Saturday, January 23, 2016

"one of my favorite words is Remember"- week 34

(written November 23, 2015)

i did not realize tate was a smarty pants who just likes chemistry lol thats so rad!! and plays!! what the thats so cool i think he will love that. Oh man if i told you what we ate.. yeah lots of fruits and we decided this week were going to be better at eating veggies we actually are going healthier we have had maybe not the best diet lol 

MOM we had just the coolest experience this week on friday it was amazing so we went RCLA hunting this week and while we were looking for this person we stumbled on this family of like 10 people we told them we are looking for someone and then they were like well wait who are you why do you have badges?? we explained and they told us to sit down they wanted to talk to us. So we just taught this family of like grandparents there kinds and then there kids the restoration and gave them book of mormon and then they said to come back next saturday cuz thats when they'll all be together again!! after that they said they think that the RCLA person lived in the house next to them which was also just more of there family its just this huge family that lives in the same neighborhood! so they walked over with us to see if out RCLA was there and he wasn't bet then the next family was like well who are you and so we explained again and there was 21 people there just all sitting outside on this deck asking us questions so naturally we taught them about joseph smith and the book of mormon we didn't have enough books for everyone but they said to come back next week too!! now this entire family is 7th day Adventist and so they got a little funny when we said our sabbath day is on a sunday and so I just testified that we can know these things we can know if joseph smith is a prophet and if the book of mormon is true if we pray and read and after they were all like "amen!" i just felt like in that moment we were living the stories in the book of mormon for some reason and were going back this saturday to teach them again cuz they want to see us again which is so cool. and even better the less active is a member of the family and so we get to talk to him as well lol it was honestly such an amazing experience! 

The best part about the week though was probably when president herrington came to speak to the branch we had a little fireside. He talked about how in life we have a lot of ups and downs life is good and then sometimes it gets hard its not so good but how are faith everyday needs to be increasing through the good times and the bad and that it should not falter with the sate that we are in. it should just always be increasing and invited us to think about things we are doing everyday to increase our faith. We had an investigator there his name is jordan he said he wants to do everything he can to be baptized after that. We told him to go home and to write about how he felt and to not forget it and to keep the engagement that president herrington gave us. I think i have decided one of my favorite words is remember. anyway i hope everyone has a good week!!

Welcome the newest member of the Abymes Branch. Annie got baptized! (This was casey's investigator in Guadeloupe. She was transfered to Martinique a week before this day)

Pictures below:

first one : nothin's cooler then being cool

second one: sometimes we do studies on the beach 

third: road trips so the other side of our area 50 min away

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