Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"GUESS WHAT we found men" - week - 24

(written sept. 14, 2015)

hello to my awesome mother! lol 

they are doing so good!!! THEY STARTED READING IN THE BOOK OF MORMON and that is seriously where everyones testimony starts i don't care who you are lol well i do but when people read the book of mormon and they pray about it and they want to know if its true they will feel the spirit and they will feel the truthfulness of the message its just fact there is no if and its so cool!! its just proof this is the church of christ! ok so cool yet sad story we were in the raizet again one night and everything fell through but that's alright that's honestly when we see miracles!! we decided it would be a good idea to stop by lucia and see how she was doing the last 2 times she wasnt home but third times the charm n'est pas? anyway we stopped by and she was just in tears!! we got off our bikes so fast she invited us in and explained to us she just felt alone and had absolutely no one she could talk to she had been talking to a friend that actually is a member that lives in utah and she told lucia that the missionaries will help her feel better which is semi true its the gospel that really helps we're just messengers lol so her friend is so cool!! we shared a scripture with her and prayed with her were bring her to a part member family this week the mom is not baptised yet but will be the saturday after her wedding but she speaks spanish!! so we think that they are going to be just such great friends!! and they can help each other its going to be so good!! i think the branch members are going to the temple in october? I'm not sure i can tell you next week!! ok cool miracle for this week our branch president said for us to look for men in the branch so this week we have literally just been contacting so many men just cuz our branch has a lot of women lol which is cool but priesthood is so important!! GUESS WHAT we found men we could talk to but what is even coolest is the men we found some of them have like wives/girlfriends and kids and are totally going to become eternal families!! we have found so many families in the past few weeks and its awesome!! families are seriously the best ever i donno what it is but being in a lesson with a family teaching them god has a plan for everyone of us i donno its just theres nothin like it!! mom have i told you i love being a missionary?? ok and so I'm just gonna tell you I was gonna wait until next week but I'm to excited we had interviews with president and he told me I'm going to be training next transfer!! I'm so excited i donno if it'll actually happen because its not like set in stone and it could still change but I'm so stoked either way!! 

hahaha oh man!! boo is to smart! she can just skip a grade. lol tate too!! you just raised smart kids mom what do you think you're doing? lol I'm totally kidding. was lunch good?? i should probably tell you banks and her mom are HUGE doc who fans lol i just think thats important info to share.. lol hope you have a good week!! oh also for p day this week we went the les saints IT WAS SO COOL we took this boat to the islands across from ours and it was so cool!! thats when you really feel like a missionary in the carribean let me tell ya lol i love you!! ill send pics in a second!! hope you have a good week!!!

(this picture was taken from a member of the church from Gilbert, AZ.  They were visiting Dominica when a hurricaine hit and their only way out was to take a boat to Guadeloupe and fly home from there. They went to church and met Casey and emailed this picture back home to us.)

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