Friday, September 11, 2015

mormon mormon - week 21

(written August 24, 2015)

awww man soeur banks and i were worried that you and her mom would have heard about the hurricane well good news nothing happened!! but we were totally safe if anything were to happen we were prepared it didn't even rain lol and like no wind at all so no worries we're safe!! HAHAHAHA those are some solid photos. gaaah i am so stoked for goob and tate and boo sounds like everyone is loving it!! does t money and tate go to the same school?? YES i got your package last week i forgot to tell you i got it sorry!! sometimes i get into emailing and i forget like everything i really want to tell you that happen maybe ill just write another hand written letter lol 

MIRACLES so this week banks and i read this talk called sacred missionaries we decided we want to be sacred missionaries and made some goals accordingly we fasted and prayed for help and to just be guided by the spirit while we're out and working and the coolest thing happened!! So one of our appointments fell through in this area that is just dead like no one is ever outside and its just dead but we thought it sounded like a good idea to just ride around and look for people and we saw that this parked car had its lights on so we knocked on this lady's door who we thought the car belonged too AND it wasn't her car lol but she started freaking out and just pointed and said mormon mormon we were like uhhh no one has ever freaked out like that before its was kinda funny and she only spoke spanish and said some other things that we had no idea what in the world was going on so she calmed down after a little and was like me baptized in domican repiblic THEN banks and i were like WHAT and we all were so happy and so excited together she didn't know where the church here was and has lived here for a year!! it was so cool!! for some reason i thought that when were guided by the holy ghost its like a definite thing you know your being guided but honestly it just comes from ideas that often don't come with this special feeling there just ideas and its when we follow those ideas and don't question them when we see those miracles! i have such a hard time with that for some reason i get an idea and i am weary weather or not if its a good idea or not but its when i am firm and just follow without hesitation is when we see those miracles! it was awesome and then we saw patrice again and had another lesson she promised she is going to come to church with us next week so were excited

also so we met this man last week he came up to us and was like come teach me so we said ok lol saw him last week some time talked with him set a baptismal date with him then we had a member we were bringing with us to his next lesson and they told us this guy is already baptized!! we were like what! he didn't tell us this and he totally was baptised in france it was funny we found so many less active people this week its been awesome were teaching them and its honestly been a week filled with many miracles. were excited to teach more this coming week!!

also!! i had boudan this past week get this so its boiled cow blood with spiced in it stuffed in intestine of something not sure what. and you like scrape it out of the intestine and its delicious you just cant think that you're eating blood otherwise it messes with your head lol its like thick and stringy and honestly delicious also mom!!! they have this soda here that taste like black lickorish i donno how to spell that but its so good!!! i think of you when i drink it for some reason lol also don't send that small bag i don't need it!! and thanks again for the ensign!! I LOVE IT we have some here and there in french sometimes its really nice reading them in english and most of the french ones are all cut up cuz people make planner covers out of the pictures in them but don't worry i am not cutting up this one also thanks for that calender and the little cards!! i carry at least two on me in case we run into anyone who speaks english which is more often then you would think! i love you!! hope you have a good week also this computer wont let me send pictures sorry!! love you 

soeur driggs

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