Saturday, January 23, 2016

"I gotta tell you about Collette" - week 35

(written november 30, 2015)

YES SNOW!! haha its still so hot here lol and we definately missed the fact that it was even thanksgiving... i was on for nightly phone calls and elder c was like well happy thanksgiving good night! and then i turned to soeur jacosben and was like.. hey its thanksgiving today... at that moment we both just had two huge bowls of ice cream to celebrate lol it was fun! 

Jordan is doing good!! still going strong i think we are working with him a lot but he's so ready and he has this desire to know if these things are true and just loves the message so were stoked for him. ALSO i gotta tell you about Colette I'm SO EXCITED FOR HER she's amazing so this week we just stopped by her house to say hello and she just gets so excited every time she sees us i love her! and on tuesday we had a lesson with her and we asked her the blessings she's seen from keeping our invitations slash the commandments and she went off for like 20 min on how many blessings she's seen and how she is just a happier person and even in her bakery she's seeing blessings and she said her son who is currently not taking the lessons said he can even see the blessings the difference in her and now he wants to learn more!! he wanted a book of mormon for himself so he could know slash have these blessings for himself. It is just so cool to see how the things that god promises us are such a real thing!! Colette comes to church now and every week she is just like "this goes by way to quickly!!" she's loves it!! oh my goodness im getting so excited just writing about her lol anyway that was a huge highlight of my week 

the HUGE FAMILY so we went back and our plan of action was to just knock on the families individual doors so we could teach every one separately and teach to their needs. They live probably a 30 min drive from where we live. and we chose a day when 0 of them were home lol so well go back again this week! 

love you!!! have a good week sorry ill send pictures next week!! 

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