Wednesday, May 20, 2015

News that Casey arrived!

May 18, 2015
Hello Brother and Sister Driggs,
I am Sister Baker and am serving here in the Trinidad Mission with my husband as Self Reliance missionaries.

We met your darling daughter and her companion while we were at the MTC in April and today we had the great fun of seeing her again at the mission home here.  We were there to help with the meals for transfers as we are assigned an area about 45 minutes away.  How excited we were to see her!  She is a doll and will be an amazing missionary.  She is so excited to head to Guadeloupe on Thursday.  Her MTC companion, Sister Winter left for French Guiana tonight.  Sadly, both of them will be in the other mission when the split happens in July so we won't get a chance to see them again :( 
But--I thought I would just let you know that she is well and happy and very excited! You can be proud of her--she is awesome!!
Love, luck and laughter,
Sister Baker

"We got to see a new batch of Missionaries come in today! What a wonderful experience!" Emma & Reed Turner.....Senior Missionary Couple

May 20, 2015
She got a new pair of hair-cutting scissors donated to her. We're enjoying her company and her help. She's a great example already!
Sister Miller
West Indies Mission Office

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