Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"we were supposed to be there" - week 29

(written oct. 19, 2015)

this week was so good!! We found these two spanish sisters last week that are so cute one speaks spanish and french and the other speaks only spanish!! i absolutely love every single lesson we have with them because we have to use so many scriptures so that way they both really understand what we are saying! one of the sisters bettse her son and his little girl are coming in town this week from martinique and she wants us to teach them too!! we are so excited about them. the sister who speaks straight up only spanish is reading so much in the book of mormon!! she loves it maybe its cuz she's curious to know what we talk about but she's progressing so well!! and then bettse read not as much but she reads we just shared with theml' the plan of salvation and they were both like yeah we want that in our lives so were going to see them and they're entire family this week w<ere so excited!! 

also weve been teaching this guy named mathieu he's been doing really well so the other night we were in the raizet and hannigan's tire popped which was fine we were only like a 40 min walk home we weren't to far! and so we just decided to cancel the rest of the appointments for the night cuz it was 7:30 and check up on people in the raizet and we were walking around talking to everyone met 6 really cool people and then we ran into mathieu!! we had a lesson with him just by the bus stop and talked to him about the gospel and we invited him to be baptized seriously everything always happens for a reason if her bike tire didn't pop we wouldn't have seen mathieu and wouldn't have met those other people it was where we were supposed to be the moment we were supposed to be there it was amazing. i love this work!!! i hope everyone has a good week :) 

soyez sagge
soeur driggs

mom i am so jealous of that temple photo you have no idea!! lol tell grandma she's gotta come with us too!!! thats like three generations and were all going to be together for forever :) im getting teary eyed its not a big deal this gospel is just amazing lol yeah i got it well the elders have it i don't actually have it yet but im excited:) thank you !!! i love you and hope you have a good week!! hahaha looks fun :) i hear you have fun walking dead parties too?? 
love you!! 

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