Monday, June 29, 2015

"families are the best" - week 13

(written June 29)

no package yet! but i hear they take forever to get here so... maybe soon my companion said they go to France first before they get sent here because we are technically France soo it might be a while? also sorry i know you just sent a package but if you send another one will you send me some bike shorts that go to the knee!! or past the knee lol im using my comps right now but she may not be here next transfer and they are like 40 euros here just get me some cheaper ones! that could be awesome:) and if possible could you send me the smaller bag that you bought online the one i brought is huge!! the cute one you got with the pink and gray? if not that's totally fine!! annnd deodorant lol the secret version. France sells weird deodorant or just different but it doesn't really work i think that is why most everyone has some solid bo. annnd lastly a Watch that is water proof!! cuz i bought one last week on monday annd it said it was water proof and it rained on us on our bikes the other day and it broke. lol just if you send another package anything would be nice sorry i didn't tell you sooner i just forgot every week to write it i almost forgot again but you said package so i remembered! sorry i dont know if its expensive or not! alright i will figure out the drop box thing ill try to send stuff next week!

okay down to business this week was awesome!! we met the coolest family they reminded me of our family there name is loic and katsia. loic owns his own business because he said he doesn't like having a boss lol so he owns his own carpentry company if that's what you call it anyway they are supper awesome!! we had such a good lesson and this was like the first lesson we've had where i could solidly participate is was awesome!! and okay throw back sœur banks and one of her old companions found them. they gave them a stop home one day and they said that they felt like something was mission in their lives but they didn't know what and sœur banks and her comp then tried to get a time when they could see them again but it never worked out.. so we ran into them i cant remember if it was this week or the week before that but we met them and they said they wanted to meet up with us again and the lesson went through!! they live so far away on top of this huge hill on a dirt road. biking it is awesome lol but the lesson was awesome they were both there and they had there kid listen too! and we taught them about the restoration and it was so cool they said it felt different and they wanted to learn more and more about where we came from and what were doing here and oh my goodness were so excited to go see them again!! and after the lesson they drove us to our next appointment because they really do live so far away lol and our bikes are going through a rough time right now and loic just fixed them up! after the lesson he looked at our bikes and was like what are you doing.. took out his tool box and fixed up our tires and everything. it was so sweet of him. and today i read an article i cant remember the name of it i think it was something like teaching with the end in mind and the end is having those eternal families and how important it is. we don't just want baptisms they are very important because that's our first step but we want eternal families and the grandchildren of the parents we teach now to continue to make those covenants and how important it is to help people really gain a testimony and feel of the truthfulness of this gospel. oh my mom i have never worked so hard and have had so much fun working! its the best feeling ever!! we come home everyday literally dripping in sweat and you get backpack sweat and its really disgusting but half of that is thanks to the humidity here and its just kinda hot either raining or your sweating anyway this work is awesome!! i cant even express how i feel being here but its awesome! and we found this baby kitten on the road we saved it and gave it to our neighbor kevin lol and lastly we painted this persons house the other day! with a paint brush that was almost as long as my thumb and the width was like a third of my thumb lol best way to paint a house if you ask me:) i hope you guys have a good week!! love you! bike life is the best life:)

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