Sunday, June 21, 2015

"we invited him to come and HE CAME" - week 11

(written June 15)

MOM!!! sorry for some reason i have like 198 emails in my lds thing i haven't read i dont know where they all came from but once i hit guadeloupe all the sudden hey were there!  so i am just trying to catch up i always search for yours first lol then i go on but i think i miss some on the way... OH MY GOSH i was terrified to talk at zone conference i didnt think he was going to call on me... THEN HE DID haha it was good though he let me do the topic i prepared my talk for. that was sweet of him. i cried. i always cry i dont know why but i am a crier. thank you mom and grandpa lol just kidding :)

naha thanks mom they gave me a new bike and fixed the old one they take care of that stuff i was just laughing and in my head i was like... now i know how kirstina felt then when i got the new one i was so used to peddeling so fast i just took off i didnt even realise but i was cruising! my companion didnt even see it coming lol 

hahaha basketball is so fun!! getting real good at shooting and then cuz i am a girl and boys cant really guard us any time we get the ball we either shoot and everyone watches us or we pass it and everyone sorta just stands and watches us its funny. but its supper fun!! 

we do emails at this little computer shop. its cool internet is good most of the time! oh my gosh the church here is solid and the members are amazing and so nice!! the ward is probably as big as the relief society in our ward that show up every sunday oh it was mothers day here like two weeks ago and fathers day this week so HAPPY Fathers day dad!! i dont remember when it is in america. 

on grand terre there are 3 sets of missionaries us and then two sets of elders and then on the other side on base terre (i am totally spelling that wrong) there are 2 sets of sisters and 2 elders. 

OK COOLEST EXPERIENCE. SONIA  we had an amazing lesson with her this week the spirit was so strong and she committed to being baptised with a date and everything it was amazing!! ok JOEL he is SOOO RAD so we didnt realize this area was apart of our area and we just found out last week so this area hasent been touched in like 2 or 3 transfers or maybe longer but its been a while so we game planned and decided to go out and find the less actives in that area annnnnd we didnt find any of them. but that's alright. we were contacting this girl outside of her salon and we left and were cruising around on our bikes and this guy pulls up to us and is like "hey you preach the word of god?" we were like yes we do! he asked if we could teach him .... we were like of coarse so we pulled over and taught him about the book of mormon at this park, gave him the book and we had a baptism on saturday so we invited him to come to that and HE CAME it was so cool and then we asked if he wanted to go to church on sunday he said bien sur annd HE CAME and then he had to leave really quick after church so we couldnt talk to him more but we went back to that same area sunday to hopefully find those less actives and guess who we ran into! joel and we asked if he had time if we could teach him something becuase everything fell through sunday lol  but its good so we taught joel and we asked why he pulled us over that first day and he said it was because he saw how happy we were and said he wanted that. we were like thats awesome and testified of the spirit and he said everyone at church had that light in there eyes and he wants that and when he met us he found hope again so we invited him to be baptised and he agreed and has a date and said he will do whatever it takes to be able to be baptised. oh my gosh heavenly father has blessed us so much for seriously leading us to people and leading others to us in joels case. I cannot explain the joy we felt knowing that we were able to be tools for our heavenly father it will be an experience i will never forget. I love this church and this gospel i am so glad i made this decision soeur banks and I are seeing miracles everyday and its incrediable.  Soeur banks and i have seen so many this week its incrediable i am sorry this is so long but its been such a good week and we have everything thanks to heavenly father and the coolest thing is we prayed for guidance right before we met joel because all our plans seriously fell through we had no idea what would be the best way to spend our time so we prayed and just felt like we should ride around until we felt like we should talk to someone or something and then all of a sudden someone was asking if we could talk to him oh my gosh heavenly truly directs us everyday i have never noticed how much until now!! ok I love you guys i'll send pictures in the next email lol 

thanks dad i love you!!! seriously that is AMAZING!!! READ ALMA 13:24 because we have been sharing this with our members for a while but god totally put people in our lives that are searching for this gospel but we just dont know it because well, i was anyway, had the mind set i didnt know anyone who wanted to change! looking back there were tons of people that asked me questions but anyway i only have like 2 more min till we have to go but i am so excited for Dave and his wife tell them i say hello!!

thats amazing!!!! we talk about doing family history work here and it makes me so excited i wish we had time for that on the mission lol but the spirit of elijah is definitely around us!! gaaaah this is how i feel right now i am so excited for you guys and the experiences your having!!! love you:) share these with mom they are the only pictrues we took this week lol LOVE YOU!!!! 

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