Monday, April 11, 2016

Exchanges - WE'RE SO EXCITED!! - week 44

(written Feb. 1, 2016)

NO WAYYY hahaha thats the best thing ive ever heard im totally going to tell her that (I told Casey i finished Souer Winter's bday present and mailed it off) :) thats so exciting!! and all the sisters will come to our area to do the exchanges WERE SO EXCITED!! this week has been so good!!! annnnd a little crazy transfers last like a week well just until wendesday with all the flights and everything. Its been really good.
ohhh i would love to go with colette to the temple but she says shes going in july to do baptisms i wont be home by then but next year when she goes through that would be awesome!! and frere drapin is going to work to go to the temple again as well!! its been so cool working with the two of them :) and then this week we taught a little family but they're married!! that never happens lol it was really cool we taught them plan of happiness and they just loved it loved the idea to be together for forever. Were going to work more with them this week. :)
anyway mom this transfer soeur winter and i decided to work of faith!! so you get to as well :) im so excited already learning so much about it!! what the cool thing is is when we ask heavenly father to help us grow our faith he doesnt just give us mightier faith but he gives us experiences that grow our faith or hope or whatever we want to work on. therefore i am stoked for this transfer lol anyway love you!! have a good week:)
soeur driggs

oh!! could you send more energy packets soeur winter and i are going to need a few more were planning some monster weeks.. its gonna be good:)

 im so excited you got to see soeur banks annd everyone else! thats awesome :) anyway love you!! have a good week bisous

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