Saturday, January 23, 2016

"it's christmas time!!" - week 37

(written december 14, 2015)

its christmas time!! 
soeur jacobsen got real sick this week just so many random things happened to her she got like jardia and then some weird thing happened to her face it got all swollen and she broke out in hives it was not supper fun for her. She is a newly lactose intolerant i feel so bad for her lol but this week is going to be better for her we said a prayer and she's feeling good!!
Colette is doing so good!! she has to move so she's moving about 40 min from where we live when before she was only about a 5 min walk from our apartment. She is doing so good though!! working on closing her bakery on sundays and just loving church!! haha i just love her so much. We had zone conference this week!! every zone conference they randomly choose 2 people to give a talk and i have been chosen every zone conference to give a talk lol
for the talk this time i talked about the apostle peter and how he starts off saying to christ "lord depart from me for i am a sinful man" and the lord then replies "fear not" and just how peter starts off feeling so unworthy and its through his experiences in this life that made him this great apostle whose testimony changed the world. and how its easy for us to compare ourselves to peter that through our experiences our testimonies can grow and we can become these great disciples of the lord. An attribute that peter has that i love is he has the most interesting combination of boldness and fear he had enough faith to walk on the water but then he denied our savior three times anyway thats was just a little schpeal. i love you all and i hope you have a good week!!
soeur driggs 
joyeux noel!!

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