Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"he felt like he was being forgiven" - week 28

(written oct. 12, 2015)

hahaha thats what im sayin!! if you want to that would be nice didnt want to say anythin... may be gaining a little weight lol deffiently not 108 anymore ;) lol 

actually more of that face lotion would be nice the PM stuff i'm almost out of! annd if you want to if you could put on just a bunch of talks on a thumb drive and send it that would be AWESOME!! and the the no bake cookie recipie would be awesome!! our DMB for the ward is a vegan and we need to do something for him cuz hes an amazing member!! 

theyre doing good!! Were really working hard with this members neice her name is Madly shes got a cute family and is MARRIED thats a miracle in itself right there lol we've had only three lessons with her and she's amazing the spirit is so strong every lesson and she knows it even started crying in one of the lessons and just said i just like the way i feel right now. its so cool to see how the power of the spirit can just fill that hole that some people don't even realize they have and how much joy it really brings i donno i absolutely love it!! yeah so theyre getting married on the 31 of this month!!! GAAAH were so excited for them :) man im gonna be honest there were a few ladies we were teaching that have leg issues i cant remember which one i told you about sorry!! remember when i told you about Xavier he's a less active from my first transfer well he went to conference last week and he went to all 4 sessions he told us saturday he could only stay for one guess something changed during that session lol but then this week he called us sunday asking if he could come to church we were like yeah you can!! so excited lol and we had a lesson with him the other day and it was amazing we talked about prayer and how its through prayer at we communicate with our heavenly father he said something that touched me that he felt like he was being forgiven and it felt good while he was praying and we were both like yeah thats the power of prayer and talked about how reading is how we can find answers to it and coming to church and oh my it was so good i wont forget about the lesson we had with him i cant even express how much i loved being there in that moment. 

Soeur hanningan is amazing lol she is so cool and i cant believe im training her i feel like she should be trining me honestly lol 

i love you!!!! have a good week :)

soeur driggs

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