Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"tres svet" - week 2

MOM!!! and family? lol 

haha Tuesdays are good days:) right on so i did the voice thing, accidently put speed control on so now it sounds like we talk supper slow when i promise we can talk so much faster than that lol we're saying our purpose in french!!  and i also sound like a dude.. so that's real nice. funny you said that, i told my comps we had to say something today before we did emails im not sure i can get it to you though the computer is being funny let me know if you get it though!! This week was supper good. I already know my mission is going to fly by because my days are flying by. everyone says the days feel long but the weeks are short.. i don't feel that way the days are FLYING by i wish i had more hours in the day honestly. We had a super good lesson yesterday about faith and how faith and hope can't exist if you have fear and doubt which is so true no reason to be scared or whatever if you have faith in knowing that whatever God has planned is the way things are supposed to be. it was a good lesson lol 

so our teacher, i cant remember what i said last week lol but our teacher said were the most energetic class he has taught which is rad and that our class is like charades and one guy who just works in the french teaching thing decided to come just cuz he wanted to see our class he even said "I've been waiting to come and sit in on this class for a while now!!" we can't decide if that is a good thing or they think were crazy but we dont care cuz that how we learn lol annd we get supper stoked when we know a word/what they are even talking about!! we have a new favorite word  its trés svet thats how you pronounce it im not sure how you spell it but it means groovy and we say it all the time all the teachers always laugh when we say it cuz i guess only older people use it but we're bringin it back. our entire zone has started saying it now!! so we had a lesson earlier this week and half way through my comp started speaking spanish and it was hilarious my other comp davis and i were dying trying to hold in our giggles and then i thought he said he was working in security so i was supper stoked asked him if he wanted to be a police officer.. that's not what he said. but i was so excited i was going to tell him Sol worked in security!! i know how to say that in french so i guess i sounded supper disappointed when that wasn't what he said i'm not even sure what he said to this day lol but then the day after that we find out he's our teacher! he makes fun of us all the time for it but its ok cuz he's hilarious and it was really funny when it happened. 

soo there are like 4 people who LOVE to play the piano so i'm not going to worry about it lol but we did have to sing in front of our zone on sunday.... i gotta work on my singing lol i think it went well though stacy would be proud i actually sang this time. usually i just mouth the words but i sang, people could hear me dont think that is a good thing but whatever lol it was cool though we sang it in french, creole, and a verse in english it was very cool! we already lost 4 people it was so weird you get so attached/ bond with people youve only known for a week and are so sad and so stoked to see them go! its the oddest feeling in the world honestly but were already planning MTC reunions lol three went to canada and one went to new york! creol speaking.. OH! yeah i also ran into a dude who served with Jordan Bagnall he taught us for a day! he was cool and yeah the Kerr's uncle or however he is related to them is one of the teachers here!! he is cute lol its motivating to do better all the teahers are cute i dont know if im allowed to say that but i just did.. lol. its almost not fair but motivating to to well lol.  the language is coming we work supper hard we aim for 15 new words a day and then to memorize a scripture every other day in french we've been pretty successful so far! no way would that be possible without the lord honestly i am so blesssed to be here and to be surrounded by so many amazing smart people. everyone is so positive and they know so much and are supper hard working its unbelievable awesome heavenly father is looking out for me. My comp sis winter and i get along so well we study so hard together and can already read when we are getting frustrated with the language know when to pop out those 30 second dance parties to kinda just shake out alll the frestrations it really works!! its awesome anyway good to hear everyone is doing to good!! we dont need anything? homeade carmels the ones aunt lexi makes? :) lol if you want to anyway or cookies those are always nice! miss you have fun in utah mom!! tell everyone i say hi and love them!  

Souer Driggs

have a good week!! 

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