Monday, April 11, 2016

"members here are AMAZING!!" - week 51

(written March 21, 2016)

HAHAHAHA i love goob!!! GAAAH im so excited for him :):) seriously the mission is THE BEST THING. GOOB LOOKS SO DIFFERENT!! its wild. yeah sorry about last week... 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TEDDY BEAR EYES and the RASBERRY SPREAD they are going to LOVE it. and yeah im good on brushes :) thanks

so. this week was such a good week!!! we saw countless amounts of miracles!! We did an exchange this week. Miracles always happen on exchanges lol we worked with Soeur Hyde and Soeur Cruz!! I learn so much from them its crazy. Soeur Cruz has this amazing testimony about the atonement of jesus christ and just taught me what she did to apply it and to learn more about it we had a really cool experience together!! and then with Soeur Hyde oh my goodness she's so smart and just loves the gospel and loves making it fun. We just laughed and went around having so much fun. 

Mom the members here are AMAZING!! they love missionary work and working with us its so fun :) they have this incredible spirit about them and just want to help the people here to know these things. i love it!!! Someone i have been working with a Lot is Soeur Pluton she's a grandma and she will do work with us for 3 hours at a time weather were teaching lessons or tracting she's a stellar member missionary!!! i sent you a picture of her today!! Ive learned so much from her just her patience and love for the work and christ. She has been a member for a long time and served a mission with her hubby at the temple i think I've already told you about her but she's just amazing!! haha we did a lot of work with her this week =)

anyway i love you!!!! hope you have a good week :):) more pictures on your way!!

Dad!!  hahahaha you got fried!! your all red. and you look HUGE, mama!!

this week was good!! we did exchanges with the soeurs that live in martinique and this week the sisters from grade will fly in and we do exchanges with them. i love going on splits here you just crush it with missionary work when we do that. The stay for like 2 or 3 days of just non stop work. its awesome and I've never been so tired ever lol but its all good never felt like I've accomplished so much either!! anyway pictures coming your way!! love you :)  

to be honest we dont have the resources to even do that!! im telling our zone leaders to buy us more book of mormons!!! i dunno why but we only get about 68 per transfer... WERE GONNA CHANGE THAT THOUGH. 

so i actually have a question we were talking to a member here and he has lived here for his life and the church has been here for about 30 years there is about 75 to 80 active members that come to church every week.  They want to grow and get bigger but he said the missionaries always come in and give the same speak that with our faith and with members working sharing with there friends that it'll grow and he said they've been saying that for about 30 years and nothing has really changed. he said they need a next big idea to talk to masses of people and do bigger things that are different to share it. 
in my head i thought well my dad always has really big ideas so i wanted to ask you if you did anything or see anything that maybe we could try here. The elders talked to him about going on the radio and soeur winter and i are going to go to a huge place and chalk draw the plan of salvation on the sidewalk and just try to talk to masses amounts of people. but if you have any other cool ideas LET ME KNOW. the 100 bomp idea im gonna beat you. hahaha game on! once we get more bombs... 

LOVE YOU DAD!! send some pictures of fishing stuff the big cage looking thing they put stale bread in it and fish i guess just flood into it! supper rad. anyway have a good day!!!


"you have a referral! we will be there in less then 10 minutes hahah :)
 #runningdays" .....Soeur Winter

Email from soeur winter:

so this week i made a HUGE mistake hahahhahahaahhhahahahhahahahaaaa me and sister driggs wanted to change our hair a little bit we were getting a little tired hahaha and she is a hairdresser so i was like heck yeah!!!!! we bought this beautiful brown dye it had a little purple hint to it i was like wow this is pretty!! sister driggs was like yeah i love it it will look great ahahah but the thing we did take into account is that my hair is instead of dying it brown at all it was just straight PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh la la la man i looked at my hair and we both just started LAUGHING! worst idea ever!!! she also tried to go a little part blonde in her hair so we bought a blonde dye as well haha good idea right?!? NOOO hahaha it turned her hair this orange color hahahah oh boy it was so interesting so this week we are going to fix these beautifully funny mistakes hahahahaha 
its always an adventure with us two hahahahahahah 


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