Monday, April 11, 2016

"I now know how to sing happy birthday in 5 languages" - week 47

(written Feb. 22, 2016)

They are doing so good!!! We taught them again and invited them to baptized he said he needed to pray about it and he will tell us later. It was so cool! hahaha oh my goodness thats awesome im so stoked for goob!!! and real excited he knows how to make bread!! hahaha and yeah we helped them....(Collette). IT IS A WORK OUT making bread in massive packs seriously soeur winter and i were sweating lol but it was so fun we learned how to make massive pain which means massive bread lol its pretty nice. 

so we did another exchange this week!! it was SO FUN this week i was with soeur hoover and soeur snow!! they are so fun soeur snow is from tahiti so she taught us some Tahitian thats what im sayin i now know how to sing happy birthday in like 5 languages things im excited about! It was really fun soeur winter and i just split up for the day and just got so much work done :) i love missionary work!! 

something really exciting is that kettia our ami that we have been teaching for a while CAME TO CHURCH with her 3 kids lol and she LOVED it at the end she just wanted to take pictures with everyone. it was really cute she said she wants to come next week and heard about all the activities at the church and wants to go to those now :) i love her!! She is like 23 and from haiti, im gonna tell you something haitians are so cool!!! they are my favorite people!! they are just so nice and humble. 

anyway i love you!! ill send photos in another email :) 
love soeur driggs

oh!!! also i wanted to tell you so for some reason i have been thinking about being a nurse for kids with cancer for the past 3 months specifically right after the christmas devotional. I dunno why but i can't shake it from my head I've been praying for the past few months on and off to know weather or not that was something i needed to do. and i feel really strongly that i need to do that. its kind of the same feeling i had right before i decided to put in my papers i thought about going on a mission for a good moment and then i decided to go and that was the best thing I've ever done. and now i feel the same way about being a nurse for kids with cancer. dunno why but its just real specific and i feel like i need to do that....
so i have a favor to ask of you... could you look into school or something so when i get home i can start right in october? anyway i love you!!! 

yeah that felt real good to send im pretty sure thats what i gotta do in my life lol


or maybe ill go home get a job and then start in janurary so I can pay for school. better idea :) lol love you!!


sister wilta


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