Saturday, January 23, 2016

"chicken pot pie is totally an american dish" - week 41

(written january 11, 2015)


so rad today is the exact day of your birthday hahaha I was so stoked I got to email you ON your birthday :)

thanks lol oh my goodness they look so good in their ties:) oh my goodness right!! the pants are SO COMFY!!! I also bought a shirt today for you I saw it and was like... my mom needs this shirt so ill send it sometime lol to be honest I miss Mexican food!! it doesn't exist here lol its like a different type of spicy food that's delicious but taccos don't exist haha but that's alright they've got a bunch of other cool stuff! WHAT THE that's so rad!! tell them I say hi:) and give them a book of Mormon for me will ya?? lol and I mini one would be perfect!! I looked and I couldn't find one here so thanks:)

sooo she disappeared we've gone to her house a few times and she is just never home slash doesn't answer our phone calls anymore so that was kinda sad but I have a feeling shell see the missionaries again one day and be inspired to talk to them. :)

IT WAS SUCH A GOOD WEEK!!!! so Colette is so excited to get baptized cuz she owns a bakery and just LOVES cooking we told her we would teach her how to make amzeican food so we planned this FHE for her to get to know members more and so we could also talk to her boys about the gospel lol and were like chicken pot pie is totally an american dish so we told her we would make it!!! .... we have both never made chicken pot pie ever lol..... so we totally made up a recipe I had her teach me how to make the crust (which was supper easy!!) and we made this pie and she taught us how to make this pudding desert thing. It was so fun!!! and the pie tasted real nice!! it was real good. were so excited to get her ready for her baptism!!

ALSO we've been working with this less active his name is frère drapin!! he came to church this sunday and told us he wanted to stay :) I began to cry in that moment I was so excited for him and soeur Jacobsen and I were talking about how we feel like we really didn't do much in helping these people make these choices but how important the spirit was in all of this and how this work is only accomplished with the spirit. I love being a missionary lol

anyway love you all!!! have a happy birthday mom :)

Oh and one of the members bought me a matching necklace as her and we wore them sunday :) it was a good sunday lol

soeur Jacobsen got sick this week so I wrote like this 4 page paper slash letter about hope for you lol

cool beans ill do that!! there was this really rad one (nativity set) of a coconut but they only had one left and soeur Jacobsen took it... ill look for some more though just in case!!

ALSO!! tell HK we met someone from hungary this week!! he said he moved cuz he was looking for something to change in his life. taught us how to say a few words in Hungarian he was cool!

annnd last p day for an FHE we went to this members house and she feed us cow foot... its so gross. it tastes like the fat on a chicken and the hair is still on it. not a favorite lol but the member is awesome!! so it was cool getting to know her over this bowl of cow foot.

when you come out ill make sure she cooks it for us lol

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