Sunday, January 24, 2016


(written january 18, 2015)

youll be an amazing young woman girls camp director!!! it'll be so fun :):) I loved girls camp some of my favorite memories :):)

this week!!! it was almost non existent lol we just stayed inside for like 4 days soeur Jacobsen got Zekia.... its this mosquito disease that just makes you hurt.. and if a mosquito bites someone with this disease then bites you.. you get it. think vampire. but I didn't get it!! so that was rad. she's doing better now we can do missionary work again :)

COLETTE GOT BAPTISED it was so amazing. She was so excited she told us before that she just knew the things we were saying were true and just wanted to share the way she felt with everyone!! and that she couldn't sleep the night before because she was so excited. and right after while she started walking out of the water she ran to soeur Jacobsen and I and gave us the biggest hug and we all started crying then she started hugging all the members. It was a really good day.:) Then we headed to go see frère drapin and hes doing good he came to church again on sunday showed us the pictures when he got baptized and we had a really good lesson with him! It was a really good week :)

We also met this rad Haitian family and they taught us how to make rice!!! ITS DELICIOUS. We tried to make it I added WAY to many peppers it was ridiculous hot and spicy. so well try it again and soeur Jacobsen said this time she'll be in charge of the peppers lol

love you all!!! have a good week :)

soeur driggs

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