Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We Got One Week - Week 6

Written May 12 2015

WE GOT ONE WEEK! GOING TO THE WEST INDIES!!! okay we had the coolest experience with our teacher this week so while soeur davies was in the visitor center training soeur winter and i were the only ones that taught the lessons this week and we had an incredible lesson with Frere Kunzler saturday. the spirit was present and we both taught like we never had before and spoke french decently, well, where he could understand what we were trying to say. after the lesson he told us it was one of the best ones he has had in the MTC and that he knows the west indies is so blessed to have us and soeur winter and i like to goof off and mess around but we also do work very hard i have never wanted to do something more in my entire life i haven't ever put this much effort into anything and i know that the lord can see that and that is what frere kunzler told us and then he started crying and then we started crying and he is not a cryer we thought he would have been the last one to cry out of all our teachers!! it was honestly such an amazing xperience! today was the last day we had the chance to go to the temple for the next 18 months.. and honestly i was way more sad then i thought i was going to be it was such a bitter sweet feeling but the temples are amazing!! and you can receive such a feeling of comfort and peace and answers to questions it is such a wonderful place i don't even know how to describe how i feel about it!! but seriously we are so close to the temple back at home take advantage of it! it is so amazing!! 

right on!! oh and DONT send anything to the mission home they don't want packages going there just so you know don't know if you were planning on doing that but figured i would tell you anyway! ahhh that is so wild that they com home so soon!! it is going to be so cool for you to see how much/if they have changed.  matt keeps sending me little gifts in the mail and I LOVE IT he sends the best stuff that'll help me out on the mish he is so cool. you gotta give him a hug and tell him how grateful i am for those gifts!! i didn't even send him anything ever!! he is seriously to sweet anyway before i forget if you don't mind sending one more thing can you send like a ton of crystal light packets with energy to me!! some days are rough lol  me and soeur winter will split up once we get to the mission is it going to be so weird!! its such an exciting/ sad feeling i love souer winter i don't think i could have gotten through this MTC experience without her it was honestly so fun but probably one of the hardest things i have done i feel like i have been studying like brinley does for the past few days i don't know how she does it honestly i am so drained some days and my brain hurts but this work is amazing and i am so grateful i have the opportunity to serve jesus christ. it is such a blessing. i love you guys!! we do get a chance to call again sometime monday? we leave the MTC at 3:35 in the morning and i am not supper sure when we call so i guess just keep your phone on loud lol i don't think they'll actually have us call that early thats mean but you never know i guess lol and we get to write again on saturday!! so that'll be awesome:) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED!!! my heart goes crazy when i think about it i hope you guys have a good week i l;ove you:) 

Soeur Driggs

ok the photo of me and soeur winter is my favorite!! we took another one where i tried to do that to soeur winter... it did not go as planned... but if you look at the boys in the back they just look funny there both getting ready to catch one of us in case something goes down but nothing did we were fine:) getting a little crazy after 7 weeks... lol love you!! 

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