Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Congratulations" - week 3

AHHHHH!!! i love the photos of goob what a stud:) im loving his hair!! SO EXCITED TO SEE BAYLEE!!! tell her not to be nervous seriously the nicest people are here. and i'll probably see her all the stinking time. i've ran into 5 girls i know from hair school and one that worked at bare minerals!! its a small world lol but its so exciting!! i see stephanie all the time and i ran into some girl that knows cortney shes one of the french teachers here!! i was excited to hear that lol. im not sure i can pick her up though i can for sure hang around the curbish area lol ill keep an eye out for her though!! now she can see janson yay!!!

This week has been really good I actually can't really tell my weeks apart anymore to be honest they all jumble into one so if i repeat something my bad.. but so first off i said this on my little reacording thing but im not sure you'll get it so i'll just tell you twice! cuz its that good of a story.. just kidding its just kinda funny lol so were in a lesson with our investigator "sebastion" and my companion was talking about temples and she was trying to say the word reward but didn't know it in french so was trying to think of a way to say it. I could see her struggling and so in my head i was like if i say "congratulations!!" he will totally get the concept that were trying to say reward cuz you win prizes when people say congrats right? alright so i am all ready and well i said it way louder than necessary and finsihed it off with "you've won a car.. i whispered that part though, didn't even realize i said that part until after the lesson when my companions told me, guess it just slipped out. anywho two things 1. congratulations is not the same word in french even when you say it with a french accent which is what i did. 2. totally killed any spirit that was there cuz afterwards we all just got the giggles and laughed for forever. but it's alright, towards the end of the lesson we had stopped laughing and were trying really hard on concentrating on the lesson and what needed to be said. i had asked the investigator a question something about temples i dont even remember what i had asked him but he did begin to get teared up and after my comps said they both felt the spirit so strong which was so cool because i have been praying this week so hard on being able to ask inspiring questions and i know i could have not asked any sorta question like that if it wasnt for the spirit. seriously my testimony grows so much here everyday something new always happens.  a day after that we met the sweetest man his name is marco he has polio disease he's not one of our investigators but one of the spanish ones. we had just started talking to him one day in the hallway and he was talking to us about how important missionary work is and to not focus on the language at all but to focus on the spirit that you bring with you. he said even if you said "god i know true" but said it and mean it and have the spirit as your companion talking to that investigator that is all you need "the weak and something will be able to teach the high and mighty" i cant remember exactly what he said but i just started crying because what he said was so true he said someone like that had taught him in peru and he knew it was true even though the spanish was awful! i needed to hear that i was getting frustrated that i cant talk in like sentences it only sounds like key words but it was so nice to talk to him and have him bare his testimony. and to top it off we have a new friend we get to talk to! 

so my teacher this week had told us to talk with pens in our mouth when we read out of the scriptures because its supposed to help the accent and how you are supposed to use your tongue.. and it really works!! its the coolest thing and supper cute cuz you end up drooling everywhere. its awesome. oh and alright so i told you when we get supper frustrated we like to just dance it out for a second and so we got frustrated one day lol and well decided to dance it out im not kidding it does wonders!! but sometimes people will walk by and look through the little peep hole to make sure were working so i guess someone walked by looked through and we were dancing! i promise we work so hard but it was hilarious cuz they told our teacher and he was dying laughing when he was telling us and he said he just told them he had nothing to do with it. typing this story out i promise it was so much funner in person and then he taught us french. I am serious our teachers here are amazing they all care so much and know how to keep it interesting so were not falling asleep in class. and they all have an amazing spirit with them honestly its amazing and they teach so well. i am now understanding what everyone is saying in french!! well for the most part which is so cool! my sentences still sound like "Joseph. Smith. pray. receive. answer. god. speak. to. joseph. smith" its getting there though!! 

we work so hard everyday and are really trying to get this language and the lessons and learning how to teach with the spirit and honestly i didnt realize before i came how important this is to me and being here learning and teaching has made me realize how true this gospel is and how important it is to learn and to also apply as much of it as we can to our lives which is actually kinda hard to do, to always think of doing the right thing and to always keep christ in our hearts but i know that we are so blessed for trying and for making that effort and having that desire to grow closer to heavenly father and jesus christ. i am so grateful for the opportunity to even be a missionary. i cant wait for my boot camp to get over and to get in the game but always remember "to enjoy the journey" that has proabably been the most used quote here.. its awesome lol oh and most used word is (presk) also don't know how to spell that lol but it means close cuz any time we answer a question were never really right but close.. lol its actually really funny we now try to beat the teachers when they say it cuz they all make a face right before and well its funny just take my word for it lol

love you guys!!
Soeur Driggs

P.S thank so much for the packages mom and aunt salena!! it was actually one of the sisters bdays yesterday so we ate it for her birthday!! it was perfect:)  and she has a fridge in her room so we just keep the milk in there! and thanks to aunt andrea for the package!! i loved it:) 

Oh it snowed this week!


The girls dressed in normal clothes are our Russian buddies!! We met them one day and they are the sweetest and hilarious! 

We got 8 new Elders in our zone. So exciting!

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