Saturday, January 23, 2016

"I got homesick like once" - week 33

(written november 16, 2015)

I got homesick like once i think at the beginning of my mission. just like a random day i looked up and saw the clouds.. a little weird i know... thought of home and then we have to get on our bikes and bike up a huge hill and then my thought went to heavenly father please help me bike up this hill lol but no i dont get homesick its just a little different you dont really have time to think about yourself or family its just like how can i help the people here and things like that you know?? i think it be different if i had down time though lol  YEAH kennedy is awesome!!

remember that one time we volunteered at keen and that required us just basically running for a solid 3 hours with some kids and it was the best three hours of our lives!! i remember that lol 

the branch here is small its just like on top of this car garage place with a laminated sign that says church of jesus christ... but its growing we had like 15 investigators at church on sunday between all the missionaries so good things are happening lol i dunno when i start driving i think soeur jacobsen loves driving so I'm guessing not for a while lol and its the same as america the right side. round point are the best things invented!! and banks is coming here on the 1 so she'll just bring it with her! it'll be good :) thanks for sending it!! also tell grandma thanks for the letter!!!!! i love her:)

alright this week lol i dunno why but this week was just full of so many miracles!!! like so many it was incredible i loved this week lol we started off the week teaching this woman from st lucia its another island and they speak english there so we teach her in english SHES SO CUTE and she has really bad eyes so she had trouble reading the book of mormon but we told her she could listen to it online and i think at our next lesson she had gotten to like chapter 15 in first nephi and she just LOVES it!! she said she wanted to get baptized and now her and her and her boyfriend are working on their papers to get married:) gaah so cool and then her friend was in the lesson with us just cuz she was hanging out with justina and her friend was like well i want this book and we said she could definately have one lol and now were teaching her!!
we have been trying to help luke share these things with his wife like the book of mormon the lessons and explain what this means to him and this week he did it!! he read in the book of mormon with his wife!!! and she's going to be at the next lesson with us:) 
rene joseph we met him like two weeks ago and he is my favorite person reminded me of grandpa driggs 100 percent just the nicest person and he started reading in the book of mormon and praying about it and just accepts everything we invite him to do!! 
Lastly collette she started reading in the book of mormon this week too she got to chapter 8 i think and just understands everything in it!! she started reading it and then all the sudden she found the time to come to church and pray and read more she says she loves the book of mormon. 

basically the book of mormon is so powerful!! it gives us strength and encouragement to continue and for me personally just help me feel the love of god the love he has for all his children. i think its hel 15:7 and it talks about how its through the power of the scriptures that brings us to have faith in christ and to repentance and its so true! oh my goodness i love the book of mormon lol more than i ever have in my entire life!! :) it just fills me and the people we teach and see with so much joy its incredible!! 

anyway sorry for the novel i was just so stoked on this week lol there were so many other miracles too just like random people helping us out!! anyway i love you!! hope you have a good week :)
soeur driggs

thats so weird lol it doesn't snow here i still sweat throughout the day haha oh and if you send another package at some point wanna throw in a motab christmas cd? were only allowed to listen to motab or reverent hymns good thing my entire iPod is motab lol tate!!! i love this photo. also while i wait for these pictures to load we went RCLA hunting this week and we thought we found a less active person but turns out it was his cousin! so we knock on this door and this little girl answered she ran to go get her mom her mom was in the shower and came to the door in her towel we told her we were looking for a philip she said that was her cousin told us to wait for her so we did she runs in the house and gets dressed runs outside told us to get in her car so we did and she just drove us to her cousins we ended up teaching her and her entire extended family cuz there was just a gathering of them at her aunts house we gave her and her boyfriend a book of mormon and they started reading it!!! then she left for france and won't be back until janurary but she said shell continue reading it!! it was awesome lol and then they gave us a ride back home. i love being a missionary lol
love you!!

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