Monday, August 17, 2015


tehehe i gave 2 sisters a hair cut last week one of them is dead now and the other is dying at the end of this transfer!! there are now only 4 sisters on guadeloupe!! its so cool though.

i had the best lesson of my entire missionary experience yesterday banks and i both walked away from that lesson with tears in our eyes and just loving life. 

YOU DID IT??? hahaha you got a cutout of me...oh my gosh thats hilarous!!

Mom...alright i have a story lol so this week soeur baylee died and sister gurnsey stayed with us for a few days but then we were also working with the couple missionaries on the same day we thought bringing 4 people to some of our investigators that day would be just silly so we did splits i went with the senior couple and banks went with gurnsey the senior couple comes from tahiti they don't speak english. giving directions in another language is difficult lol but we made it! we decided to do splits the day before we didn't get to plan super well and i will not lie i had an awful attitude towards the day i absolutely was not looking forward to driving around with them hoping the the lessons we set did not fall through lol so we started the day and our first lesson was there and it was an awesome lesson!! i could tell them how to get there and the lesson was so good!! we taught together and it was good then in the car i started talking to them more and it helped my french so much!! by the end of the day we were at our last lesson and she's a less active and was saying some pretty interesting stuff and i had absolutely no idea how to respond to this lady but i just opened my mouth and the lesson went so good!! sister richmond and i taught together and it ended up being a really good day at the end of that lesson we were laughing and honestly just having a good time together!! i didn't really know the couple really well but towards the middle of the day my attitude like changed and the day got so much better!!! i now have a solid testimony that attitude on the mission is so key! that was the first day i was like today is going to be stressful and because of that i was stressed out for the first lesson but then the second lesson fell through but i had backups and honestly the day was really good!! i will never have a bad attitude towards something again cuz its just dumb and it makes the day not what it needs to be lol if that even makes sense but that was honestly one of my favorite days I've been out so far! i hope you have a good week!! love you 


Dad...are you serious yeah i remember people telling me district leader and all that stuff before but it didn't mean anything to me!! but that's really cool!! can i just say i am like so grateful for you seriously you are one of the hardest workers i know and i hope i work as hard as you did! i always end up thinking about that for some reason to know if i am doing everything i can possibly do to help the people here but anyway dad i had the coolest lesson yesterday probably the best lesson i have ever had since we've been out here. we are really excited about this investigator right now her name is Patrice we had a contact sorta lesson with her last week she seemed kinda interested but kept saying she is very catholic. She accepted a book of mormon and said she would start reading it and said we could come by again. We saw her again yesterday and it was one of the best lessons i have ever been in. It felt like it was truly lead by the spirit. When we first got there she was ranting about how black people are more racist than white people it was funny but we were like how in the world do we smoothly transition to the Gospel but once we said the prayer and sang and started teaching the doctrine the entire feeling of our visit changed the way she was looking at us began to change we pointed out the spirit in the lesson and it was an amazing experience. When we are in lessons like that and the spirit is there just strengthens my own testimony. I am so excited to each her again! She wants to feel it more in her life and oh my goodness nothing even compares to that feeling! hey how is Dave doing?? I LOVE YOU!! have a good week 

we had a branch with all three branches in gwada get together and do sports like all day activity and IT WAS SO FUN!! people here love to play dominos its actually really easy to play and there were sac races and football and it was so fun!! I LOVE THE PEOPLE HERE!! someone also taught me how to quaff i totally spelled that wrong but its like all the fancy corn braids here i was stoked to learn!!

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  1. I love her enthusiasm and her smile! I'm sure the people there just love her!