Monday, June 29, 2015


(written June 22)

hahahaha i am so behind on these emails i am so sorry but seriously it was such a funny week when we turned off his water!!! gaaaah thats awesome how is the house coming along,?? send me pictures of everyones adventures. i tried to send pictures from my camera today did it work?? lol basketballl is so fun! sometimes like 15 people will come and sometimes like 2 will come but it is fun all the same:) are you just spending the entire summer in the house in Utah?? 
ok mom Sonia is doing so good she seriously just loves everything we share with her and she asks a TON of questions!! its awesome shes real smart and totally participates in the amies class and shes got a baptism date. ok another cool story i cant remember if i told you about brenden but he is supper cool we have been trying to get him to come to Church with us for a while now like 6 weeks and we didn't drop him for whatever reason it just didn't feel right. well he came to church with us this sunday!! We had a lesson with him the day before sunday so saturday lol but he told us he had a dream that he needed to get baptised and he got baptised in his dream and there was sœur banks and i and then a third person he didn't know who that other person was though. Then he told us he said he knows he needs to get baptised. It was so cool then at Church we walked through with him and he speaks English lol so i was all about talking to him and we were walking to the amies class and there was a painting of joseph smith's first vision on the wall, he starred at it for a moment and i was about to say that's... brenden finished my sentence "joseph Smith vision i know, i want to paint that, you think i should paint it?" I was so excited on the Inside i said of coarse and he had to show it to me when he finishes it. This week was so good mom!! I have never truly seen how heavenly father influences us and others and its amazing. serving a mission is the best decision i have made in my life. THIS WORK BRINGS SO MUCH JOY. to me and to our investigators nothing is more rewarding than sitting in a lesson and just seeing that our investigator can feel the spirit and what we are saying clicks. I know without a doubt in my mind when the spirit is not there no one can learn. I didn't realize just how much the spirit influences people and us even when we don't know it or realize it at first! but even a thought of hey we should go visit this person in this area today and then all of a sudden that person you planned for isn't there but we always find someone else in that area who is interested or asks us a question. it is truly so amazing! and i always thought it had to be like a burning in my heart or some grand experience every time but its not. its just thoughts we have and then it comes down to our agency and what we chose to do. I am working on knowing and feeling the spirit and searching for the spirit more. it says in preach my gospel we can't force the spirit to come but create an environment where we can invite and protect it when it is there. so that's my goal. lol sœur banks and i are going to create the best environment possible because nothing else is possible without the spirit. i also don't think i have worked and studied this hard for anything else either. the french is coming! its harder than i thought it was going to be honestly in my head i was like gift of tongues yeah and i totally 100 percent believe in the gift of tongues but it is also tons of hard work. some lessons i have no idea whats going on and others i feel like i understood every word. i asked for advice on how to learn french and one of the elders said to force myself to think in french... easier said than done lol but that's what I'm working on this week!! 

how has the family been??? send me pictures lol I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
sœur driggs

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