Monday, April 11, 2016

"we are freaking out best email session yet" - week 54

(written April 11, 2016)

EVERYONE LOOKS SO BIG. (Our family met up with Soeur Winter's family in California & sent pictures to the girls)

OH MY GOODNESS thats so wild!!! hahahaha we are freaking out best email session yet. hahaha hey i have a quick question so her sister alyssa shes got a boy is he cool? soeur winter wants to know lol shes never met him and they are thinking about marriage. Wild stuff.
this week was so cool!! we did exchanges with soeur jacobsen and soeur hoover!! oh my goodness they are such good missionaries. We FOUND TWO COOL FAMILIES!! oh my goodness and we met one not through our efforts but the members!! best way to do missionary work. So cool story the occoliers need to move and they had this couch they needed to move but they dont have a big car so they found this man somehow with a huge truck that could move everything from one house to the other. They talked to him he gave them his phone number and said if they needed more help to give him a call. So the occoliers called him the day of there actual move to come over and then they called all the missionaries lol and so we all helped this family move. and at the end we asked them if they were interested in learning about the message and they said YES and we taught them this week!! they are SO COOL. and we taught them with the occoliers and it is just a beautiful thing. im supper stoked about them.
I LOVE This running photo of you and soeur winters mom!! its awesome :)


this weeks adventures went to the airport to pick up soeur jacobsen and soeur hoover. LOVE EXCHANGES they are always so exciting! annd as i was waiting for soeur winter i started playing soccer with these cool kids lol soeur winter got a picture!!



here is the photo of the exchange with Soeur Covey & Soeur Gomez 

and.. this week we are going to try to work on reading STORIES from the BOM with every investigator. instead of just short scriptures here and there 

outside a members house!

hiking to a beach

Soeur Winter's email:
This is a funny story!!! So just to start everyone is catholic here and so one day we were going to an appointment so we parked our car in a parking lot then when we came back we were blocked in my a million cars what do we do? we measure the car with our arms and run though the cars decided that we could make it but it would be close hahahah :) i get in the car and sister driggs is directing me hahahahh quickly we found that this was gonna be eaither a funny story or a bad idea hahahahhahahhah 
we continued we made it out of our spot to where we were parked like in the photo ahhahah then we started the advance forward hahahah we quickly found that we could make it but the cars were within inches apart ahhahah we finally decided to wait it out until catholic church was out hahah we waited and prayed and finally at 8 pm they were done and we got out with no scars ahhahah it was the craziest trust exercise between me and sister driggs ahhah and absolutely funny beyond belief ahhahaha!!! 
 so this week one of my dreams came true i had one day were i only taught members lessons and only served people it was the best day of my mission we taught, found and served people all with members involved it was the best and it really strengthen my testimony of the importance of the members!!! we dont come from here people dont always understand us and they dont think we understand how hard it is here but then the members teach and testify with life experiences and it changes everything!!! i mean EVERYTHING!!! people are even more open to listening to us if we have members with us because they see its not just a church of white missionaries... this was a great week did tons of work and just found 5 FAMILIES!!!!!! MIRACLES!!!!!!! we have been  fasting ad praying for families with cars and boom this week we found 5 the lord is so kind!!!!
i absolutely love being with sister driggs she works so hard and never thinks of herself and is truly christlike she pushes me everyday tp be better!! im so grateful for her and her example to me!!!
we also had an exchange this week with the sisters from Guyana its was fantastic we have the best sisters in the world here so smart, close the the spirit, so willing, and obedient!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! 
ALSO FRERE CONSTANT ENROCK JUST RECEIVED THE MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD!!!! ALSO A MEMBER IN GUYANA WE INVITED OR CHALLENGED TO BRING SOMEONE TO CHURCH DID MONTHS AGO AND SHE JUST GO BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow seriously, no effort is wasted and i love missionary work with all my heart!!! i love you all and have a great week!!!
avec amour, soeur winter

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