Monday, November 9, 2015

In Martinique "we traveled all of 2 kilometers in 4 hours lol" - week 32

MOM!!! oh my gosh martinique is beautiful the ocean is in our area there is this part where i guess we just drive right next to it for like 30 min to get to this less actives house ill have to send you pictures next week of it. I absolutely love martinique though!! the investigators here are so prepared and we're so excited to begin working here. 
okay funny story Im serving with soeur jacobsen she's so cool!! so there was a storm the other night and it just rained for hours but we didn't really think anything of it it rains all the time here so we finished weekly planning and got into the car we ended up getting stuck in 4 hours of traffic!! we traveled all of 2 kilometers in 4 hours lol thats some serious bonding time right there lol but we still tried to be effective with our time cuz yeah so we had a white board in the back of the car and wrote hey how are you on it and would talk to the cars next to us with it no-one would roll down their windows cuz it was still pouring this entire time but we did met this cool rasta man and some other cool people anyway it was hilarious and really fun! 
soeur jacobsen is from montana she's so rad seriously we get along so well she actually has a pixie cut and prayed before her mission that while she was out on her mission she would meet someone who can cut her hair when she found out i could cut hair she was so very excited!! then when she met me she was like god definitely does answer all our prayers lol it was hilarious now i know i was sent here to cut soeur jacobsens hair and maybe do a few other things. 

some of our investigators
first is luke he is so cool they had been teaching him for like two weeks and he didn't really understand why he needed to be baptized we taught him and invited him to be baptized at the end and he prayed about it and at the end of his prayer he just started crying. He said he could feel that that is what he needs to do. were trying to teach his wife and daughter now so just keep them in your prayers there a cute little family. 
were teaching this man his name is john claude he's oh my he's awesome he's an artist his paintings are just all over his house on his walls on the stairs everywhere and his house is different every time we stopped by. He says that he was going through a rough time in his life and the missionaries found them and he knows this is what he wants to do with his life im so excited for him!!
then we are teaching gibson he's been taught for a few months all the missionaries and members love him he's from saint lucia so we teach in english which is supper weird and actually im supper awkward at teaching in english i like don't know how to do it lol  
then rene joseph he is so cool we met him my first day here. he is an older man his wife died a while ago and was just like god definitely sent you to help me. it was so cool to met him. we've taught him like 2 times and he just loves the gospel and loves church. he is supper cool.
the members here are amazing!! there is a member who doesn't have a car so she and like 3 of her kids hitch-hike a ride to church every sunday she said sometimes they wait for a good hour before someone will pick them up. but she says she prays to find a ride and every sunday she does sometimes she just has to wait longer than other times. i am so impressed to the conversion and the dedication of the members out here its incredible!! 
anyway loved the pictures!! looks like boo had an awesome bday!! im sending something too so keep an eye out for it lol love you!! 
soeur driggs 

our area is basically the bottom half of the island we have a car lol its really good though i absolutely love it! well hope you have a good week this week love ya!! you and boo are so cute in your matching footie pjs lol 

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