Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (that's how i feel right now) - Week 7

Written May 16, 2015

we got a little time to write home because well i wont be able to write you next week, it'll be the pday after if that makes sense?? so like not this monday but the next!! AHHHHH i cant believe the day is already here!! This week has been such an amazing week seriously. Alright right now i have made a few goals i will tell you. i always want to have a good attitude and keep the expectations high for myself because if i lower them to what people say about an area or get discouraged I wont get as much work done as i can. I don't want to ever doubt myself because if i do, that doesn't give the lord much room to work with.  I want to give my very best everyday even when i am crazy tired oh!! by the way thanks so much for the crystal light energy stuff I LOVE IT!!! and all the snacks soeur winter and i feel pretty good about this plane ride lol. umm alright i am not going to lie i am a little terrified to leave here i just have no idea what to really expect but i also have never been more excited in my entire life!! i know this work is going to be so hard and i know it is going to be so worth it. alright another goal i don't want to lose my personality! like seriously though i don't care if i get weird if that makes sense but i don't want to be robotic you know??? umm i made a few others and our teacher had us do something cool where in class we wrote them down and then put them in an envelope and then told us to look at them half way through the mission and see where we are and see what we need to change! SUCH A GOOD IDEA! you can do that with everything!! any long term goal maybe? you probably could everyone make a goal for the summer!! half way through the summer see where you're at! i think its a good idea anyway lol this week has honestly flown by this entire MTC experience has FLOWN by!! i honestly feel like my mission is going to fly by as well which makes me sad. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve my savior. My testimony has grown immensely i can not even put into words how much this gospel means to me now! so we found out our mission president has us read the book of mormon all the way through every 2 transfers which is 12 weeks!! ......ready? you guys should read it with me!! at least for the summer you will have so much free time!! all i am saying is i have so many good ideas now;) lol i'm just kidding but seriously that is only 7 pages a day!! thats nothing!! but when you read read with a question in mind!! you will be amazed how much more you get out of the scriptures:) family home evening idea right there. you're welcome! someone just plans the lesson on what those 7 pages are about.. that may get tricky though.. oooooh my gosh i am sooooo excited!!! like my heart is pounding. I love everyone so much!! 

we met 6 people this week at in field orientation going to the west indies as well there's people from Kenya going to the west indies as well!!! its so cool theyre going english speaking though i am pretty sure soeur winter and i are the only ones flying going french speaking!! ok gotta go pack!!! GAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! finishing up laundry and stuff.  i hope you guys have a good week though!! I love you guys:) 

Soeur Driggs


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