Sunday, June 14, 2015

"got proposed to this week" - week 10

this week has been so good!! we found two supper cool families to teach this past week!! one of them has a little resturant we didn't eat there but it looks cute so we are supper stoked to get to teach them this coming week. the french is coming people will still laugh in lessons because of my accent but it is coming lol. my companion always says at least she's trying so its been good!! we got proposed to this week by one of our investigators we found last week he told us he would be happy with either of us and that he would get baptised if we did and this guy spoke english so i knew what was going on i was tryin hard not to laugh it just seemed so random after talking about joseph smith and i honestly thought things were going well until he popped the question and then said he had been drinking earlier that day which was a good thing cuz now we know how he really felt about us teaching him. it was funny though. 
so i found a way to study flashcards while on my bike mom and honestly i think it is very effective lol i learn more words in a day! and it is the coolest thing when i study a word it'll come up in a lesson with someone and ill have a little party in my head because i know whats going on lol. the spirit is seriously so strong everyday its so cool nothing even compares to how i feel about these people and how i feel eevryday serving here. 
ok!! for pday today we went on a sick hike i have pictures i will send you but they dont do it justice it reminded me of the hike i went on with kristina back before abby came along but just a little more dense with the trees!!. it was so pretty i love you guys!! hope you have a good week

we went on exchanges this week and the other sisters live ON THE BEACH you open the door and you can hear the waves. spent a night there is was so cool!!! 

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