Friday, September 11, 2015

"i hope i can grow to be like the members here someday" - week 23

(written Sept. 7, 2015)

i haven't yet but i am keeping an eye out for them!! and snoop dowg dropped us after we taught the word of wisdom he won't answer our phone calls anymore and he got real mad when we just stopped by his house so we don't see him anymore.. patrica said she has no desire to change even if she reads and knows its true she wants to die a catholic so we still stop by but we stopped teaching her. ok but mom this week we found the cutest couple this week and THEY'RE MARRIED and they have a baby on the way!! so get this they said that they have been to a lot of churches they stay at a church until it just doesn't feel right anymore which is so cool!! they're looking for the church of jesus christ they just don't know where to find it until they met us!! we gave them a book of mormon and just bore testimony of it and they want us to come back to learn more!! they haven't come to church cuz the hubby is the church choir director and he has to be at church in the morning but he said he will work it out and come one week oh man i'm so excited!! we saw kethlee and marc this week they're so cute!! kethlee came to church and marc was sick so he couldn't make it so hopefully hell get better soon but they read the book of mormon together and found this passage about the holy ghost and it was so cool they read it with us and we talked about it and its was such a good lesson!! they are the cutest couple and i just love them! and they have a little girl who is just the sweetest oh my goodness this week was so good! 
i want to tell you a little about the members here. they are preparing to go to the temple they only get to go once a year cuz its expensive to go! there is this member who got sick and something happened with her legs the doctor said she would never walk again she asked for a blessing and she can walk but its supper painful for her to. her sister died this year and she is so determined to go to the temple to do the work for her sister she comes to church every sunday and has a little recliner chair she has to bring for her legs but she comes and she has such an amazingly strong testimony of the temple and of the restoration it is just such an example to me and there are other members who would walk to church from a few miles away cuz no one could pick them up! its just amazing to me because if i was home and if both cars were just broken and it was a sunday i probably just would not go to church no way would i walk all the way to church you know what i mean?? i donno the members here have just amazing testimonies and i love them so much i hope i can grow to be like the members here someday. mom!! how was your week?? how is school for evreyone?? how is this quilt coming?? love you tons!! 


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