Monday, April 11, 2016

"Ready to take over the World" - week 45

(written Feb. 8, 2016)

This week was so good!! we did have a training meeting this week... Walked out of that just feeling ready to take over the world lol it was so good though. We talked a lot about the meaning and importance of repentance. And being able to use the atonement. They invited us all to repent and to study the atonement. I have been really studying the importance of repentance this past week and how important it is to continually repent and as i focused on it this week i found things i needed to change that arent awful things but just the little stuff and ive already seen a huge difference. Its been something as simple as changing my thoughts. well trying to anyway. Prayer plays a huge role in that lol

We did an exchange this week too!! we did an exchange with sœur hyde and sœur cruz i hung out with sœur cruz for a day and wow we saw so many miracles. Sœur cruz just got out a transfer ago and she has such a powerful testimony. We had the opportunity to teach a less active member that has refused to see the missionaries for at least a year. It was incrediable!! He was so kind and we talked about faith in christ and repentance lol just loving repentance right now but it was so good!! he invited us to come back and help him garden.

IM SO EXCITED YOU ALL GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! Is it just beautiful?? looks like you photo shopped it lol we actuyally met just this past week a man who did the same thing leah is doing he stayed with a lds family from park city. He said he never read in the book of mormon and doesnt really believe in god but he said he was interested to read it! So he said he started and were so excited for him!!! i hope that made sense? lol anyway love you!!!

have a good week :)
sœur driggs

MOM  everyone now wants you to write them because you email winter and saw banks and met coveys mom lol its just supper funny

Souer Winter's email:

this week on tuesday it was crepes day so everyone eats crepes hahaha so me and soeur driggs got them and contacted EVERYONE waiting in line it was very successful actually hahahah and pretty funny!! then we ate these amazing crepes!!
  well besides that carnival started this week so pretty just dress up and parade around and party just for a striaght 5 days hahah everyone is very friendly hahah its rather funny!
  We had an exchange with the bellevue sisters and saw a huge miracle because of it!!!! there is this family here the plutons and the wife is super active she comes out and teaches with us and everything its wonderful!!! the husband brother pluton is not active and hasnt been for a very long time and i have never even seen him because he wont come down and talk to anyone. He during the exchange we made hime cookies and soeur driggs and soeur cruz were able to visit him!!! it was a huge miracle!!!!! also we met someone who had been fasting to find an answer to what she must do to help her son!!! we were able to contact her and get a return appointment! 
  we had a bunch of opportunities to give service to the members of the branch and then talk to them about us teaching their friends and we have a few members who are working diligently to find people for us to teach its so AWESOME!!! never underestimate the power of service and fasting and praying often!!!! i love this work so much we just had so many opportunities to reach out and uplift and teach people this week it was wonderful also we had ariel and luc and church sunday this is her first time they are a married couple with a mentally handicap daughter of 22 years old! please keep them in your prayers!!!! 
  in the lesson with them we had a few days before i had this overwhelming impression to tell her that the answer to her question would be found at church if she will come this sunday, as i told her this with tear in her eyes and mine i expressed how much the lord loves her she agreed to come to church it was hard she said because she had to really reflect on her life and all that she had done and all she had to change she only stayed for one hour but finally after months of teaching her husband shes taking the lessons and came to church it was HUGE!! next week she said shes coming agian!!! 
i love you all and hope you have a great week!! please keep all the sister in this mission in your prayers there is soeur driggs, hyde, cruz, gomez, jacobsen, hoover, snow, covey, hannigan, needs and myself! please pray for their well being and the success in their areas!! i love you all!!! have a great week!

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