Monday, June 1, 2015

Haven't showered in 4 days - Week 9

mom again sorry no punctuation ok so this week was crazy lol it started out normal so that was nice we are teaching this girl named sonia right now and she is awesome she is just starting to realize that we are different from the other Churches she has been going to so we are just hoping we are able to help her feel the spirit and do lots of good stuff. also! ok so i just figured out the punctuation lol we are off to a good start but we met this really cool guy his name is Brandon and we have been teaching him and he doesn't want to come to Church but he came to a fireside with us that was at the Church building and showed him around and said like what we do at Church and he finally promised to come to Church with us!! then his bike broke down so he actually couldn't make it but he said he is getting it fixed and will come next week with his friend Markey which is so cool because he isn't a member either but he is actually the reason brandon went to Church in the first place because ok sorry i am not good at typing stories lol but so we went to brandon's house with the intention to teach him a little and then invite him to the fireside but he wasn't home. his Buddy markey was staying at his house and he answered the door and we taught him a little lesson and invited him and brandon to come to the fireside and THEY BOTH CAME it was so cool and brandon said he wouldn't have come if markey didn't so i think that was exactly what was supposed to happen so brandon wouldn't feel as awkward or whatever going by himself but he is sooo cool and the fireside was amazing president mehr talked about how we make things in the world more important than our heavenly father, like fashion and business and it was so good we also had zone conference this weekend and all the sœurs(sisters) fly in and they stay at our house because we live so close we can walk to Church so we have like 10 sœurs at our little apartment and ok i have a funny story about that but zone conference was so good we all planned talks and president mehr just calls on whoever to give a talk and well he called on me lol oh my gosh i was so nervous i don't know why but i just get so nervous lol and i just talked about our purpose as a missionary. people said it was touching and stuff but thats probably because i cried at the end i always cry when i bare my testimony i think a third of that was the spirit and then a little cuz i was just so excited to not talk anymore lol but the spirit there was so strong it was so cool sister mehr talked about how we need to search and find how the holy ghost talks to us and then president mehr talked to us about how we can better study and then talked about the atonement it was so good. preach my gospel is amazing use it for family home evening lol i am not even kidding it is so good!

ok get excited for my funny story so we had a gazillion sœurs at our house (only 10) but one of the girls broke the handle off of the faucet thing where water comes out and water was just spraying everywhere!! so the only solution was to turn off our water supply because we couldn't turn off the sink. we haven't had water since friday.... lol haven't showered in 4 days because it broke before i could jump in the shower but that doesn't matter so when it was supper crazy and we were trying to figure out how to turn off the water and which one was our water supply one of the sœurs was like i know how to do this. one is hot and one is cold so when we found the water supply knob things that sœur turned off two knobs and our neighbor last night came over and asked us if we had water, we turned off his water too!!!! he hasn't had water since friday!! he waited three days to ask if we had water oh my gosh is was so funny so we turned off his water too we felt so bad! were baking him a cake to apologize and we finally bought a new faucet thing, put it in and have water now! sœur banks and i are thinking of opening our own pluming business when we get home. but mom we haven't been able to flush our toilet in like 4 days our upstairs started to smell like a port a poty seriously i have never been more grateful for running water! poor kevin.

so we read this talk this week about a missionary who did a 40 day fast where you start with a 24 hour fast and you write everything that comes to mind that takes you away from the spirit and for the next 40 days you fast from those things to help get your mind and heart and everything in line with the spirit we started that this week and have already seen so many miracles with it especially on the day we fast. having the ability to fast is such a gift even though it doesn't seem like it sometimes but it is a tool for us to be able to grow closer to the spirit and to become closer to the savior and it works!!! its amazing i have never really had a testimony of fasting before and now i do and its amazing i don't know why but i just seriously took so many things for granted back home like the scriptures and running water and fasting i am so Lucky to have this opportunity to serve!

i love you all have a good week sorry i forgot my camera so no pictures sorry

also could you send me some easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner stuff cuz we don't know what we're doing lol we both like top ramon which is cool but some variety is nice lol

love you!!!
sœur driggs

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