Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"it's going by way to fast" - week 27

(written october 5, 2015)

oh my goodness its going by way to fast.. i dont like it at all. but its been good!! i absolutely love it. conference was so good there was something different watching it being here i donno what it was. but it was really good i loved uchtdorfs talk! he always gives good talks lol and after conference we had two lessons and they were so good it was something about watching conference at the church house then having a lesson right after the spirit was already there and while we were talking with our investigators it just grew oh my goodness it was amazing. 

alright i read this talk the other day its called the challenging and testifying missionary written in like 1961 but its SO GOOD after we read it we decided we weren't inviting enough people to be baptized we were challenging enough people so we set out that day decided to invite every single person we talked to to read ponder and pray about the book of mormon and to be baptized if they knew it was true. this was like in lessons we had planned and just people we talked to on the side of the street. we decided we would testify and tell how we know its true and how it has blessed us and how it can bless them then we invited them and some people said no but some said yes and those that said yes are reading and praying!! its so cool to see how much that changed the work and how< that changed the people we are teaching!! and how quick the spirit comes when we testify of doctrine and read scriptures. it was amazing and that couple we found who is married is good!! we taught the wife this past week she accepted a baptismal date and wants us to teach her husband and her family and kids and said she would begin reading in the book of mormon this was the same day we went out with the mind set to challenge and testify to everyone!! it was a miracle and i loved it!! i am glad you got my letter :) i got you letter this week too!! and aunt Andrea's thanks for the both of them!!! :) oh my gosh soeur hannigan is killing it!! she's amazing seriously she is one of those people who has been a missionary her entire life because helping teaching and testifying come naturally for her and she doesn't even realize it i absolutely love working with her and i have learned so much from her its crazy!! she's yeah she's amazing lol i cant wait for you to met her!! i hope you have a good week this week!!


soeur driggs

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