Monday, November 9, 2015

"i'm getting transferred to martinique" - week 31

(written November 3, 2015)

Im sending boo a letter too she probably wont get it in time for her birthday but i put a present on the inside lol she's gonna be excited! 

YES annie and steve got married did you get the pictures i sent to ya?? sorry it was a holiday yesterday so we couldn't do emails yesterday cuz everything was closed!! anyway ANNIE GOT MARRIED it was such a beautiful wedding and i got to do her hair!!! well help out lol i was SO STOKED no one of her family could come but the coolest thing was to really see how she had the ward family and to see how they jumped in to help out too i don't even think they realized how much they really did for her but it was such a  good wedding!! and she's getting baptized this saturday!!! I am a little sad i am going to miss it i'm getting transferred to martinique i leave the island tomorrow but its gonna be good i am so excited to met the people in martinique! I am not gonna lie i am a little really sad to leave abymes and all the people here working with he members and all that good stuff!! but there are people to meet and teach in martinique too i donno how to spell it. lol 

coolest thing this week!!!! we met this woman named mariessa last week and shes so cool we met her sunday gave her a book of mormon read a little with her and invited her to read it! we saw her tuesday she had read 70 pages in the book of mormon!! said she loves the book and loves the way she feels when she reads it!! so we invited her to be baptized and told her to pray about it. we saw her again saturday with a  member and followed up on her reading she was in alma!! we asked if she prayed about the baptism she said she did and when she asked she said she felt closer to christ and said she will do anything to be baptized. its just so cool to see how the book of mormon and prayer and coming to church plays a huge part in our conversion!! it took her a week to do this and to find an answer! she was even baptized a year ago into a different church but we asked her to pray about the priesthood and joseph smith and if this is the true church and she said she did this is the way she wants to go!! shes got a family and were going to start teaching her boyfriend too!! shes got 5 kids oh my goodness i absolutly love this work and the scriptures! i hope everyone is reading there scriptures everyday lol there so powerful and help us in our daily life!! gaah this week was such a good week :) 

for halloween it wasn't on a monday so we just said happy halloween and bought some candy bars ate oreos and those candy corns you sent lol thanks for those!! also thanks salena for the letter i loved it!! and also dont send anything else to gwada i wont get it lol hahah i love the pictrues!! there awesome i love all the costumes :) haha i think its so funny sometimes ill look at the photos and think to myself who is that person with everyone and then its me. anyway love you!! did you get my photos i sent ya?? LOVE YOU!
havea  good week!
soeur driggs

German Pancakes!!!

Getting ready for the Wedding!

Annie and Steve got married!!!

The Richmonds (Senior Couple on Guadeloupe)
Carving watermelon for Halloween since there are no pumpkins

Goodbye Guadeloupe.

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