! by the end of the day we were at our last lesson and she's a less active and was saying some pretty interesting stuff and i had absolutely no idea how to respond to this lady but i just opened my mouth and the lesson went so good!! sister richmond and i taught together and it ended up being a really good day at the end of that lesson we were laughing and honestly just having a good time together!! i didn't really know the couple really well but towards the middle of the day my attitude like changed and the day got so much better!!! i now have a solid testimony that attitude on the mission is so key! that was the first day i was like today is going to be stressful and because of that i was stressed out for the first lesson but then the second lesson fell through but i had backups and honestly the day was really good!! i will never have a bad attitude towards something again cuz its just dumb and it makes the day not what it needs to be lol if that even makes sense but that was honestly one of my favorite days I've been out so far! i hope you have a good week!! love you 


Dad...are you serious yeah i remember people telling me district leader and all that stuff before but it didn't mean anything to me!! but that's really cool!! can i just say i am like so grateful for you seriously you are one of the hardest workers i know and i hope i work as hard as you did! i always end up thinking about that for some reason to know if i am doing everything i can possibly do to help the people here but anyway dad i had the coolest lesson yesterday probably the best lesson i have ever had since we've been out here. we are really excited about this investigator right now her name is Patrice we had a contact sorta lesson with her last week she seemed kinda interested but kept saying she is very catholic. She accepted a book of mormon and said she would start reading it and said we could come by again. We saw her again yesterday and it was one of the best lessons i have ever been in. It felt like it was truly lead by the spirit. When we first got there she was ranting about how black people are more racist than white people it was funny but we were like how in the world do we smoothly transition to the Gospel but once we said the prayer and sang and started teaching the doctrine the entire feeling of our visit changed the way she was looking at us began to change we pointed out the spirit in the lesson and it was an amazing experience. When we are in lessons like that and the spirit is there just strengthens my own testimony. I am so excited to each her again! She wants to feel it more in her life and oh my goodness nothing even compares to that feeling! hey how is Dave doing?? I LOVE YOU!! have a good week 

we had a branch with all three branches in gwada get together and do sports like all day activity and IT WAS SO FUN!! people here love to play dominos its actually really easy to play and there were sac races and football and it was so fun!! I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE!! someone also taught me how to quaff i totally spelled that wrong but its like all the fancy corn braids here i was stoked to learn!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"they call us DRANKS" - week 19

(written August 10, 2015)

YES i am so glad you guys got together DRANKS going international lol that's Banks and my nickname here lol they call is DRANKS we do love our dranks lol so we joke about that and you guys getting together and all that good stuff! but i am glad you had such a good time together!! makes me so happy lol 

hahaha that'll be so fun!! the andersen's are so awesome!! yes the watch is PERFECT thanks so much and i actually LOvE the pants so thank you again!! oh and the mac and cheese was so good they don't sell that here lol right on i think the copy should work she said its worked like that in the past? i donno but it'll be good either way if its wrong i'll just go in another day not a supper big deal i don't think? as long as i get it done! 

nahaha that's what I'm talking about luckily in french the word "available" doesn't exist! haha wait that is seriously so rad that you are doing geneology!! alright weird things that happen to you while on a mission or maybe probably just me and soeur banks lol but we want to do family history like SO BAD so i mean if you want to or anything you could totally send le stories you find of our ancestors you know it's always an option lol but i would love to read them!! family history is SO COOL!! next off missions get you excited about getting married when you teach people about the plan of salvation and bring together forever and teaching couples this it does something to ya lol oh man there was one other thing but i cant think of it right now! i'll let you know later lol 
that sounds rad!! tell Gabe he has to tell me about the habits for life camp it sounds real rad! 
whAT THE! that's awesome tell him congrats lol (Jordan's engagement) 
wHAT THE!!! did she really?? that's awesome things your friends don't tell you lol (stacy got a new car) but that really is so cool!! how is brie doing? hahahaha that's awesome! i am excited I'm all in for making it!! i remember them stacy was the boy in all the vidos lol  

alright snoop dowg is doing so good!!! he committed to living the parole de sagsse!! which is a huge step were trying to help him cut down his smoking and its so cool to see how the book of mormon and praying really changes the hearts of people! and helps them have the desire to change their lives!!! THE GOSPEL IS SO COOL. yeah!! they are getting married end of October!! she asked us to be her brides maids we were so excited about that one!! loic and katsic are doing good its been hard to get a hold of them and they live all the way in narnia so its hard to just stop by lol so this past week when our entire day fell through we decided it would be a good idea to bike out there and see how they are doing and they were home and we got to talk to them for a little bit!! it was cool we kinda had a desire of your heart and what they want lesson and it was really good! then soeur banks asked if she could get a picture with them what we didn't realize cuz when we stopped by loic was sitting down on the other side of the table was that he was only in his underwear so he stood up and was like oh man i gotta find my pants banks and i looked at each other and were like uhhh that's alright we can take a picture next time it was supper funny!! no one wears clothes here i couldn't even count on my hands how often we stop by and people are almost naked but that may have something to do with the fact that its so hot here!! and we do we stop by and see how they are doing if we can help them out with anything!! we think one day they'll come around lol alright last story!! Marc and Kethlie!! they are the cutest couple we are teaching they are actually from martinique i think!! we have been working so hard to get members to every lesson with them and we have succeeded except the first lesson when we found and taught them but they have been saying for the past 2 weeks they couldn't go to church so we had an app with them friday. i called to see if we could still stop by they said they were busy and we couldn't sat but we could sunday night and i asked if they could come to church they said no and we call like everyone we had invited to go to church that sunday morning to remind them slash to wake them up lol to come to church and i decided to not call marc and kethlie cuz they told m sat they couldn't come i didn't want to annoy them with our many phone calls lol but guess what we get to church and like 5 min later marc and kethlie walk through the door!!!! oh my goodness my heart was filled with so much just happiness it was so amazing!! we had been fasting and praying for them and god totally answers our prayers and it was amazing and the members were awesome!! they just loved marc and kethlie and invited them to an FHE for tonight and oh my goodness were so excited for them!! thy are just they cutest little family they have a kid who is like 11 months like that or something they are so CUTE!! sorry i am just so excited for them!!

thanks mom you are the best!! definitely more french!! but i know a few creole phrases cuz people just love you so MUCH more when you know a little lol but definitely more french! and we were contacting the other day on the street banks was contacting this one guy and i was contacting someone else and he told me my french was very good so i know its coming i think i just get hard on myself at times i just want it to come so much sooner lol that patience it what i am learning right now lol thanks mom!! love you :) and don't worry about our safety were safe and careful here and i know that the lord is watching over us. 

love you hope you have a good week!! 

ps that's a good lookin family lol thanks so much for the pictures!! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

"we were about to toottooottoot this house" - week 18

(written August 3rd)

sœur banks likes the house!! shes comin to hang out when she gets home lol in jan. but that's awesome!! what school is everyone going to orem or AF? naha i am so excited for goob he's gonna love it you'll have to send me pictures the colors don't change here but it's so green lol plants grow on the power lines here its crazy!! naha that's what I'm talkin about what a good lookin sign i made ;) HEY sœur banks said you and her mom are hanging out tomorrow I'M SO EXCITED sœur banks is awesome she's gotta have awesome parents if it ever gets awkward she is an artist and has her own studio lol just tryin to help you out but your not an awkward person so you'll be fine! mom guess what 23 missionaries go home this transfer!! WHAT it'll be like 4 sister missionaries in french side this coming transfer and 3 new sister missionaries are coming in!! this is so exciting well find out saturday our calls and stuff i am so excited i want to stay with banks in abymes because this place is awesome and banks is awesome!! OH! haha i forgot to tell you but i got your package only 1 i got the second duplicate package that's what you wrote on your card anyway like last week!! THANK YOU SO MUCH but i gotta do other stuff on the 14 and need my birth certificate? sorry if you could send that it could be good lol and thank the shulers for the package!! I LOVED IT i was like craving twizzlers and she sent them!! so that was real cool!

alright so this week was so good!! seems like all our amis dropped us so our teaching pool went way down but we prayed and fasted to find some new people who sincerely want to be closer to our heavenly father and we found some super cool people!! We still are teaching our cute couples too and guess what! There is the cutest family and they are getting married in October and the wife whose name is annie asked banks and i to be her maids of honor if her sister and mom cant make it which was so sweet and honestly i have grown so close to these people here i never want to leave!! She took down our sizes so she could buy us dresses for it oh my goodness she is the sweetest but i really hope her mom and sister can make it cuz like its a wedding i donno lol you know! were supper excited for them! and we've been teaching marc and kethlie and took two members to teach with us and we walked up to the door to Knock and it started pouring on us so marc let us in but his wife was passed out we felt so bad there was like 4 of us in there cute little house and she basically woke up to a house full of strangers we've only had like 3 lessons with her but she's so cool and SO CUTE she was up and like alright what are we singing today lol it was awesome we're really excited to teach them! We have been really struggling this past week to have our lessons we plan earlier in the week stick throughout the week i donno why but everyone has been canceling or just not being there....that Caribbean time though lol but it has been so cool to see how when something falls through most of the time it's because we needed to be in that place at that time to talk to someone that is there and we've definitely seen it this past week finding those people who are looking for something and sometimes they're not sure what and i know without a doubt when someone feels that way it's the gospel that they feel is missing it's so amazing to see how it fills the hearts of the people here and how they can feel it but sadly we'll teach some people and we know they have felt the goodness and what it can bring them but they decide later on that its not for them and its amazing to me to see how quick they are to forget how they felt when we taught them or there little experience while reading the scriptures i donno it makes me sad. OK cool story right here so a few weeks ago someone stole our lights for our bikes lol we've been riding lightless for a while and i know its not safe and i am sorry mom but we do wear reflectors and were good. Well we had that lesson with the supper cute couple and walked out of the lesson around 7 at night and Banks tire was flat they didn't have a pump brenden who is actually their neighbor didn't have a pump so we just went like house contacting asking people if they had a bike pump and we asked this lady she said she didn't and pointed to a house across the street a ways a way and was like i think he has one! so we were like cool and walked over there we were about to toottooottoot this house when their neighbor walked out carrying a bunch of chairs we asked if he needed help he said no then we asked if he could help us lol and asked for a bike pump he was on it! he was like a man on a mission to help us get this tire going again it was so cool he found a little pump got her tire workin again and was like where are your lights?!? we told him someone stole them so he was like wait here walked Inside his house and gave us both a front light and a back light. Were going to teach him later on this week but i know heavenly father watches out for us as missionaries and i know he is helping us help the people here and the people here to help us! It was so cool to see how that man didn't give it a second thought to give us the bike lights and to help Banks with her tire. earlier on in the week we had a few incidences with just the boys here being gross and it was just a testimony to me that there are those good people and those people who helping others is just like second nature to them i donno it was a cool experience mom i donno if it even sounds as cool as it was but yeah anyway i hope you have a good week!! love you:)

sœur driggs

Soeur Banks

shes all GWADA out! lol oh i ate a fish eye the other day they are not to tasty.