Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Trio - Week 5

Written May 5th 2015

we have more time!!! so we just dropped soeur davies off she is getting supper down on herself lately and is thinking about going home which is fine a mission isn't for everyone i just know she would be an amazing missionary i don't want to see her go!! guess what!!! i had the most amazing spiritual experience of my entire life i cant want to have more experiences like it! you know enos and i think its verse 11 he says how he had unshakable faith. #goals everyone. lol but for real how amazing would that be oh! they changed the time real quick were calling from 4-430 :) anywho have you ever thought how cool this gospel is>?!? cuz it just clicked for me honestly ! we get to make covenants WITH god that is amazing!! we get to make promises with him and it is just so cool to i got the opportunity to teach relief society this sunday and while i was preping i usually just study by myself but we were outside with our entire zone and i'm pretty sure this kid thought i was sad or something cuz i moved to sit by myself so i could study and i didn't know how to tell him that i just needed to study by myself and if he could go away for a second without being rude cuz they just came wednesday,  i should have just told him though anyway so we finally go back to our room and i had NOTHING prepared .. supper cool.  i planned the lesson in 15 20 min right before i was bed time i have been praying just to have the ability to teach with the spirit and to just be a tool for god and you know what i mean? so on sunday the coolest thing happened!! i was teaching about baptism i have never gotten emotional about baptism in my life.. i have never cried and felt the way i felt in that lesson in my entire life. I could without a doubt feel the spirit! i am going to tell you how it felt like my entire chest felt like it was on fire then it moved to my face and i felt like i was floating i just felt lighter and lighter all the sudden everyone was crying! it was the best thing i have experienced in my entire life. baptism is so important without baptism we do not have the ability to make other covenants with god without baptism we can't receive the holy ghost it is so important and so amazing we even have that opportunity to be baptized!! after that lesson i know how important it is to have the spirit with you and how important it is top teach with it. I am a poopy teacher i know that i am probably the worst one in our companionship with the doctrine and knowing answers to questions but if you have all that and not the spirit it doesn't matter! which is like supper comforting i have been reading the scripture every night and praying to know what i need to know to help the people of the west indies i really hope i am able to just help them and to help them feel the spirit and to help them feel loved even with the language barrier. ok we had less time today or it feels like it anyway! i love you!! hope you have a good week!!! thank you so much for the blanket!! i took a picture with it but forget my thing to put it on the computer today!!

love you!! 

:) sooo excited for may 10 at 4-430 utah time! 

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