Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"we looked at each other and decided to go" - week 25

(written sept. 21, 2015)

yeah sorry about that i tried to send the photos but then the computer shut off its not a big deal but ill send some today!!

okay we had an amazing week we had the car for about 3 days!! we got so much member work done in those three days lol no one here has a car so it was such a blessing to have it we got our investigators with our members that we've been trying to do for weeks!! it was a miracle and we finally got lucia and annie together!!  IT WAS AMAZING!! they just talked in spanish the entire time I'm buying a french spanish dictionary cuz we found two men this week but they only speak spanish too so its just time to learn. but i guess lucia is in the exact same situation annie was in when annie moved here and its just not a good situation annie expressed to her how it was when she met her husband and was introduced to the gospel that was when life really changed around and bore such a strong testimony to lucia how this church is true and how through the book of mormopn is how we can all find peace and comfort in our lives. lucia said she's not sure how the book of mormon can help her in her life but i know as she begins to start reading it she will begin to feel the goodness that comes from it. she said she will start and it was just a miracle lesson honestly. 

ok so the hunt for finding men who can hold is priesthood is AWSOME seriously we prayed specifically to find men who are ready and who we can teach and can help the branch here as well for the ability to find men who have families and we were riding past this road one day to a lesson and there was about 4 guys sitting outside we actually road passed them but then we stopped down the road felt like we needed to turn around so we did and one of the guys was interested gave us his number and said to come back sometime this week right when we were leaving his little son came running outside we asked if he was his then he said he lived here with his wife and his kid!! MIRACLES for real its amazing this work is amazing!!

also we were cruising around a few days ago and our two lessons for the afternoon fell through but were always in certain places for certain reasons so we decided to ride around until somewhere felt good and just talk to everyone around us we saw this residence on our left that we've never contacted before and decided to check it out we road in and they're like apartmenty buildings but the door on the outside has a little key pad cuz the door is locked but there was one door in this area that was open so we looked at each other and decided to go contacting in this apartment we always start on the top floor and work our way down. we contacted like 6 doors and every single one was just straight up no get out of there. and then we knocked on this ladies door she was funny asking why we knocked on her door and banks was explaining she looked at me and i was trippin over my words honestly she said to stop and just come inside. we came in and started the message of the book of mormon and the restoration of the gospel. she stopped us in the middle and said that it felt different. we said a prayer and she said right after that she felt really good while we were there and she liked the feeling she asked us why she felt so good we explained how it was the holy ghost she has 3 kids and just got divorced i guess her husband was not a nice or a good man and she said she is going to read the book of mormon and started reading it right after we said the prayer we shared moroni 10 3-5 with her she wrote down the page number and versus so she could share it with her other kids when they woke up! she's already doing fhe and doesn't even know it yet. It never ceases to amaze me how guided we are when we are just working hard being obedient and doing our best. mom i love this work and i love these people. even the hard weeks still seems to be good ones. 
hopez you have a good week!! love you!!
soeur driggs
oh! ps im training sister hannigan this transfer we pick her up wednesday! im excited so meet her:)

it(s not letting me send photos sorry!! ill try again next week on a different computer

(found these pictures on the Barbados Mission facebook page from zone conferences)

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