Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dance It Out - Week 4

hey!! hope you got all my photos :) yeah so we lost a district this week but gained one a week ago so thats nice and we'll get 5 more elders tomorrow!! a little sad that there won't be more girls but that's alright! our little trio is going strong! lol i know grandma told me last night!! so supper cool what are you sewing?? a little jealous you gotta be sure to save my quilt for when i get back. i. will. finish. it. hahaha oh yayay!! thats awesome and baylee is doing good she says she loves her comps and they were "meant" for her which is exactly what i said about my comps i know heavenly father is looking out for us! ohh thats sweet for him to say! baylee is going to do so good though honestly shes so smart and easy to get along with she'll kill it. 

yeah that was honestly crazy i know he responds to our prayers and seriously mom i can not tell you how much my testimony grows each day its insane. i thought i was pretty good before and now being here i have a long way to go but i am so willing to do this work i hope i am just able to do whatever our heavenly father needs me to do here on the mission and after i hope i am able to do his work and not ever get caught up in what i want to do. Today we went to the temple this morning all i have to say is i am so grateful for the temple i don't know why i didn't go each week before you just always feel such peace and happiness and receive answers to prayers is truly is a special place. I am so glad i am here in provo where i get the chance to go once a week!! I really honestly needed to go today i had been getting a little frustrated with myself this week with the lessons and the language and english haha just kidding but honestly the temple is exactly what i needed this morning. I don't know how to describe how i feel about it now. but whatever it is it is a good feeling and there is a scripture somewhere lol i read it the other day that says if it is good then it be of god if it feels bad then it be of the devil temples are good i know this gospel is true with all my heart. i am so blessed to be here and having this opportunity to serve god. He loves each and everyone of us so much all he wants is for us to go back to him. i hope i am able to teach as many people as i can about this gospel it is just so exciting to think of it all and even though this life on earth may be hard and we go through trials but great will be our reward in heaven if we endure to the end. We had a devotional this sunday on missionary work and he said it doesn't matter if you don't know all the doctrine and have all the scriptures memorized but what you do know teach, and teach it confidently. that is what i am going to do, i don't know all the stories in the book of mormon and the bible i wish i did.. its a goal lol but what i do know i need to be confident in that so that is my goal this week is to share everything i know with all the confidence i have and pray that the holy spirit will really teach our investigators that this word is true cuz honestly he is the real teacher and i have learned that here. I know that cuz my french is awful and when my companions and i teach when we all have broken french we can feel the spirit and we know/hope our investigators can feel it as well as usually when we do they do and we know that cuz there eyes start to get red and tear up. we have yet to make anyone cry.. that is the goal though by the time we leave we just want to make one cry lol. were getting there!! also attitude here is a big thing sometimes is rough being happy when your frustrated the two emotions don't mix well but usually once one of us realized one of us is getting frustrated we dance it out and let me tell you. anyone is stressed over ANYTHING dance it out. you'll feel like 100000 times better. its like magic. 

hahahaha thats awesome.. guess you just have to choose which one is better!! you went fishing?!? lol just kidding did you catch anything though?? did you enjoy yourself? 
oh man thats so sad i will for sure!! this is why we are soooo blessed to have an eternal perspective and i know those kids and his wife will see him again. i'll for sure keep the hydes in my prayers though and i'll have my companions do the same!! 

nope!! hoepfully not... lol have so much fun in utah!! 

soeur driggs:) 

oh! also i gave a talk in french on sunday:) it went swell i think i'm not really sure what i said but i cried when i bore my testimony and anytime someone cries everyone always says that you do a nice job but crying and trying to speak french is rough i'm pretty sure no one knew what i was saying but guess what! i didn't even write out the other half of my talk and well the branch presidency said they could understand what i was saying and i have a really nice french accent! whooohooo made my day anyway miss you guys!! love you!! have fun sewing! 

sooo sad this week one of the districts left and i haven't ever loved someone so quickly but i was truly so sad to see them go we've already planned the MTC reunions well have when everyone gets back!! 

thank you so much for all the packages!! aunt andrea aunt salena grandma i loves the book! and mom :) oh and matt he sent me the coolest missionary badge!! its the wooden one! 

I RAN INTO BAYLEE that was cool. hope everyones week is swell! thanks for the package mom!!! it was awesome! Winter loves the dry shampoo!! 

the last one is soeur deakin she was my favorite person ever always so willing to help out give hugs and so positive paris will be lucky to have her!! 

ran into another girl from hair school!! supper cool. i only bring my camera with me when we go tot the temple.. lol sorry theres not more of a variety but what could be better right? 

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