Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I will not be using punctuation - Week 8

alright first off this keyboard is all sorts of crazy so today i will not be using punctuation lol sorry i will figure it out one of these days but this first week has been so good my trainer is so cute and she is awesome she is so nice and hard working and loves doctor who lol we get along so well so we are on the island of guadeloupe and we are in a biking area lol tell aunt kristina my bike for the past few days wont go up in gears it goes from from the lowest one to an even lower one lol i have to bike so hard to keep up but my shadow looks hilarious the language is hard i have really no idea what anyone is saying lol but its good because i learn more and more everyday but i am supper blessed cuz i am told my accent is pretty good because people can understand me which is honestly really rad!! we are constantly talking to so many people and just stop to help everyone my trainers name is soeur banks she is an awesome example to just talk to everyone and do what feels like the best thing to do and by doing that we have net so many people that want to hear more about the gospel. oh my goodness i gave a little testimony in church sunday i basically had a heart attack... my voice was so shaky and i just seriously hoped that i would have remembered all the french words lol which was awful i left no room for the spirit to guide me next time lol ok i am sorry not a ton of time on the computer here are some pictures oh and the food here is delicious!!!! we also learn a little creol or however you spell it but its cool! oh and this friend of a member who is not active but agreed to meet with us some more said she would give me the recipe to this delicious jello stuff but its like not jello lol its like coconut goodness i donno how to explain it. this first week flew by!! did i already say we were on bikes lol sorry my brain is honestly just all over the place! next week itll be better i promise we also talked about in district meeting the importance of making goals and making a plan to carry them out it was so good and then we have a zone conference this friday gaah so excited and then our older people gosh i forgot the name are from tahiti and they are so nice were doing family home evening with them and a part member family tonight theyre bringing tahitian food and i am very excited love you guys miss everyone soeur driggs 

we wear shorts everyday because we ride bikes lol so my comp loaned me her biking shorts and im going to buy some today otherwise people would see things they rather not lol oh and we play basketball saturdays but because we bike everywhere we dont have time to change out of our skirts!! i had more pictures to send but the email wont take a lot at a time so i dont know if i sent the photo of the basketball and skirt this week and i dont have enough time to send more sorry!! love you guys

The area here is wonderful the members are so nice and talk slow so i am able to talk to them. The investigators we have are good they ask really good questions. We have this one investigator right now her name is sonia and we brought her to church on sunday she was so cool she was participating in the lesson in sunday school and asks so many questions we gave her a pamphlet for the plan of salvation and she loved it she told us to give one to two of her neighbors! it was so cool to see her get excited about it i wish i could think of a better word than cool right now. I wanted to thank you for having soeur banks be my trainer she is amazing and just trying to help me out everyday. She gives me awesome ways to be apart of the lesson so i dont feel useless like sharing the first vision having me bare testimony, something i love that she does is we choose a scripture before the lesson we want to use and she will have me introduce the verse then we read it and then we ask a question about it. it is really nice. This week we were riding down the street on our bikes and we had a little bit of time before our next lesson because someone wasnt home and i was just following soeur banks and she had stopped and this family on the side was pealing beans, she asked if we could help. that family did not hesitate to give us the bowl of beans and while we were helping them with there beans we had shared the restoration lesson with them, it was such a cool experience after that the man we were talking to wanted to hear more so we set another time to meet with him. that honestly just showed me how important it is to talk with everyone and just to serve and to always just ask if they need help with anything. I hope you have a good week! this was just some of the email i was writting to my mission president but i wanted to share it with you but honestly it was such a cool experience and i had felt the spirit so strong during that time and it was weird cuz there was music blasting and kids running around but you could just feel that the spirit was there. i also in that lesson i didnt know what was going on to be honest but i felt a question pop into my head at first i was like alright you dont know whats going on is this question even relevant but my heart like felt hotter and hotter the longer i sat there and i knew i would regret not asking the question so i did and the guy i guess said that was exactly what i was thinking i dont know and we had the opportunity to explain it to him. It was honestly such an amazing feeling and such an amazing experience!! i love you thanks so much for al the stories love you!!!

soeur driggs

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