Tuesday, April 7, 2015

1st mission email--week 1

I couldn't wait till I got an email from you first to write you back. I am dying to know how your first day in the MTC went!  Tell me everything! (If you have time). Companionship, language, when your P-day is, did you find my hidden pineapple card, the food. Have you met anyone going to the West Indies as well? Do you need me to send you anything?   We sent you off a package yesterday that you should get on Friday so watch for it. Your room is still messy but I kinda like it that way. Makes it seem like you're still home in a way....lol. Grandma Driggs said they won't get to see you till Tuesday since it is Conference. Hopefully she'll take a picture of you guys and text it to me.   Love you so much! Can't wait to hear from you!

hahaha MOM!!! MTC is not as bad as everyone says it is first day was crazy they put us in this room and this guy just talked french THE. ENTIRE. TIME. that was wild. i had no idea what was going on but I'm actually starting to understand most of what he says which is cool. my zone is only 10 people which is crazy small we lose 4 people next week too.. and my district is only 3 people aka my companions they are both supper sweet. Sour davis actually grew up speaking french so she helps me and soeur winter SHES GOING TO WEST INDIES TOO!!! soeur davis is going to saint george utah!! they both love to talk. never a quiet moment. p-day/temple day are on tuesdays. I dislike the food actually its not very good but its pretty good for... cant think of anything. um could you send me the children stories in french I'm pretty sure i left it on my room on my desk. hey tell boo i know how to pray in french now ;) we've taught an investigator two times now only in french.. first one was real bad but we learned and the second one was awesome it's all broken french but it is good enough lol I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!! its was nice thanks so much loved all the cards they were awesome and tell grandma crump thanks for the cookies and the necklace!! i loved the necklace it was cool my roomates loved the cookies lol and me too. hahaha for real?? thats cool hopefully I'll hear from her! wait they'll see me today??? when?? i guess you won't know but conference was awesome never in my entire life had i paid so much attention to conference it was good. AND guess what vocal point came to the MTC and sang church songs christmas songs and normal songs lol they are soooo goood you gotta look them up they're an acapella group goob would love them! tell goob to write me i cant remember his gmail too many things to remember lol . i have pictures to send ya but i think ill do that next week not sure how to do that now.. lol hope you guys have a good week miss you!! 

oh and vocal point sang newesies!!! or however you spell it i was freaking stoked
Hey Driggs sœur,
Just thinking about you today, how is the MTC and learning the language going?  How is the comp?  Excited to hear from you.  Love and miss you a lot,
DAD!!!! miss you too haha everyone loved the story of our last spontaneous trip lol the comps are good I'm in a trio / they're my district our zone is only 10 people which i guess is supper small lol language is good its rough but learning tons!! i am told i have a very good french accent so thats rad. both my comps are supper awesome and very positive people i like them both very talkative never a dull moment lol miss you lots hope you guys have a good week!!

these are girls from our zone they're freaking awesome everyone is hilarious!! its been a good time with everyone honestly.

more fun pictures i hope your phone is goin cray. 

Soeur winter is in this email she's going to the west indies with me :)

the boys foot is elder long he's funny