Saturday, January 23, 2016

"this cardboard cutout is hilarious" - week 40

(written january 4, 2015)

oh my goodness this cardboard cut out is hilarious nice work on the cake!! its my favorite!!! lol hey if you havent sent the package yet wanna sneek in a little crystal light energy things lol some days you just get a little tired lol
so colette is about 60 or 70 shes older but looks like shes 40... its crazy! and i didnt know either of them.. but thats cool for them!! hahaha you keep in contact with joe?? and transfers are in 2 weeks... were pretty sure im staying cuz jacobsens been here for 6 months and president doesnt like when someone stays longer then 6 months in one area but you never know!
yess!! i love that scripture :) i think we should share that one more often with people here actually and well switch the word for love! thanks for that:) i even thought of a member who we could share it with later this week!! i found a quote that i really liked its "hope is trust in gods promise, faith that if we act now, the desired blessings will be fulfilled in the future." and how there is a difference in believing in god and believing god. and how we hope and have the faith that god will fulfill all his promises as we are obedient. i hope that made sense but thats what i found for this week!!
the other soeurs are still with us!! there apartment fell through so they get to stay with us for a little longer :)
This week was so good!!!! so colette is just so excited to be baptised she had her interview already and is so excited!! OH and then this week we kinda had all our appointments fall through lol so we prayed and we prayed saying specifically where we should go in the prayer gave a few options and we both turned to each other and said we felt impressed to go this less active part member family house lol so we went and they were not home. lol but we both felt like we had to be there for some reason so we walked to the top floor and rung the doorbell a nice lady in only a towel came to the door we began talking to her and she actually did most of the talking telling us about her relationship with god probably 10 min later she was like... come inside! and then went to the back room and put some clothes on lol and we had an amazing lesson with her!! we talked to her for a while and she told us that usually she doesnt talk to people like us and especially doesnt let them in the door but she said she herd a voice in her head that said "let them in the house" and then again she herd the same thing "let them in the house" so she let us in and said that the night before she prayed to have more help and guidance in her life and then we just showed up at the door and she said she felt so happy and that she know we were sent from god and then she came to church on sunday!! she told us she knows this is where god needs her to be and loved church. she calls us her guardian angles and it was just an amazing experience. mom i have never felt so close to the spirit in my entire life. or gotten so emotional so often and been so happy. I cannot describe the life as a missionary here but i love it.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATE!!! so excited for you and its so cool you get to receive the priesthood this week im sad i have to miss that but its truly such an amazing thing. LOVE YOU!!
and happy birthday stina!!
oh ! and tell salena thanks for the christmas gift!! i just got it :) 

they play this game here for the entire month of january lol you made a cake and put a little person from the nativity in it. and whoever gets the person is the king for the year!! this boys name is nathal and he won!! never seen a kid so excited lol

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