Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I will not be using punctuation - Week 8

alright first off this keyboard is all sorts of crazy so today i will not be using punctuation lol sorry i will figure it out one of these days but this first week has been so good my trainer is so cute and she is awesome she is so nice and hard working and loves doctor who lol we get along so well so we are on the island of guadeloupe and we are in a biking area lol tell aunt kristina my bike for the past few days wont go up in gears it goes from from the lowest one to an even lower one lol i have to bike so hard to keep up but my shadow looks hilarious the language is hard i have really no idea what anyone is saying lol but its good because i learn more and more everyday but i am supper blessed cuz i am told my accent is pretty good because people can understand me which is honestly really rad!! we are constantly talking to so many people and just stop to help everyone my trainers name is soeur banks she is an awesome example to just talk to everyone and do what feels like the best thing to do and by doing that we have net so many people that want to hear more about the gospel. oh my goodness i gave a little testimony in church sunday i basically had a heart attack... my voice was so shaky and i just seriously hoped that i would have remembered all the french words lol which was awful i left no room for the spirit to guide me next time lol ok i am sorry not a ton of time on the computer here are some pictures oh and the food here is delicious!!!! we also learn a little creol or however you spell it but its cool! oh and this friend of a member who is not active but agreed to meet with us some more said she would give me the recipe to this delicious jello stuff but its like not jello lol its like coconut goodness i donno how to explain it. this first week flew by!! did i already say we were on bikes lol sorry my brain is honestly just all over the place! next week itll be better i promise we also talked about in district meeting the importance of making goals and making a plan to carry them out it was so good and then we have a zone conference this friday gaah so excited and then our older people gosh i forgot the name are from tahiti and they are so nice were doing family home evening with them and a part member family tonight theyre bringing tahitian food and i am very excited love you guys miss everyone soeur driggs 

we wear shorts everyday because we ride bikes lol so my comp loaned me her biking shorts and im going to buy some today otherwise people would see things they rather not lol oh and we play basketball saturdays but because we bike everywhere we dont have time to change out of our skirts!! i had more pictures to send but the email wont take a lot at a time so i dont know if i sent the photo of the basketball and skirt this week and i dont have enough time to send more sorry!! love you guys

The area here is wonderful the members are so nice and talk slow so i am able to talk to them. The investigators we have are good they ask really good questions. We have this one investigator right now her name is sonia and we brought her to church on sunday she was so cool she was participating in the lesson in sunday school and asks so many questions we gave her a pamphlet for the plan of salvation and she loved it she told us to give one to two of her neighbors! it was so cool to see her get excited about it i wish i could think of a better word than cool right now. I wanted to thank you for having soeur banks be my trainer she is amazing and just trying to help me out everyday. She gives me awesome ways to be apart of the lesson so i dont feel useless like sharing the first vision having me bare testimony, something i love that she does is we choose a scripture before the lesson we want to use and she will have me introduce the verse then we read it and then we ask a question about it. it is really nice. This week we were riding down the street on our bikes and we had a little bit of time before our next lesson because someone wasnt home and i was just following soeur banks and she had stopped and this family on the side was pealing beans, she asked if we could help. that family did not hesitate to give us the bowl of beans and while we were helping them with there beans we had shared the restoration lesson with them, it was such a cool experience after that the man we were talking to wanted to hear more so we set another time to meet with him. that honestly just showed me how important it is to talk with everyone and just to serve and to always just ask if they need help with anything. I hope you have a good week! this was just some of the email i was writting to my mission president but i wanted to share it with you but honestly it was such a cool experience and i had felt the spirit so strong during that time and it was weird cuz there was music blasting and kids running around but you could just feel that the spirit was there. i also in that lesson i didnt know what was going on to be honest but i felt a question pop into my head at first i was like alright you dont know whats going on is this question even relevant but my heart like felt hotter and hotter the longer i sat there and i knew i would regret not asking the question so i did and the guy i guess said that was exactly what i was thinking i dont know and we had the opportunity to explain it to him. It was honestly such an amazing feeling and such an amazing experience!! i love you thanks so much for al the stories love you!!!

soeur driggs

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

News that Casey arrived!

May 18, 2015
Hello Brother and Sister Driggs,
I am Sister Baker and am serving here in the Trinidad Mission with my husband as Self Reliance missionaries.

We met your darling daughter and her companion while we were at the MTC in April and today we had the great fun of seeing her again at the mission home here.  We were there to help with the meals for transfers as we are assigned an area about 45 minutes away.  How excited we were to see her!  She is a doll and will be an amazing missionary.  She is so excited to head to Guadeloupe on Thursday.  Her MTC companion, Sister Winter left for French Guiana tonight.  Sadly, both of them will be in the other mission when the split happens in July so we won't get a chance to see them again :( 
But--I thought I would just let you know that she is well and happy and very excited! You can be proud of her--she is awesome!!
Love, luck and laughter,
Sister Baker

"We got to see a new batch of Missionaries come in today! What a wonderful experience!" Emma & Reed Turner.....Senior Missionary Couple

May 20, 2015
She got a new pair of hair-cutting scissors donated to her. We're enjoying her company and her help. She's a great example already!
Sister Miller
West Indies Mission Office

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (that's how i feel right now) - Week 7

Written May 16, 2015

we got a little time to write home because well i wont be able to write you next week, it'll be the pday after if that makes sense?? so like not this monday but the next!! AHHHHH i cant believe the day is already here!! This week has been such an amazing week seriously. Alright right now i have made a few goals i will tell you. i always want to have a good attitude and keep the expectations high for myself because if i lower them to what people say about an area or get discouraged I wont get as much work done as i can. I don't want to ever doubt myself because if i do, that doesn't give the lord much room to work with.  I want to give my very best everyday even when i am crazy tired oh!! by the way thanks so much for the crystal light energy stuff I LOVE IT!!! and all the snacks soeur winter and i feel pretty good about this plane ride lol. umm alright i am not going to lie i am a little terrified to leave here i just have no idea what to really expect but i also have never been more excited in my entire life!! i know this work is going to be so hard and i know it is going to be so worth it. alright another goal i don't want to lose my personality! like seriously though i don't care if i get weird if that makes sense but i don't want to be robotic you know??? umm i made a few others and our teacher had us do something cool where in class we wrote them down and then put them in an envelope and then told us to look at them half way through the mission and see where we are and see what we need to change! SUCH A GOOD IDEA! you can do that with everything!! any long term goal maybe? you probably could everyone make a goal for the summer!! half way through the summer see where you're at! i think its a good idea anyway lol this week has honestly flown by this entire MTC experience has FLOWN by!! i honestly feel like my mission is going to fly by as well which makes me sad. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve my savior. My testimony has grown immensely i can not even put into words how much this gospel means to me now! so we found out our mission president has us read the book of mormon all the way through every 2 transfers which is 12 weeks!! ......ready? you guys should read it with me!! at least for the summer you will have so much free time!! all i am saying is i have so many good ideas now;) lol i'm just kidding but seriously that is only 7 pages a day!! thats nothing!! but when you read read with a question in mind!! you will be amazed how much more you get out of the scriptures:) family home evening idea right there. you're welcome! someone just plans the lesson on what those 7 pages are about.. that may get tricky though.. oooooh my gosh i am sooooo excited!!! like my heart is pounding. I love everyone so much!! 

we met 6 people this week at in field orientation going to the west indies as well there's people from Kenya going to the west indies as well!!! its so cool theyre going english speaking though i am pretty sure soeur winter and i are the only ones flying going french speaking!! ok gotta go pack!!! GAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! finishing up laundry and stuff.  i hope you guys have a good week though!! I love you guys:) 

Soeur Driggs


I have NEVER been more excited in my entire life!! Week 7

Written May 16, 2015

oh my gosh i have never been more excited in my entire life!!! this MTC experience really has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me up until this point in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity i have to serve the Savior and know if i put in the work he will bless me. Goal for my mission! i don't want to ever get discouraged while i am out there even if there is not a lot of success, and to remember all the fundamentals! I was so blessed to have just amazing teachers and to be surrounded by so many cool people!! I have learned so much in just 7 weeks i can not wait to see how much more i can learn during my mission and to help EVERYONE i see to the best of my ability. This week has been a weird week! it just doesn't seem real that i am already leaving but i know i am as ready as i can be to enter the field! i know this is only the beginning of my mission but the time here has already flown by i know that is how my mission is going to be as well another goal make everyday a good day and to make everyday count give 100 percent chacque joure. i totally didn't spell that right but i cant wait to leave never been so terrified and excited at once in my entire life! Hope you guys have a good week!!

Soeur Driggs

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We Got One Week - Week 6

Written May 12 2015

WE GOT ONE WEEK! GOING TO THE WEST INDIES!!! okay we had the coolest experience with our teacher this week so while soeur davies was in the visitor center training soeur winter and i were the only ones that taught the lessons this week and we had an incredible lesson with Frere Kunzler saturday. the spirit was present and we both taught like we never had before and spoke french decently, well, where he could understand what we were trying to say. after the lesson he told us it was one of the best ones he has had in the MTC and that he knows the west indies is so blessed to have us and soeur winter and i like to goof off and mess around but we also do work very hard i have never wanted to do something more in my entire life i haven't ever put this much effort into anything and i know that the lord can see that and that is what frere kunzler told us and then he started crying and then we started crying and he is not a cryer we thought he would have been the last one to cry out of all our teachers!! it was honestly such an amazing xperience! today was the last day we had the chance to go to the temple for the next 18 months.. and honestly i was way more sad then i thought i was going to be it was such a bitter sweet feeling but the temples are amazing!! and you can receive such a feeling of comfort and peace and answers to questions it is such a wonderful place i don't even know how to describe how i feel about it!! but seriously we are so close to the temple back at home take advantage of it! it is so amazing!! 

right on!! oh and DONT send anything to the mission home they don't want packages going there just so you know don't know if you were planning on doing that but figured i would tell you anyway! ahhh that is so wild that they com home so soon!! it is going to be so cool for you to see how much/if they have changed.  matt keeps sending me little gifts in the mail and I LOVE IT he sends the best stuff that'll help me out on the mish he is so cool. you gotta give him a hug and tell him how grateful i am for those gifts!! i didn't even send him anything ever!! he is seriously to sweet anyway before i forget if you don't mind sending one more thing can you send like a ton of crystal light packets with energy to me!! some days are rough lol  me and soeur winter will split up once we get to the mission is it going to be so weird!! its such an exciting/ sad feeling i love souer winter i don't think i could have gotten through this MTC experience without her it was honestly so fun but probably one of the hardest things i have done i feel like i have been studying like brinley does for the past few days i don't know how she does it honestly i am so drained some days and my brain hurts but this work is amazing and i am so grateful i have the opportunity to serve jesus christ. it is such a blessing. i love you guys!! we do get a chance to call again sometime monday? we leave the MTC at 3:35 in the morning and i am not supper sure when we call so i guess just keep your phone on loud lol i don't think they'll actually have us call that early thats mean but you never know i guess lol and we get to write again on saturday!! so that'll be awesome:) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED!!! my heart goes crazy when i think about it i hope you guys have a good week i l;ove you:) 

Soeur Driggs

ok the photo of me and soeur winter is my favorite!! we took another one where i tried to do that to soeur winter... it did not go as planned... but if you look at the boys in the back they just look funny there both getting ready to catch one of us in case something goes down but nothing did we were fine:) getting a little crazy after 7 weeks... lol love you!! 

The Trio - Week 5

Written May 5th 2015

we have more time!!! so we just dropped soeur davies off she is getting supper down on herself lately and is thinking about going home which is fine a mission isn't for everyone i just know she would be an amazing missionary i don't want to see her go!! guess what!!! i had the most amazing spiritual experience of my entire life i cant want to have more experiences like it! you know enos and i think its verse 11 he says how he had unshakable faith. #goals everyone. lol but for real how amazing would that be oh! they changed the time real quick were calling from 4-430 :) anywho have you ever thought how cool this gospel is>?!? cuz it just clicked for me honestly ! we get to make covenants WITH god that is amazing!! we get to make promises with him and it is just so cool to i got the opportunity to teach relief society this sunday and while i was preping i usually just study by myself but we were outside with our entire zone and i'm pretty sure this kid thought i was sad or something cuz i moved to sit by myself so i could study and i didn't know how to tell him that i just needed to study by myself and if he could go away for a second without being rude cuz they just came wednesday,  i should have just told him though anyway so we finally go back to our room and i had NOTHING prepared .. supper cool.  i planned the lesson in 15 20 min right before i was bed time i have been praying just to have the ability to teach with the spirit and to just be a tool for god and you know what i mean? so on sunday the coolest thing happened!! i was teaching about baptism i have never gotten emotional about baptism in my life.. i have never cried and felt the way i felt in that lesson in my entire life. I could without a doubt feel the spirit! i am going to tell you how it felt like my entire chest felt like it was on fire then it moved to my face and i felt like i was floating i just felt lighter and lighter all the sudden everyone was crying! it was the best thing i have experienced in my entire life. baptism is so important without baptism we do not have the ability to make other covenants with god without baptism we can't receive the holy ghost it is so important and so amazing we even have that opportunity to be baptized!! after that lesson i know how important it is to have the spirit with you and how important it is top teach with it. I am a poopy teacher i know that i am probably the worst one in our companionship with the doctrine and knowing answers to questions but if you have all that and not the spirit it doesn't matter! which is like supper comforting i have been reading the scripture every night and praying to know what i need to know to help the people of the west indies i really hope i am able to just help them and to help them feel the spirit and to help them feel loved even with the language barrier. ok we had less time today or it feels like it anyway! i love you!! hope you have a good week!!! thank you so much for the blanket!! i took a picture with it but forget my thing to put it on the computer today!!

love you!! 

:) sooo excited for may 10 at 4-430 utah time! 

Dance It Out - Week 4

hey!! hope you got all my photos :) yeah so we lost a district this week but gained one a week ago so thats nice and we'll get 5 more elders tomorrow!! a little sad that there won't be more girls but that's alright! our little trio is going strong! lol i know grandma told me last night!! so supper cool what are you sewing?? a little jealous you gotta be sure to save my quilt for when i get back. i. will. finish. it. hahaha oh yayay!! thats awesome and baylee is doing good she says she loves her comps and they were "meant" for her which is exactly what i said about my comps i know heavenly father is looking out for us! ohh thats sweet for him to say! baylee is going to do so good though honestly shes so smart and easy to get along with she'll kill it. 

yeah that was honestly crazy i know he responds to our prayers and seriously mom i can not tell you how much my testimony grows each day its insane. i thought i was pretty good before and now being here i have a long way to go but i am so willing to do this work i hope i am just able to do whatever our heavenly father needs me to do here on the mission and after i hope i am able to do his work and not ever get caught up in what i want to do. Today we went to the temple this morning all i have to say is i am so grateful for the temple i don't know why i didn't go each week before you just always feel such peace and happiness and receive answers to prayers is truly is a special place. I am so glad i am here in provo where i get the chance to go once a week!! I really honestly needed to go today i had been getting a little frustrated with myself this week with the lessons and the language and english haha just kidding but honestly the temple is exactly what i needed this morning. I don't know how to describe how i feel about it now. but whatever it is it is a good feeling and there is a scripture somewhere lol i read it the other day that says if it is good then it be of god if it feels bad then it be of the devil temples are good i know this gospel is true with all my heart. i am so blessed to be here and having this opportunity to serve god. He loves each and everyone of us so much all he wants is for us to go back to him. i hope i am able to teach as many people as i can about this gospel it is just so exciting to think of it all and even though this life on earth may be hard and we go through trials but great will be our reward in heaven if we endure to the end. We had a devotional this sunday on missionary work and he said it doesn't matter if you don't know all the doctrine and have all the scriptures memorized but what you do know teach, and teach it confidently. that is what i am going to do, i don't know all the stories in the book of mormon and the bible i wish i did.. its a goal lol but what i do know i need to be confident in that so that is my goal this week is to share everything i know with all the confidence i have and pray that the holy spirit will really teach our investigators that this word is true cuz honestly he is the real teacher and i have learned that here. I know that cuz my french is awful and when my companions and i teach when we all have broken french we can feel the spirit and we know/hope our investigators can feel it as well as usually when we do they do and we know that cuz there eyes start to get red and tear up. we have yet to make anyone cry.. that is the goal though by the time we leave we just want to make one cry lol. were getting there!! also attitude here is a big thing sometimes is rough being happy when your frustrated the two emotions don't mix well but usually once one of us realized one of us is getting frustrated we dance it out and let me tell you. anyone is stressed over ANYTHING dance it out. you'll feel like 100000 times better. its like magic. 

hahahaha thats awesome.. guess you just have to choose which one is better!! you went fishing?!? lol just kidding did you catch anything though?? did you enjoy yourself? 
oh man thats so sad i will for sure!! this is why we are soooo blessed to have an eternal perspective and i know those kids and his wife will see him again. i'll for sure keep the hydes in my prayers though and i'll have my companions do the same!! 

nope!! hoepfully not... lol have so much fun in utah!! 

soeur driggs:) 

oh! also i gave a talk in french on sunday:) it went swell i think i'm not really sure what i said but i cried when i bore my testimony and anytime someone cries everyone always says that you do a nice job but crying and trying to speak french is rough i'm pretty sure no one knew what i was saying but guess what! i didn't even write out the other half of my talk and well the branch presidency said they could understand what i was saying and i have a really nice french accent! whooohooo made my day anyway miss you guys!! love you!! have fun sewing! 

sooo sad this week one of the districts left and i haven't ever loved someone so quickly but i was truly so sad to see them go we've already planned the MTC reunions well have when everyone gets back!! 

thank you so much for all the packages!! aunt andrea aunt salena grandma i loves the book! and mom :) oh and matt he sent me the coolest missionary badge!! its the wooden one! 

I RAN INTO BAYLEE that was cool. hope everyones week is swell! thanks for the package mom!!! it was awesome! Winter loves the dry shampoo!! 

the last one is soeur deakin she was my favorite person ever always so willing to help out give hugs and so positive paris will be lucky to have her!! 

ran into another girl from hair school!! supper cool. i only bring my camera with me when we go tot the temple.. lol sorry theres not more of a variety but what could be better right?