Saturday, January 23, 2016

"i have an engagement for you"- week 39

(written december 28, 2015)

MOM!!! it was so good seeing everyone at christmas time :) everyone looks good cant believe goob was Santa thats hilarious... i cant believe ill be 20 either.... i remember looking up to people that were 20 and now im gonna be 20 i feel like im 14 for life lol but its been good!!
THIS WEEK was so good:) remember colette?? well we taught her this week about the temples and talked about her daughter and how she can do the work for her and she was so excited!! in the lesson she began to make plans on when she could go to the temple and the different temples she wanted to visit i just started crying in the lesson i was so happy for her and her son was there for this lesson and she told us that he could see the difference in his moms life and we invited him to begin reading and praying and come to church with her to have the blessings that he sees in his moms life in his life too. He said he would and i cant describe how i felt in the moment but it was a good moment. At the end of the lesson she said she chose a baptismal date but didnt want to tell us the date until the next lesson so we have to wait 3 days!! felt like an eternity lol but her birthday is actually the 18 of janurary and she wants to get baptised on the 16 two days before so she can start this new year clean being a disciple of christ. I cried again lol i havent ever teared up so much in my life but i love it! Were so excited for colette and miguael its just so good.
Lately weve been working with this less active man named frere drapin. he is one of the nicest people i have ever met!! We made resolutions with him last night and we asked him what he is going to be doing this year to grow closer to christ! He said he wanted to really study the scriptures to understand and know them (so were going to call him everyday to see how his studies went lol) to do genealogy work and come closer to church (im not exactly sure how to translate the work he used with it but it was something like that) it was such a good lesson!! he said he can come to church this next week and were so excited for him!!
anyway i actually left my camera home so im supper sorry about that one... next week ;) ill send photos of the app too!! LOVE YOU!!
soeur driggs

MOM i have an engagement for you :) this is something we do every transfer but i realized it selfish to not share lol i know there are a few preach my gospels at home so every transfer here is 6 weeks so every 6 weeks we can switch it up!! but to choose a christlike attribute and study it for 6 weeks study what it means how christ showed us this attribute how the prophets in the book of mormon and modern prophets are an example of this attribute and apply it in your life!! right now im working on hope :) and every week ill share what i learned with you and what i learned from the week about it:) and then next transfer we can choose a different one!! we dont have to do the same one unless you want to but to work on them together would be really cool :) anyway i hope that made since it talks about a few on page 117 in preach my gospel!! LOVE YOU:)

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