Saturday, January 23, 2016

"I just want to say that i love our family" - week 38

(written december 21, 2015)

This week has been CRAZY but so fun its been transfer week and you'll never guess BUT GUESS WHO IS ON THE ISLAND WITH ME!!! 

SOEUR WINTER:):;):):):) were not comps but were on the same island so thats cool. lol They dont have there own place to stay yet so they are staying with us and its awesome! they'll stay with us until the 30 i think! its been real fun :) Her comp is soeur cruz she's from sagas and she's so sweet! i like her a lot!! 

So we found this family a while back i think i told you about them its a family of 6 mom dad 2 boys 2 girls everyone is older then 16 and they're just the sweetest family!! We've been teaching them for a while now the mom when we met her said she had a conversation with her daughter about how she can become closer to christ and the next day we contacted her!!! So we taught them and earlier this week we talked to them about their prayers and the importance slash how its helped them in their lives. They dont all pray everyday or as a family so we made them all prayer rocks so they wouldn't forget!! one morning on a run we picked up a few rocks lol ill sent you a picture of them. In the same lesson we taught them about reading in their scriptures and going to church! THEY ALL CAME TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY minus the dad but he had work. It was probably one of the most exciting experiences of my entire life. im not even kidding when i saw that lol i was so happy to see them all walk in. They said they felt good and they felt happy we talked to them a little about baptism and they said they'll pray about it and oh man it was such a good week. ALSO they taught us how to make the national dish of saint lucia sword fish! and boiled bananas it was not very good but im excited i know how to make it lol 

Then other miracles we visited this less active man this week he hasn't been to the church for a while but when he went he was like supper crazy active!! had like 4 callings and just loved it. He was baptized in france but then moved here and stopped coming to church :( BUT we saw him this week and we took a member with us and by the end he was like..; alright i think i need to come back and offered to give this member who gets stops on sundays to give her a ride!! AHHHH it was such a good lesson!! he didn't come... but next week! lol i can feel it:) 

this week we've been teaching a lot about the plan of salvation and i just want to say that i love our family i love that we can all be together for forever its such an amazing thing!! Its so powerful teaching it to families too cuz god created families on earth for us for us to grow together to practice his gospel and come closer to him. Its such an amazing blessing he has given us. Im so excited to skype but mom you can't cry. otherwise ill cry. i dont  think i wanna cry lol anyway i love you!!! and info for skype ill be doing it at 10:50 here 7:50 your time i think? sorry our members have to do things later on in the day it was the only time we could? lol but im excited the same!! :) anyway LOVE YOU!! 

merry christmas:) 

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