Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"they call us DRANKS" - week 19

(written August 10, 2015)

YES i am so glad you guys got together DRANKS going international lol that's Banks and my nickname here lol they call is DRANKS we do love our dranks lol so we joke about that and you guys getting together and all that good stuff! but i am glad you had such a good time together!! makes me so happy lol 

hahaha that'll be so fun!! the andersen's are so awesome!! yes the watch is PERFECT thanks so much and i actually LOvE the pants so thank you again!! oh and the mac and cheese was so good they don't sell that here lol right on i think the copy should work she said its worked like that in the past? i donno but it'll be good either way if its wrong i'll just go in another day not a supper big deal i don't think? as long as i get it done! 

nahaha that's what I'm talking about luckily in french the word "available" doesn't exist! haha wait that is seriously so rad that you are doing geneology!! alright weird things that happen to you while on a mission or maybe probably just me and soeur banks lol but we want to do family history like SO BAD so i mean if you want to or anything you could totally send le stories you find of our ancestors you know it's always an option lol but i would love to read them!! family history is SO COOL!! next off missions get you excited about getting married when you teach people about the plan of salvation and bring together forever and teaching couples this it does something to ya lol oh man there was one other thing but i cant think of it right now! i'll let you know later lol 
that sounds rad!! tell Gabe he has to tell me about the habits for life camp it sounds real rad! 
whAT THE! that's awesome tell him congrats lol (Jordan's engagement) 
wHAT THE!!! did she really?? that's awesome things your friends don't tell you lol (stacy got a new car) but that really is so cool!! how is brie doing? hahahaha that's awesome! i am excited I'm all in for making it!! i remember them stacy was the boy in all the vidos lol  

alright snoop dowg is doing so good!!! he committed to living the parole de sagsse!! which is a huge step were trying to help him cut down his smoking and its so cool to see how the book of mormon and praying really changes the hearts of people! and helps them have the desire to change their lives!!! THE GOSPEL IS SO COOL. yeah!! they are getting married end of October!! she asked us to be her brides maids we were so excited about that one!! loic and katsic are doing good its been hard to get a hold of them and they live all the way in narnia so its hard to just stop by lol so this past week when our entire day fell through we decided it would be a good idea to bike out there and see how they are doing and they were home and we got to talk to them for a little bit!! it was cool we kinda had a desire of your heart and what they want lesson and it was really good! then soeur banks asked if she could get a picture with them what we didn't realize cuz when we stopped by loic was sitting down on the other side of the table was that he was only in his underwear so he stood up and was like oh man i gotta find my pants banks and i looked at each other and were like uhhh that's alright we can take a picture next time it was supper funny!! no one wears clothes here i couldn't even count on my hands how often we stop by and people are almost naked but that may have something to do with the fact that its so hot here!! and we do we stop by and see how they are doing if we can help them out with anything!! we think one day they'll come around lol alright last story!! Marc and Kethlie!! they are the cutest couple we are teaching they are actually from martinique i think!! we have been working so hard to get members to every lesson with them and we have succeeded except the first lesson when we found and taught them but they have been saying for the past 2 weeks they couldn't go to church so we had an app with them friday. i called to see if we could still stop by they said they were busy and we couldn't sat but we could sunday night and i asked if they could come to church they said no and we call like everyone we had invited to go to church that sunday morning to remind them slash to wake them up lol to come to church and i decided to not call marc and kethlie cuz they told m sat they couldn't come i didn't want to annoy them with our many phone calls lol but guess what we get to church and like 5 min later marc and kethlie walk through the door!!!! oh my goodness my heart was filled with so much just happiness it was so amazing!! we had been fasting and praying for them and god totally answers our prayers and it was amazing and the members were awesome!! they just loved marc and kethlie and invited them to an FHE for tonight and oh my goodness were so excited for them!! thy are just they cutest little family they have a kid who is like 11 months like that or something they are so CUTE!! sorry i am just so excited for them!!

thanks mom you are the best!! definitely more french!! but i know a few creole phrases cuz people just love you so MUCH more when you know a little lol but definitely more french! and we were contacting the other day on the street banks was contacting this one guy and i was contacting someone else and he told me my french was very good so i know its coming i think i just get hard on myself at times i just want it to come so much sooner lol that patience it what i am learning right now lol thanks mom!! love you :) and don't worry about our safety were safe and careful here and i know that the lord is watching over us. 

love you hope you have a good week!! 

ps that's a good lookin family lol thanks so much for the pictures!! 

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