Monday, April 11, 2016

"How she found the church : she read twilight" - WEEK 48

(written Feb. 29, 2016)

THANK YOU:):) it just had been in my thoughts a lot and to tell you so last week i told you and i havent thought about it since!! which is cool cuz I've been trying to figure out how to get it off my mind. and that did it lol but it still feels right today so thats real cool lol (this is about mom checking into nursing programs)

so cool. yeah UVU would be great!! yeah sorry it was on my mind so much i can't even explain it i even prayed to stop thinking about it cuz my mind like wasn't on missionary work.. i didn't like it. felt like i was sinning lol and i had a thought to tell you but i pushed that off for a while cuz i wasn't sure but then i didn't stop thinking about it so i told you and it was incredible i could think about missionary work again. havent giving nursing a second thought. so that to me was something i really needed to tell you lol :) and i feel happy about it. MOM how are you?? 

oh my goodness that looks like so much fun!!! tell freddie and alex i say hi!! and to met with the missionaries and that i want to give them a book of mormon. What about leah?? she's getting with the missionaries??? :) so cool. you are such a good example of just how to always share the gospel with everyone you have just no fear! 

I HAVE THE COOLEST STORY you gotta tell stephenie!! So this week we started seeing this less active her name is Joanie she is 16. How she found the church : she read twilight and LOVED it. like all 14 year olds do . she was baptized at 14 lol anyway she read ALL the books then wanted to know about the author so naturally she researched lol and she found that she's mormon so then she went to the lds website and like researched the church. She found a place to contact missionaries from the lds website and signed up for missionaries to teach her and her mom. she got baptized a few months later and was supper active for a moment. it got hard on her cuz her moms not a member but were working with her now. she LOVES the church though so thats supper cool. I just love how someone so far away by just being them who they are can effect people even people you havent met yet!! stephanie had to write twilight because joanie had to be a member. the lord works by small and simple ways. he loves all his children. anyway i was just so overly excited when i herd about how she met the missionaries.

other cool things so we went to Barbados this week for an MLC meeting so cool. We had a hotel right on the beach we could hear and see the beach from the balcony.. crazy... anyway now to the good stuff we talked a lot about the atonement and the enabling power of the atonement it not only allows us to repent but to help us through the hard times. if you look at nephi when his brothers tied him up and he prayed not to be taken out of the situation or pray saying why me help me but he prayed that the lord would give him strength to break through the bands. and he did. thats the enabling power. or I've thought a lot about the pioneers and just how they went through just crazy things that truly sound impossible to me. to think of what they ate how long they walked and just thinking i walk all day just me and my sac and im really tired by the end of the night!! how in the world did they do it? and its that enabling power the strength that heavenly father gives us to go through hard times. its beautiful. anyway it was an amazing week!! so many miracles :)


i love moo moos?

sister husson

MLC at the mission home!!!

elder martinez and his wife!!!

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