Saturday, January 23, 2016

"people just love singing here"-week 36

(written december 7, 2015)

yeah!! wasn't it so good!! we watched it last night at like 9:00 cuz were 2 hours behind utah but it was amazing!!

Colette is doing so good!! she read this week in the book of mormon from 1 nephi to ether!! we were both like.. uhhh just had no words we were so excited for her. She believes the book of mormon is true and just goes of on the blessings she's seen in her after she started meeting with us. This week we invited her to close her bakery on sunday and she was all for it! we invited and she was like yeah alright i can do that. It was so cool!! she has a testimony of these these things and its just amazing she's going to get baptized on the 19 so just keep her in your prayers! actually she defiantly starts work every morning at 2 in the morning were going to see if we can help her one monday morning and maybe learn how to make some pain of chocolate! 

Jordan is doing really good he keeps telling us all he wants to do is follow christ and is just searching for what christ wants him to do. Its so cool to see how humble the people here are and so many people we are teaching right now just want to follow and be on the right path to follow god. The people we teach are even examples to me and how open their heart is and there strong desire to follow god in their lives just amazes me everyday. 

Its christmas time!! I absolutely love christmas lol its probably one of my favorite times of the year:) its just filled with love and people just love singing here lol I loved the song that Motab sang last night i dont know what the songs called but its off the verse in 2 nephi 19:6! just a special time to think of christ and what he has done for us and what we can do for him. we ask a lot of people here how they show their love for christ in their lives and in return how christ shows his love for them personally. We get a variety of answers but one of my favorites is comfort how god doesn't take away our trials or difficulties but he helps us get through them in Mosiah chapter 24 it talks about how the people are persecuted and god doesn't deliver them from their trials not right away anyway but in verse 15 it says the lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the lord. this just seemed too be an ongoing theme throughout this week but its true and I know the lord is with us always and through growing closer to him we can find comfort and paix dans notre vie et its just amazing. 

anyway love you!! hope you have a good week!! 

soeur driggs

this is our sweet christmas set up 
found a car wrapped entirely in bottle caps 
we had sister house this week soeurs from gwada came to stay with us!! 

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