Monday, July 27, 2015

"people were cheering us on" - week 16

(written July 20, 2015)

MOM!!! sounds like a pretty solid summer lol yeah!! so excited to get the package:) they don't tell us when we get stuff they just bring it when they see us which is like every 2 or 3 or 4 weeks lol so hopefully well see them soon!! I GOT BOOS LETTER!! i loved the pictures she sent in them they were awesome!! sounds like her and goob just loved trek!! go goob and his rock skipping skills lol oh my goodness the new mission president and his wife are SO SWEET seriously they are some of the nicest people i have met they are awesome; yeah so we've got 2 more weeks of this transfer then transfer week happens in other missions its just a day i guess but because people fly everywhere and all that fun stuff we have a week to get transfers in and the ap's just call us on the phone to tell us where were going! sooo well find out soon if ill be with sister banks again or not!! uhh i donno but i don't want to leave abymes lol abymes is awesome!! the ward is supper solid here and the most unique people live in abymes! it does always smell like road kill and trash but its gorgeous! church was so good sunday soeur banks gave a talk!! it was so good sundays are awesome. uhhhh my calling as a missionary that's it though lol there are probably about 13 primary kids i think? naha no i haven't told anyone I cut hair and i would mess up so good black people hair it is not the same. 

oh awesome!! uhhhh ill try to figure out how to do that!! oh my goodness HK is a genius i am going record myself this coming sunday to see what i sound like!! WHAT WHEN DOES KENNEDY LEAVE that is soooo rad is she going with anyone or just by herself??? 

yeah that's what I'm talking about family is awesome!! were searching hard for them right now eternal families are the best!! that's one of the greatest blessings i think we have like mom i get to live with you for forever that's amazing to me!! also i had like a weird revelation this week we say all the time like were all brothers and sisters but this week hat like hit me like were all brothers and sisters!! it makes me feel more responsible? that's not the right word i hope you get what i mean!! anyway it was a cool moment! 

alright funny story time:) haha so this week we contacted this man named latino a few weeks ago and we called but we couldn't get another rendez vous and then i guess he saw us on the street and called us so we went and taught him! he was like kinda listening to us kinda not so we decided to leave and asked him to say a prayer and in his prayer he asked if i crystal driggs could be his next princess... i started laughing i couldn't hold it in but i don't think he could tell i was laughing and i told him my name was soeur driggs i don't even know where crystal came from? lol then two days later we were contacting this guy and he was like oh yeah were all brothers and sisters points to soeur banks and was like soeur points to me and said brother i was like i am a girl... anyway it was supper funny those caribbean men though.
ok another funny story soeur banks and i teach these two brothers around 17 18 and we were trying to get them top come to bball but their bike was broken so i told soeur banks to get on my bike and they road on soeur banks bike soeur banks sat on my seat and i peddled oh my goodness it was so funny people were cheering us on and then emilo and evans were on the same bike too but we got them to bball and it was awesome!!

ok so we've been teaching this supper cool couple right now names markl and kethlie they're so cute!! and they just haven't been reading the book of mormon and honestly that's like how we find our answer to know the church is true that and prayer are so important!! so we kinda just told them that and mark was like alright i have time at work to read so ill take it to work and his cute wife said she needed one for at home so she could read then and so we gave her one it was so cool to see them both be like alright ok we need to start reading this to know so were hoping this next week they'll have read!! loic and katcia are still doing so good we gave them a baptismal date but they just need to get married so were trying to help them get married!! and annie and steve are finally getting married!! i think all their papers finally went through and so annie can get baptised the 29 of aug or the saturday of that week and were so excited for them they've been trying to get married since before my time here!! shes so cute though she was like ok i am getting married on the 27 that means i can get baptised on that saturday right? shes awesome!!! were seeing miracles and it is sooo cool!! were also teaching this man right now who totally reminds me of snoop dowg hes got a date too were excited to teach and help him out!

i love you!! sounds like a supper awesome week:) 
until next lundi lol 
soeur driggs 

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