Friday, September 11, 2015


(written August 31, 2015)

i love those pictures i think they are hilarious!! MOM we hiked a volcano this morning it just poured rain on us the entire time and was awesome we felt the air coming from the sulfer and it was HOT it was so rad. 

yeah go tate!! i actually have a picture on my bike with my backpack just like tate!! but i cant send it this week having comp issues sending pics lately!! sorry lol nothing that i am craving ill let you know though!! uh no i have not gotten them yet ill look out for them though!! 

she's awesome just supper busy!! we haven't been able to get a  member over there yet and we can't explain where the church is to her we drew her a map but i'm not sure it was very clear so were gonna see her this week hopefully shell come to church next week we found more of her story though she was baptized at 9 yrs old and then fell away from the church so we gotta talk to her a little more but a little more difficult we sit there with a french to spanish dictionary which is just weird never would i ever think i would ever do that! Patrice is awesome!! she loves god and loves having us over and said it felt different but she doesnt want to change she wants to stay catholic even if she does feel different and that honestly is so hard to see even when she says she feels different and feels the spirit i donno i dont think well continue seeing her we've had a few lessons with her but she just doesn't want to change. Loic and katcia!! we love them we are not seeing them right now they stopped showing up to their rendez vous we would wait for forever for them and they didnt show up like 3 times so we told them to call us when they wanted to see us again. BUT we found another cool family and guess what! her sister the moms sister lives across the street from her and she told us we needed to go teach her too so we did and now were teaching these two families who live next door to each other and its so cool!! were still teaching the other couple mark and kethlie!! they are awesome!! kethlie said she wants to be baptized and we invited them to begin to talk about marriage and if it was something they wanted so we'll follow up with that this week! she's still getting married were so excited for her!! i asked and we actually cant be brides maids lol but the thought was there i still feel honored lol and we just had a wedding this past week and her now hubby got baptised on saturday!! i almost started crying during there wedding i was so excited for them it isn't our investigator but the elders so i don't even know them well but they are so happy and it just made me so happy and gaaah this week was awesome!! cool miracle!!  we actually contacted this man last week and taught him yesterday he said he usually says no to everyone else that stops by to talk about religion but he said it felt different it felt good while we were talking to him and turns out he has a family who is on vacation right now!! and his family is coming back this week so were going to see him i am so excited to see him and his family this week. mom. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY and wish i would have gone to all 4 years of seminary tell goob to go it'll help him out to MUCH!! tell him to read the book of mormon i really regret not reading it more before hand. ill email him lol 

WHAT dads is guyana!! winter in is french guyana he should just go stop by and see  her lol i love dave how did the lessons with the missionaries and dave and his wife go!?! sounds like an amazing week!! glad everyone is stopping by to see you guys lol hoep you have a good week!! next week pictures for sure lol 


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