Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Training Soeur Hannigan - week 26

(written sept. 28, 2015)

tell them i say hi!!

yeah banks said she was terrified when she had to train at first!! i was nervous too but its alright she's awesome!!!! her name is sister Hannigan :) she's the sweetest person i have ever met she's younger then me too!! she is a convert to the church her family lives in salt lake she has the strongest testimony of this church!! and she already speaks french its so cool!! she helps me more with french than i think i help her lol and she's so hard working and is so active in every lesson and knows the scriptures like no other oh my gosh i have already learned so much from her lol i absolutely love being her companion!! and its not as stressful as i thought it would be its just like missionary work! lol 

lucia is doing good we haven't seen her in a while she won't answer her phone and hasn't been home in a while so were gonna keep stopping by and hope we can catch her at her house one day lol the family is doing so good! we saw her again and taught her and her family!! she says that she can feel the spirit every time we are there and its so cool!! she loves the book of mormon and says she reads it to her kids and she said after our first visit her little boy loves to pray now she says he has been praying a lot more after we visited them that one day they couldn't come to church this past week but they said they could this week im so excited for them!!! 

looks like everyone is having so much fun!! love you!! 

I don't completely suggest this ( well I actually do) but it did work sometimes. In London they had apartment complexes that had the same deal, a little buzzer where you could buzz into each apartment, but the door was locked until they buzzed you in. So I would stand outside and buzz the first apartment,  they would answer and I would say "Delivery". They would buzz us in or come out to meet us and we would deliver a "Book of Mormon".  I always thought it was super funny, bit bold, but definitely entertaining. For some of those long days when everyone cancels on you and street contacting is dry this seemed to bring some entertainment to our day.

Go Big, Be Bold & Enjoy what happens next!


hahahaahaha i love that thanks!! ill try it for sure:) love you!!  Casey

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