Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"were totally carving watermelons for halloween" - week 30

(written oct. 26, 2015)

MOM!!! -----this is sister hannigans moms number her name is jennifer she lives in ____ if you could tell her all the shipping information you have about sending stuff that would be cool lol 
 it was SO GOOD every weeks a good week even the rough ones lol so they're getting married this saturday WERE SO EXCITED were going to help out with everything this friday so we are excited for that!! yeah!! thaanks so much lol just so you know they do have tooth brushes and toothpaste here but thanks so much!!!! :) american stuff is way better! oh yeah we got a box of spanish books of mormon they're doing good though were getting members who speak spanish to come with us and we try to be as involved as possible i can actually understand a little spanish now learning how to speak a little too!! we read in the spanish book of mormon at night to learn a little more just like words like prayer and stuff like that its been read good! mathiue is doing good he is afraid to come to church because he has never been to church in his entire life i guess? but whats cool is is dad sees us talking to him and he wanted to talk with us cuz he said that we have great faith and wants to know how we have so much faith in what we know. it was rad we talked for a little with him hopefully we'll get to talk with the entire family this coming week!! 

hahaha its just hot i think it changes a little all i know is i sweat everyday somedays i just don't sweat as much lol I LOVE THAT today were totally carving watermelons for halloween cuz they dont have pumpkins here lol were excited. hahaha would you be proud to know we started listening to christmas music 3 weeks ago? lol its good christmas music is the best cuz it all talks about christ!!

ok real quick cool story we were riding down this hill and we saw this family pouring concrete so naturally we stopped and offered to help!! what i havent really realized before is how odd it probably sounds for two girls in skirts offering to help mix concrete cuz they laughed and were like are you serious so we got off our bikes and took the shovels and started helping it was so fun and just cool to help them we talked about christ and how important he is for us and how he is our friend and saviour and then gave them a book of mormon and are going to see them this week but guess what this family is from cuba!! and they all speak spanish lol we are so excited to go see them again i just i havent ever really thought about how cool this is and how i dont know if i will ever have another opportunity to talk about christ and help pour concrete again you know?? i donno i absolutly love this work!!

funny story we were biking on this road and this guy stopped us and said to come talk to him he starts speaking english without saying anything else he goes i am a man of mystery a man of poetry a man of some other things and was like i am looking for someone who understands me and soeur hannigan and i cut him off and said christ understands you and knows exactly how you feel which is so true he didn't really want to talk about the gospel but it gave soeur hannigan and i a good laugh! 

anyway i love you and thanks so much again for the package!! 
love you :) 
soeur driggs

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