Monday, April 11, 2016

MTC Companions Reunited!! - week 43

(written January 25, 2016)

MOM!!! so i am staying in Ducos Soeur Winter will be my new companion!!! and we are called to be sister training leaders. I am going to be honest i never thought of myself to be a leader. I have a feeling i will learn a lot this transfer. :)

OH MY GOODNESS I'm so excited for soeur hannigan and soeur covey thats so awesome i herd a little about the family they began teaching but didn't know they got baptized already :) thats so rad!! 
i am excited for Goob and dad it'll be such a fun trip!! can't wait to hear the stories too lol 

transfers!! soeur jacobsen is going to french Guyana and im staying here with soeur winter :) 

this week was so good!! we have been trying to teach this Haitian family this past week and using all the Haitian creole i know which is no very much and then members who basically just teach the lessons lol but they are so cute!! its been fun getting to know them kettia loves cooking and says we need to learn how to cook like her lol in our first contact with her she actually taught us how to make rice and half way through talking to us she threw her hands up and said "i love you" in english it was so cute. We've been teaching her and her brother and her kids her mom lives in Dominica! so she learned a little english. 
colette this week is doing so well!! she gave the lesson in relief society this past sunday about how faith is a choice and doesn't happen by coincidence. It was so good!! i was so excited for her and she's coming teaching with us this week. She is so amazing i love her so much!! and then frere drapin came to church again he met with the president of the branch and is going to work on going to the temple next year. It was a really good week :) 

it has been the best thing to be here. I truly admire the people here and their desire to follow Christ i have found a love for them i didn't know existed. I hope you have a good week!! 

love you!! :) 
soeur driggs 

....ill send pictures next week! 

Email from Casey's new comp:

wow so this week was so amazing!! we have been struggling with getting people to church aka no one has come for the first 5 week of the transfer, wow that was rough hahha but then after much prayer fasting many lessons we had 5 people at church!!!!!!!!! yes 5 in one sunday after 5 weeks of no one!! can you say miracle!!! it brought tears to my eyes to see that after a transfer of really hard work lots of walking and contacting non stop and finally we have investagtors we have people coming to church we have people who want to know if this is true we have people who are willing to act to find out the truth for them selves!!! We also finally had a member lesson!! This is something to important to this work honestly nothing happens in this work if the members arent a part of it especially here because we are just americans so we dont understand all their culture but when members from here come out and work with us they see that it isnt just an american church but it is the church of our heavenly father! There is a member here who told me this sunday i have made a new years resolution to work with the missionaries at least once a week! I thought this was such a beautiful goal and i love it so much i would encourage each one of you to do the same find the missionaires in your ward or branch and work with them!! This work can not move forward with out the help of the members! The lords way is through members and missionaries together lets do this work the LORDS WAY! I saw in the member lesson that we had it was alot easier for judes to come to church because he now had people there he knew! Please work with the missionaries help the lords work move forward how it should!!!!! we had at church judes, matthew, marie helen, robert and thier granddaughter! Miracles happen when members are involved! Are you doing all you can help the lords work move forward? Are we as members being missionaries as well? Are we as members all trying to be the light around our friends, neighbors, our coworkers, or anyone? Are we as members also prepared to give them an anwser of why we are so happy? if the answer is yes then keep working keep being this example of the belivers! if no talk to the missionaries in your ward and ask how you can do this! I would encourage each one of you to work with your missionaries atleast once a week and you will see a difference in yourself and in your wards!!
  So transfer news hahah I thought i would be staying here with soeur cruz to finish her training but then i got transfer calls and soeur hyde is coming here from gyane to finish the trainign of soeur cruz and me :) well after being in trainign or training someone for my whole mission and having 4 hours of studys i am being transfer, im staying on martinique im GOING TO BE WITH SOEUR DRIGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay im so happy i cant even explain how i feel ahhhhhhhh yayayyayayay finally i get to be with her!!! She is a steller missionary and just so filled with the spirit and love of missionary work yayay we are going to be togteher and be the two sister training leaders for the french side sisters!!! im so excited i feel a little inadequate to be a sister training leader but the lord has put his trust in me so im going to put my trust in his and do all i can to help these sister progress and become the daughters of god that we are:) Im excited to go do work in docus but i will miss being on foot walking everywhere all day everyday! hahah i will miss that dearly i think we are just gonna do walking days me and soeur driggs hahha just cause im gonna miss it hahah im excited for this week and for what will happen i love you all and thank you for all your prayers and your kind words that help me every week i love you all!!
avec amour
soeur winter

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